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3. The National Password.
4. The Klavern Password.
5. The Signs of Recognition.

(a) Lapel Sign
(b) Foot Sign.
(c) Hand Sign
(d) Grip

(e) Words of Recognition
6. Word of Caution.
7. Word of Distress
3. Instruct the members in the necessity of security.

Instruct the members as to the best way to approach pros

pective members. . 10. Explain to the member the regulation concerning profanity and

intoxication. 11. Impress upon the member the necessity of regular attendance.

Titans and Investigators should be given the same courtesy as your Grana Dragon or any other staff officer.

You will receive out of this office 'new rules and rule changes from time to time. Please study these and if the majority of your unit objects to any one or part of one , notify us immediately.

1. No action may be taken by any Kloklan committee without the

consent and approval of E.C. in locality. 2. No new unit may be installed in any Klavern territory without

said Klaverns approval. 3. Uniforms (robes) will all be made by the same standards by

Klansmen in Realm. We shall have at least two manufacturers. One for South La, and one for North La. Since there is considerable profit envolved in this project , the following has been suggested: Determine amount of profit and pay makers accordingly

out of realm treasury. Orders to be placed with secretary who will collect $10.00 for each. Profit will thereby go lo Realm to be used for Klan expenses.

4. The Realm Secretary will keep records that may be audited at

any time. He will furnish cach Prov. Giant a financial statement each month to be examined by any E.C. at the monihly province

meeting. 5. Before any payments are made out of realm funds, the secretary

will have a voucher from the Grand Dragon authorizing same. All checks wiil be signed by the treasurer and secretary.

All Kleagles or anyone interested in organizing any new units should contact H.P. Morris, Zackary, La., Phone 654-4459 immediately.

6. Any candidate for public office that the Klan backs will be sup

ported by all Klansmen. If there are any Klansmen that will not, then they will either resign or be expelled. The candidates shallbe voted on by all concerned after they have been investigated and

there must be 2/3 majority or no action will be taken. 7. Any Klansman who is known to violate our rules, expecially those

that give information to any aliens, shall be expelled immediately, then is to be watched and visited by the Wrecking Crew' if necessary

8. Ail Klansmen should attend all meetings except when providen

tially hindered. Dues must be paid and those 30 days delinquent

on dues will be dropped from the rolls. 9. All units will have and use the following:

1. Holy Bible
2. 2' x 3' U.S. Flag
3. 2' x 3' Confederate Flag
4. 2' x 3 Cross (should be able to light it by electrical means)
5. (2) Sabres or swords

6. 1 glass or tumbler
10. The organization shall have a Realm Naturalization Team who

will demonstrate method of opening and closing and naturalization

ceremony. 11. Each unit will set up at least one team of six men to be used

for wrecking crew. These men should be appointed by the Klokan in secrecy.

19. All Klarerns will have at least five armed guards with flash

lights posted during regular meetings. (a) No one will be allowed to carry a gun inside the Klavern dur

ing regular meetings except the Night llawk. b) No one will carry a gun inside during a state or province meet

ing except those appointed by the Chief K BI cr Province KBI. 13. Any Klansman that leaves the organization for any reason shall

be voted on as any alien when applying for readınittance. 14. A Klansman may be expelled from this organization after being

given a hearing by a 2/3 majority vote of the membership. All members shall be contacted and urged to attend when a vote of

this kind is taken. 15. All Klansmen shall bring their robes to the meeting. Any with

out a robe shall not sit in during degree ceremony. 16. All Klansmen shall practice klanishness, not only at meetings

but in all phases of life. 17. No member will discuss Klan business with members who have

missed meetings. Klansmen who are interested will attend. If providentially hindered, they may be informed of proceedings by

E.C. only. 18. Security - Responsibility of Klavern security to rest upon Cap

tain of Guard, and Sargeant of Guard in his absence. All other Security measures will be under the Klokan's supervision.

KLAVERN EXECUTIVE BOARD The Klavern Executive Board shall consist of the eight highest ranking officers of the Klavern. They are as follows:

1. Exalted Cyclops
2. Klaliff
3. Klokard
4, Kludd
5. Kligrapp

6. Klabee .7. Kladd 8. Klokan

They shall meet at least once each week to map program and discuss plans for each weekly Klavern meeting.

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BE IT KXOVI AND REMEMBERED that on this 26th

day of Jaguas

1965, boforo me, the undersigaud Notary Publlo, 1o aod for said Parish aad Stato, sad ia tho presonc. of the tvo uador, sigoed vita.880., personally cane sad appeared tho several persons

whose nanos are horouoto subscribed, who sovorally doolerod and acknotlodged that availing thonsolvos of the benefits and provisions of the

Constitution nad lan of the State of Louisiaan rolative to the

organization of corporation and particularly of aon-profit corporations

as provided by Louisians Revised Statutos of 1950, Title 12:101
12:115, they have waited and by these prosenti organised thons. lvos,
their successors and an igas to forn a non-trading corporation for the
objects aad purposes aad uador the covennata, stipulations, and agroo-
neato ia accordance vith the following Articles of Inoorporation, to-uit:


The anno of this corporation shall bor



The objocts and purposes of thio orgaaization sball bos

To rostor and promote the tenets of Christianity:

To prosorve, protoct and defond the constitution of
tbe Unitod sta tor against all odonios vhowever, both
Foroiga aad Domestic;

To touch and practice pure Patriotio Anericaninn;
To preserve public peace and good ordor; to maintain
Justico under the car and to protoct tho veak, the
lonocoat and the defensoloss from the ladigaities,
wrong. sad outrages of the lavlesi, had from all in-
positions and oppressions whatsoevor ;
To rolleve the injured and the oppressed; to soccor the
sufforing and, ospocially to aid and coafort thoso,
and the vidous and or pbaa, of those, who may suffer aad
fall ia our causo; and
To prowo to truo respoasible mabood, loyal frutoraity
or brothorbood, aad gonorowe mutual cooperation aad
assistance anoag ourselves; to further happiness anong
our people by constantly practicias agd tonohiog our
obiidros to practice all of those objects and purposes.


To buy, soll, louso, mortgago, bold nad our land
upon which to oroct buildings and othor appropriato
structuou la ubicb to proach aad teach and foutor
the above objects and purposes; and gonorally to
do and perforn, any and all other businos incidental
to or aobousary to properly carry on the business
of mid corporation.

This corporation is a 20n-profit corporation.

This corporation 1. organized on a non stock basis.


Tbe torn for which this corporation 1. to exist le alaoty-alao (99) yours fromthi. data.


The domicile of this corporation is declared to be 112 Toms Avenue, Noaroo, Louisiaon; the location of its registered ofrio. l. declared to be 112 Texas Avenue, Noaroo, Louisiana, and the Post Office Address of its rogistored office 1. deolarod to be 113 Toxu. Avoau., Monroe, Louisiaan.


The following porsom, rouideat. of Ouachita Parish, Louisiaan, shall be the registered agents of this corporation upon of thor of vhow legal procou or otbor dotice or demanda required or por

mitted by lar to be made on this corporation, may be served, Post office addresou of each of thon bolag a set out bolor, to-uit:

Houston P. Morris
112 Toxas Avoauo
Noaroo, Louisiana

Jack Saucior
809 South 8th Stroot
Noaroo, Louisiana


The full annor and Post Office Addressus of the incorporators

ar. as follon :

Houston P. Norri.
112 Tema: Avoauo
Noaroo, Louisiaan

Jack Sausios
809 South 8th Stroot
Hoaroo, Louisiana

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