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rict, Shire and other officers and menbers who become detached from their home Klaverns as a result of service to the higher levels of the Klan shall be permitted to form themselves into an Imperial Klavern, and shall pay regular dues to the Klan.'

Section ?. The Imperial Klavern ghall not have a regular vote in the Klanburgesses under the uniform representation rule, nor shall its members vote in any Province or district election.

Section 3. All members of the Imperial Klavern shall have the privilege of membership in the Imperial Klavern for so long as their dues are paid and their . conduct is honorable. They may transfer out of the Imperial Klavern voluntarily, but may not be retired without their individual consenti

Section 4. The Imperial Klavern shall pay their own Klavern expenses of operation' as do 'all Klaverns.

[Sam Bowers Exhibit No. 4-February 1, 1966)

WASP, Inc.

(A Christian, Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Christian-American

Heritage) A great confusion exists today in the minds of many people regarding the Jewish problem in America. The national press is doing everything that it can to cover the truth regarding this situation. In order to stop this confusion, and as a public service to all Americans, WASP, Inc. has issued the following bulletin which outlines the problem, and clearly defines the organizational position with respect to the problem.

To begin with, we must first understand the word “Jew" before we can understand the problem. The word, Jew, is correctly used only in connection with those who were mémbers of a monotheistic sect which existed in Palestine prior to, and only shortly after the first coming of the Christ, Jesus some two thousand years ago. The modern, world-wide, international cartel which uses the name, “Jew”, attempts to cloak itself in the garb of this ancient, long dead, theological system, but those who are affiliated with this modern cartel are completely materialistic and deny the true, Spiritual principles upon which the worship of God must be based, in accordance with the First Commandment.

The foundation of Christianity lies in the ancient Hebrew Law and the Teachings of its Prophets. That Law and Teachings actually and clearly foretold and acurately [sic] described the coming of the Christ, thereby binding all true Jews to Christ when he appeared. From this it is very simple to see that, in the true religious sense, there is no such thing today as a real Jew. A person who rejects Christ cannot claim to be a true Jew, because in rejecting Christ, he thereby rejects his own teachings in over 300 instances; the 53 Chapter of Isaiah being only one of many clear-cut examples.

The condition of the Temple business during the First Ministry of the Christ, Jesus was remarkably similar to that which exists today in most of the ornate palaces we call “churches". Then, as today, the religion business had become so professional in nature, and had come so completely under the control of a well-established hierarchy, that no one except the completely innocent and those with a vested interest in the Temple business took it seriously. When Christ refused to collaborate with the professional priesthood and exposed their frauds right and left, they, in order to protect their political machine, were forced to "eliminate” Him, thereby exposing their hypocrisy and atheism to the innocent, true members of their congrgations [sic].

After the Crucifixion and Ressurrection [sic], the true, sincere Jews repented and became Christians. Since the period immediately following the Original Ministry there have been no true Jews. All true Jews became Christians. Those who did not become Christians were not Jews to begin with, but only materialistic atheists hiding under the cloak of the Temple. The coming of Christ literally seperated [sic] the sheep from the goats. Under the Ministry of the Christ, Jesus, the real Jew found his Messiah and the fraud “Jew” was exposed. A true Jew could not deny Christ without denying himself, for Christ was the fulfillment of the Ancient Jewish Religion.

Turning now to the mongrelized and vicious aggregation of those who call themselves "Jews”, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan, we approach the heart of our problem. The people who compose this brotherhood of sin are, in general, a curious admixture of East and West, and, like most mongrelized peoples, exhibit the worst characteristics of each and both. The racial background of these people is not primarily Semetic [sic] as is commonly advertised, but is made up of lines derived largely from the savage Mongol and Tartar masses which were a constant threat to Western Europe during the Middle Ages. The home area of this unholy band centers in the area between the Caspian and the Black Seas, in the southern part of what is now known as the Soviet Union. They are known as “Khazars” in their own district. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and most of the other Bolshevik leaders sprang from these fanatical people of savage origin, as have most of those who control the large banking and brokerage houses in the U.S. such as Kuhn, Loeb, Warburg, Meyer, etc. Represenatives [sic] of this Satanic Horde have suceeded [sic] in gaining control over the money and credit system of the entire world. One of their most capable represenatives (sic), Nathan Rothschild, once said: “Let me issue the money and control the credit of a nation, and I care not who writes its Laws."

