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It appe: ring to the court that the above and foregoins petition for incorporation of "IMPROVED ORDER OF TIR U. S. KLAMS KRIGS

OF THX KU: KLUX KIAN, INC." la pithia the purvua and latent of the lar of this state, and

It further appearing that the certificate of tha .:. Secrotary of the state of Georgia reveals that the name of the

proposed corporation is not the aane of any othor son existing : corporation registered in his offices,

IT 18. HILSEKBY ORDERED AND. ADJUDGED that said petition be, and the watu la, horoby granted, and the corporation 16 created under the name and stylo as prayed for lo tao petition, with all the rights, privileges, powers, and loosun ties prayed Lor heroia, together with like povere given to corporations of similar character.

This, the I day of November, 1963.

trauk kuens

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superior Court 01 vaXaib county


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You will place your left hand over your heart and raise your right hand, to heaven.


(You will say) "I" (Pronounce your full name and repeat after me) "In the presence of God and Mon most solemnly pledge, promise and swear unconditionally that I will faithfully obey the constitution and laws and will willingly conform to all regulations, usages and requirements of the

which do now exist or which may be hereafter enacted and will render at all times loyal respect and steadfast support to the Imperial Authority of same and will heartily heed all official mandates decrees edicts rulings and instructions of the 1* W* thereof. - I will yield prompt response

to all summonses - I having knowledge of same — Providence alone preventing. SECTION II.-SECRECY.

"I most solemnly swear that I will forever keep sacredly secret the signs, words and grip and any and all other matters and knowledge regarding which a most rigid secrecy must be maintained which may at any time be communicated to me and will

divulge same nor even cause same to be divulged to any person in the whole world

unless I know positively that such person is a member of this Order - in good and regular standing and not even then unless it be for the best interest of this Order.

"I most sacredly vow and most positively swear that I will never yield to bribe flattery threats passion punishment persecution persuasion

nor any enticements whatever coming from or offered by any person or persons

male or female for the purpose of obtaining from me - a secret or secret information of the

I will die rather than divulge same so help me God

You will drop your hands.


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You will wait in patience and peace until you are informed of the decision of the E* C* and his in klonklave assembled.

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of my

of the * * *

You will place your lott hand over your heart and raise your right hand to heaven.


(You will say) "J" (Pronounce your full name and repeat after me) "Before God and in the presence of these mysterious *smen on my sacred honor

do most solemnly and sincerely pledge promise and swear that I will diligently guard and faithfully foster — every interest of the

and will maintain its social cast and dignity. "I swear that I will never recommend

any person for membership in this Onder whose mind is unsound

or whose reputation I know to be bad or whose character is doubtful

or whose loyalty to our country is in any way questionable.

"I swear that I will pay promptly oll just and legal do mands made upon me to defray the expenses and this Order when same are due or called for.

"I swear that I will protect the property

of any nature whatsoever and if any should be intrusted to my keeping — I will properly keep — or rightly use some

and will freely and promptly surrender same on official demand or if ever I am banished from or voluntarily discontinue my membership in this Order. "I swear that I will most determinedly

maintain peace and harmony

in all the deliberations of the gatherings or assemblies of the 1* E* and of any subordinate juris. diction

thereof. "I swear that I will most strenously discourage selfishness and selfish political ambition on the part of myo self or any *sman.

"I swear that I will never allow personal friendship blood or family relationship nor personal political

or professional prejudice malice nor illwill to influence me in casting my vote for the election or rejection

of an applicant for membership in this Order God being my helper

AMEN!" You will drop your hands.


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You will place your left hand over your heart and raise your right hand to heaven.


(You will say) "1" (Pronounce your full name and repeat after me) "Most solemnly pledge, promise and swear that I will never slander defraud deceive or in any manner wrong


a *sman

nor a *man's family nor will I suffer the same to be done

if I can prevent it.

"I swear that I will be faithful in dotonding and protecting the home reputation and physical and business interest of a *sman and that of *sman's family.

"I swear that I will at any time without hesitating go to the assistance or rescue

of o "sman in any way at his call I will answer I will be truly *ish toward *smen - in all things honorable.

"I swear that I will never allow any animosity friction nor illwill to arise and remain between myself and a *sman but will be constant in my efforts mote real *ishness among the members of this Order.

"I swear that I will keep secure to myself a secret of a * sman when some is committed to me in the sacred bond of *smanship the crime of violating THIS solemn oath

treason against the United States of America rape and malicious murder alone excepted.

"I most solemnly assert and affirm that to the government of the United States of America and any State thereof

of which I may become a resident - 1 sacredly swoor an unqualified allegiance above any other and every kind of government in the whole world I here and now pledge my life my property

and my sacred honor to uphold its flag its constitution and constitutional laws. and will protect

defend and enforce same unto death. "I most Solemnly Promise and Swear - That I will always, of all Times and in all places, Help, aid and assist

- The duly Constituted officers of The law — in The proper performance of Their Legal Duties.

to pro

my vote

free press

"I swear that I will most zealously and valiantly shield and preserve

by any and all justifiable means and methods the sacred constitutional rights

and privileges of free public schools - free speech separation of church and state — liberty

white supremacy just lows and the pursuit of happiness

happiness against any encroachment of any nature by any person or persons political party or parties religious sect or people - native, naturalized or foreign of any race color creed lineage or tongue whatsoever.

"All to which I have sworn by THIS oath I will seal with my blood be Thou my witness Almighty God

You will drop your hands.

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