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as I real organization yithin the State of Chto gjerzink
under and in accordance with Wie constit:on and le...?
the Nation') Inights c: tie tied dux Bous, icc., anj 3310
corporation existire by virtue ord aut? oririr.to1 by !
obertor wcier the 1:63 c!e S: te o ücrgia, 3813 cirirr.::cr.
belag 3 corpor. tion organize : rct or iro!::.
Second to promote patrio:14 towards our civil soverraen!,
honorable peace amor.. ben står :: 107.8, iro-c:10n for .!..
herfiness in the bones of our cople, zesticos, brotkertoc:
and love 220ng ourselves, ac liberty Justice and in tertit
akoy our people, id purposes to be cocaplishe: dr.scust.
a social, patriotic ar.d berevoler: aesceision or the buti
bene?10 0: all Espird.

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30.0 Ditelers

23ver Bruvo iti, sier

December 17, 1964

Ted W. Brown
Secretary of State
State House
Columbus, Ohio


I hereby respectfully request that my name be withdrawn from the Articles of Incorporation papers filed in your office for the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Ohio, Inc.

My signature is not affixed to the application for incorporation, Your cooperation in removing my name will be appreciated.

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Tho potitionors, STEWART R. GULLION, who lives at 1251 Lymwya Lano, 3.8, Atlanta 16, Georgia, C.J. BULLARD, who lives on Gordon Avonue, Stone Mountain, Goorgia, and MRS, W'. M. SMITH, who lives on Routo 2, Stookbridge, Georgia, shows to the Court as follows:

That they desire for thomselves, their successors, thoir associates and assigns to be incorporated under the nano and style

* DEFENSIVE LEGION OR REGISTERED AMERICANS, INC." for a period of thirty-five (35) yoars, with a right of ronoval as providod by law.

The prinoipal 0."lice and place of bus inoss of said corporation will be fulton County, Georgia, with branoh offices olsewhoro, as dooided by the Corporation's dirootors.

-3The same shall be a non-profit corporation without capital stock, but with capital assots in the nature of personal property to carry on and promote the purpose and intent of said corporation; said corporation will be eduoatial, political and religious in its natur.

-45 The purposo of said corporation is to work for the good or the poople of the Unitod Statos and to help oducate the said people of the Unitod Statos concerning the prosorvation of the United Statos Constitution; also, the preservation of the question of the Holy Writ of the various religious donominations; to uphold The Constitution of the United Statos, and to guard against its porversion by ofriooholders and others; to uphold the American •conomio systom of troo ontorprise; to oppose Communism, Harxism,

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Mongrelism and Nihilism, in all their many forms; to uphold the sovereignties of the fifty states in our Union in their respective spheres; to help in the election of public officials who believe in the principle of abiding strictly by the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitutions of the fifty states of the Union of the United States; to educate the people of the Un ited States as to the wisdom and righteousness of the traditional way of life our forefathers adopted; to force adherence to the State Rights of each sovereign state in the Union of the United States.

To achieve these purposes, the petitioners desire to adopt a constitution and by-laws so as to enforce good order within the corporations to receive donations; to solicit and sell memberships and receive subscriptions; to organize and cooperate with local units that may function under the corporation and under the constitution and by-laws of the corporation, as adopted by the directors and officers of said corporation, in the various communities and counties throughout the State of Georgia, and other states, wherein said corporation might be registered, and do business in carrying on the purposes named above; to publish and distribute printed matters to further the above named purposes; also to speak on various subject matters pertaining to the purpose of said corporation on radio, television and in newsprint; also by moving picture reels, recordings, and records that can be played in public or in homes, concerning educational, political, and religious matters; to organize and to expand said corporation and it's purposes in other states and communities under a national organization, of which this corporation will be the head, at the national level; and to have any and all such other and further : powers as may be necessary to carry out these purposes and objects mentioned herein, and all such rights granted to like corporations now, or as will be granted to such like and/or similar corporations

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