The Supreme Tragedy of modern times is that these people have been permitted to gain financial control over America. The good-natured, Christian tolerance of the Anglo-Saxon American has been exploited into accepting these people as normal members of a Christian Society. Free Enterprise and Private Capitalism have made America great but the excesses of these vampires have brought her to chaos. Everyone likes to make money, but to the savage Kike, money reacts in the same manner as does alchohol [sic] to an Alchoholic [sic]. He is a fanatic about it. He is ruled by it. He must have more and more of it to sustain his lust. He has no pride of [sic] self respect, no country, no racial identity, not even a hemisphere to which he can be a native, so he must feed his savage ego by exploiting Christians and destroying Christian Civilization. Truly, it can be said that these unfortunate mongrels of East and West are the Children of Satan.

WASP, Inc. is a truly Christian and Benevolent Organization. We strive to avoid criticism and controversy among all peoples wherever possible, but we are very strict about our American Nation and our Christian Heritage. WASP, Inc. takes the position in regard to the people described on the revers [sic] side of this bulletin that they must release their stranglehold on America voluntarily, or be pried loose forcibly. True Christian, American men are not going to submit to a program of destruction and slavery under the disguise of “tolerance" or "humanitarianism". Self defense is the right of all men under all honorable conditions. As we have clearly shown, these people do not represent a relegion [sic]. They are sustained only by a Satanic lust, thru the manipulation of international finance, to rule and destroy Christian Civilization. WASP, Inc. does not intend to persecute these people, neither does it intend to see them rule America. Like the man said a long time ago: Liberty or Death! Note:

If you are a public spirited citizen of America, we would appreciate it very much if you would pass this bulletin around among your friends or post it on any convienient [sic] bulletin board. By so doing you will be rendering a very important service to your country and to Christianity. Thank you,



LIBERTY IS A BOISTEROUS SELOITMID-MELL-PREFER-THE-CALMOS-DESPOTTSM Citizens, we think you might like to have the following information:

Over a period of time we have obtained the names of some of the lecal citizens who are working with the Communist-backed integration movements to further destroy our Southern Christian way of life. We know that some of the people mentioned will cry "persecution". We also know that we could not help our causes by printing untrue statements... therefore, we have stuck tn facts. Let the ones we name remember that they, themselves, are to blame for fanning the fires of racial unrest in our community.

Several weeks ago

attended an integrated meeting in Jackson, Miss. The sole purpose of this meeting was to try to find ways and means to get the white citizens of Mississippi to accept inte gration of the races..

have been working hard to bring about integration For their deceitful efforts they are receiving a: considerable amount of money. The pract amount, we do not know.

are you one of the white women who patted Charles Evers on the back?

made a talk before this scalawag group. She stated in her talk that several local attorneys were for integration but were afraid to let themselves be known. We have known for several years that

has been in the thick of the Civil Rights movement, and has been rewarded for his efforts. He should be leaving our city soon for a federal appointment. After his departure, we will know for sure if it is the

that smells. If there are any tears shed when you leave, they will be your owi.

has made the statement several times that there were a small grup of hoodlums operating in Adams County. He has known all along who they were, for he has beer. working with them since their arrival in Natchez.

began to let us know more openly how he felt ahnut ary person or arganization that did not say "Brain for FO",

you pre one of the most trancherous white men we have ever come across. We know about your secret meetings with the northern agitators who have flocked to our state and community to stir up racial unrest. You have chooen the type of people you wish to associate with and glorify. you have sold your rights as a Southernes, for the almighty dollar, what would be your price ho cell America? We know about your support of the Mississippi Freedom · Democrats to unseat nur duly elected stehen officials.

