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‘Watchman, how wears the night?'—is the question many a time asked during the intervals of the storm, by those who sleep securely in their reliance on the vigilance of the humble but faithful guardian of the public tranquillity;—and happy is it when the answer is returned, that “the storm is over and the day is breaking.’ Such is the answer we can return, from our watch-tower of observation, to the friends who would ask how fares the cause of the Democracy, through the season of night and storm through which it has had to pass. The storm is over and the day is breaking, a day of triumph and rejoicing;-and though it is yet to be marked by an arduous contest, yet we have at least the light prayed for by the Grecian hero; and with so righteous a cause, under a banner that we are so well assured to be invincible, we can have no misgivings as to the issue with which it is to be closed and crowned.

There is every thing, in the present aspect of the great contest that is in progress throughout the country, to cheer and encourage the friends of the Democratic cause,_every thing to cause their bosoms to swell high with patriotic hope and an honorable pride. All the signs of the times which are exhibiting themselves over the surface in every direction, confirm the view we have before taken of this important Political Crisis, in the pages of the Democratic Review, that it is one of those periodical ‘castings of the skin’ which are equally unavoidable, to a strong democratic majority long in the ascendant, and indispensable to preserve it in perpetual health, youth, and vigor. This process, though always painful and critical, is now in progress with the most favorable circumstances and auspices that we could desire; and our confidence in its result, which has never wavered an instant, is receiving every day a new and clearer confirmation. Such will continue to be the history of the democratic party in this country, from time to time, so long as our government, both Federal and State, is administered on the principles which have heretofore directed it, of legislating upon

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