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Jul 29 ll S: 1965




National Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, Inc.

(Name of Corporation) raafined and artoting under the laws of the State of


hereby makm application for authority to

SSA-61 tmannot business in the State of North Carolla, and in compliance with the provisions of Section th too of the General Statuto of North

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The addren (Sneluding street and pamber, 14 any) of the home or prineipal office of the corporation in the state of incorporation !

4707 Lawrenceville Highway, Tucker, Georgia p. 0. Box 107 OVXOS Iets xxkkspy Xmoutarothek

\. The addrome (inelyding street and number, 4 any). 207 Emory street,

the proposed registered office of the porporation in the State of North Carolina -------Barcecanka tragbara xxx va xokat XXX*XQXBOXXXOX...

ad the name of the proposed registered agent at such addrens upon whom process may be served to

Billy Brown

• The purpose or purpose which the corporation proposes to pursue la the transaction of business in the

of North Carolins an:

A non-profit, secret, benevolent, patriotic organization of a faternal nature; to solicit memberships and hold public meetings and rallies for the purpose of gaining membership; to collect membership dues and fees that are used to promote said organization and its ideas and beliefs.'

7. The name and adolpreso (imaludin street and number, 18 any) of all of the directors and offloom of the corporalloon aros

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James R. Venable

Chairman(Imperial w.sard).900: TW Drive,Stone Mountain, de

Box 125 Buchanan, Georgia
2nd V-Pres. (Qudd) 461 Moreland Ave.,5.E.Atlanta,da.

William Hugh Morris

H.G. Hill, Sr.

Mrs. Sarı Langley

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8. The number of shares which the corporation has authority to ispue, itemised by classes, par value of shar, share withoot per value,

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9.' The number of shares actually Incued by the corporation, Itraised by elames, par value of shares, share without par valoe, and series,

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10. la consideration of the fouance of Certificate of Authority to transaet bostacos in the State of North Caroline, the corporation hereby appoints the Secretary of State of North Carolina w its agent to receive service of process, notice of demand whenever the corporetion talle to appoint of maintain a registered agent in the State of North Carolian, or whenever any med reglatered agent cannot with renvonable Alligence be found at the registered office of the corporation.

11. Attached bereto scopy of the Articles of Incorporation and all wandments thereto, or some of the related, Integrated or somsolidated charter of the corporation, dety authenticated by the proper officer of the state or wountry wherein incorporated

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being duly sworn, depoom and way that be signed the foregolas "Application for Certificate of Authority in the capacity indicated, and

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