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George Bonner
1311 Klabana Stroot
Noaroo, Louisiana


All of the corporate powers of this corporation and the

managonoat of its affairs sball be aduialstered and exorcisod by ..

Board of Directors consisting of a prosidont, vice provident and a



The officors of this corporation shall be as desor ibod in

the above and foregoing article. They shall be elected araually by the catiro membership of Original Ku Klux Klan of Anorion, lac., on the second day of July of orch year and shall sorve until thoir

successory are elected and qualified. Tho said officors to be alooted oball constituto the Board of Directors of this corporation. Tha majority shall constituto , quorum for the transaction of basiaoni.

The said officers sball have the power and authority which usually bolongs to their rospective officer. The follovias sball constituto

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This corporation shall have the capacity to not possossod by natural persons and shall have authority to perforı those acts which are nocessary and proper to accomplish tbe purposo, expressed or inplled in these articles or that may be locidental thoroto, and sball

bavo all tho povor, authority, and capacity of a gon-profit corporation

as provided for by Louisiana Revised Statutos of 1950, Tit 12:101

12:153. Vithout liuitias nid general powers, this corporation shall bave power and authority to rocoivo, bold and administra proporty da' trust as provided by law, to nako, Mond, aad ropoal rules iad regulations for the govoranoat of iu noneberi and to make, avond and

ropenl by-lan not inconsistent vith the provisions of these Articles of Incorporation; the power to make, anoad aad ropeal rules, regulacions and by an being vested in the Board of Directors; to suo aod be sued la ito corpora to nare; to make and use a corporate soal; to bold, purcbaso, lense, mortgagó, soll nad receivo by donation or otherviso real, personal, and nixed property; to borrow money; to issue, aosqţiate, soll and pledge evidences of indebtedness and to secure sane by ploogos, deods of trust or mortgages, of the whole or any part of the property of this corporation; and to roceive, collect, and pay out money for

the aocomplishment of its corporate purposes.


This corporation ovas personal property rights and credito of a substantial vluos borover, so paid-la capital is declared.


This corporation and body politic shall be constitutod and conposed of all ombori 10 good standing nou or borealtor of the Origioal Ku Klux Klan of Aborion, lac. Tho. qualifications of the nombors of this corporation vill be detorniood on an dadividual basis upon application of any person for nonberobip. There will be only one class of nomborship, to-vit: Horeby signatod to be, ORDINARY WEMBERSHIP. Bach monber vill bo possessed of one (1) vote for the purpose of elect

lag oflicors for the Board of Directors of this corporation at any

laqual or special notiag callod for that purpose. No nomborship sball

be transferable by assiganoat, salo or taboritance.


The Board of Directors may adopt such by-lan, rulou aad regulations for the govornnoat of this corporation as they may doon



There Articles of lacorporatica may be abonded and this Corporation may be dissolved in the method and manor provided by lar.

IN TESTIMONY THEREOT mid Incorporators have borouato sigued their damos at louson, Louisiana, la the prononc. of

Donald Hofandlich


ficace Pepper legal and coupotont ritmossus sed me, nid Notasy, on the day nad date first above pittor.

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720 position of VEL24:2 103 K?s biogo od soda is P. O. Los 415, Cikianan, aloo 004207, Coccia; li. G. ASIL Sose adicso 19 461 Locoland Avoau, s.s., Pulton County, Atlanta, Coorgia, FALL? DURIDITO, V.8.17. Dzivo, Store intain, Decalb Comey, Georgia; and Janos r. Vennilo, 900 FIU Detva, stcao contada, Dekalb County, Coorcio ciou3 to the court cs 1o.loos:

1. That they astre to: themselves, totr esson12509 C1d successons to be tmcorporasad ta tho stete cr teria for a murics of thirty-five (35) youss 1.148 a 21:30 of seaoval; ta end os proviced by law, aa a patulotio, socio social, bongyolest czcoa under the name and stylo oz

amicza), FiIG.723 07 TI KU KLUX KLAR, INC."

Tas puzpose and object of paid corncration is to bo guoly berevolont and eloondycry, and the20 2011 ba no capital cicak, nor proiit, por gala to cald corporatio2 oz to the esalu Closoof.

3. Tea principal oi?:00 cud pios3 03 buol.css shall bo in Pokalb County, Georgia, but poticio.:0213 costs that ti! Cozpozation cial have tto po..ow to 13t cera, calcts and conscatue of omantra22029 to subordinate branch33 of the Corporataca la this or otica States of t10 United Edatus asd elcongra, thorovoz 20 SEZs soll be consod dosivable la 3 conduct of lis 2291a383.

The pot1020123 costar that to sustody cials have a POLIP to cater and tricksta anima, ess to c:2°C: 2:30........ : Cocot collectLous, corus, eil), die aus csconto32.8.1 ball be walted caly miato colo domowe i conta

kcalta, good moralo and his charactoz; and Sue 0% 0:0:0 seca righta, poderes and privilegea 29 230 203 orinad 20 4:3 7:30 cat ozcor of Odd Follows, froe and iccuptod Crdor oi, Enichts of pytilas, et al, under and by virtue of the lens of the state 01 Gaorgia.


Fotitiodors desire that thora slali bo a Succo 200

lative body in vilch shall bo vosted tio povo: "O 223 22 22nd

the coactitution and By-Lats for the regulation 0 CocaCl purpose of the welfare of the order and of the c3c34cato bez.clios oi the Grea.


Potitioners dasiro that the Suprons log131a Iva Body 0422 bo conposod on the Supremo cilicors who ghali do polected and to skall kold their offico as providod by the constitution and Ey-lavs of said organization.


Potitioners desire that the business of the socloty c!221 be under the control of tho Imperial wizard (Prosidont) vào c2011

bo amenable la his orficial administration to the Supreme 02?lcors as providod in the Constitutioa; and that the constitution shall

be the supreme lav of this Order", la tie matters pertaining to tae gonoral rolfars of this society, and to contract vith other neabors of the socioty for the purpose of promoting and conducting

Its lotorost and gonoral collare, la 2zy naaner, or mathod ho may

deon propor.


Potitionors dazire that they may savo the right to ginta constitution and By-laws and elect & iirst Supreme Exocutiva Con01.tea välch shall possess all oi tho povors or the Supreme Loris lative body until the first crganization and waiting or tat body, sad shall fix the number, iltle and taim of tho cilcurs couposinc

said Supromo Logislativo committee or D???.

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