We are requesting the Catholic parents in Natchez to make a thorough Rycko ground check on

is a teacher in our local Catholic school. He is an integrationist out of school. Does he teach it in the school? He has entertained Negroes in his home in

He travels in the same pack as the He often brags of being a scholar. are you also a "fellow traveler"? Why would a

come to our part of the country and try to chang our way of Life? We have two white women that are usually found around Their names are


These women are working with the NAACP and other integration organizations. They are receiving sums of money from these organizations and have openly boasted of it.

A man by the name of

who holds the poeition
of the

has children by a Negro woman. Her address is

[ocr errors]

a white contrastor who does work for spends too much time at the home of

a Negro woman who lives near the

This affair has been going on for some time, but this article should end it,

of the

Police Department has several Negro girl friends. His steady Negro girl friend is

who stays with her father on He runs

at that address.

of the

Police Department has twins iny a Negro woman. Her name is and her address is

He has taken his sonin-law to see his twins and has bragged about them. who lives


lives with a Negro woman. They have several children of this union. nimer of the and the

has made

· The committee has deleted from this document all references which serve to identify the individuals subjected to this attempted character assassination.

efforts to get white girls, to date Negro men. He was asked about this situation and made the statement that he saw nothing wrong with it........... WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Several months of investigation have reaped a harvest of white men seen frequently visiting Negro whore houses on

and in the vicinity of

Ive have the names, make. of cars and the license numbers of these white men.. This information will be used in the future if these actions are not discontinued. The man in the

Plymouth should join the rest of you white men in staying out of this neighborhood.

[blocks in formation]

a well-known

of Adams County, has been contributing to the delinquency and moral degradation of some of the teen-age boys of Adams County. It has been proven on several occasions that this man has endertained teen-age boys in his room in the

This has been reported to law officials on namerous occasions. Why has nothing been done about this situation? Is it due to the loop-holes in the law or to the fact that he is a prominent and politically influential citizen? We understand that

is willing to accept matrimony if he could find a nice young man that would have him. This homosexual has never been married. In the future, we think that a man holding any political office should be a married man with family responsibilities. This man is a on the



Many of you citizens have been complaining about crooked politics. Some of you have mentioned graft in our

Department. We have investigated the following facts thoroughly and now we present them to you.


has a nice little sideline. He shakes down the to the tune of $600.00 per month, t'is being his pay-off for allowing gambling games in the

He receives one dollar on every case of liquor comirg into Adams County. He also gets five dollars a week from every slot machine in

gets a cut from every poker and crap game operating in

usually collects this money for.

He also has a slot machine of his own.

• Our

collects $200.00 per month from the

We wonder how

lives so well on his pay. We suspect that his liquor bill ia almost as high each month as his salary as

He has a girl friend out on Highway 61 South who he spends a great deal of time with. A girl friend like yours must cost a great deal of money, huh

We understand that two men working on the

and also working part time for

draw $180,00 per month and kick back $100.00 to


We would like to ask

why he did not make a public announcement that he had sold his was hateria on

to a Negro. At this time both white and Negroes are using this washateria. We feel that this place of business should be for one or the other of the races.

there could be only two reasons why you did not make this announcement, One is that you are too cowardly; and the second is that you are too tight to make an announcement in the paper. If it was because of the first reason, we cannot help you-- but if it is because you were too. tight, we will be glad to donate the money.


Another case that has come to our attention is that of

who works for

in charge of the department. We would like to ask

if he really thinks that it is necessary to meet his Negro customers with handshakes and pats on the back in order to sell his • In case you haven't heard, we white people have been selling to and getting, along with Negroes for years without these acts,

All the crooks and mongrelizers who have not been mentioned in this paper need not feel left out--- there are only twenty-four hours in a day. We will get to you next if you do not correct your ways.

Some who read this will wonder why we did not sign our names. The reason is that if we were known, we could not continue to get such information as you have just read. We will tell you this much: WE ARE THE HUSBANDS, BROTHERS, FATHERS, COUSINS, NEPHEWS AND EVEN GRANDF ATHERS OF THE CITIZENS OF THIS COMMUNITY.


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