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Enemy's Arny which has soon haraasod for a long time may be saca: defeated.

old Sanskrit Provoh

Each local unit 3t rake a through study of the technique of harassing the enemy at little or no cost to themselves. All members should tax thoir mindu "o devise nes peons and tethods or accomplishing this important work.

In general, harassing should always havo a humorous twist to it and should be in the naturo of Hailow on Pranks. This does not ucan that it should be executed in a careless or haphazard manner. It must be dono seriously and soberly and with a definite aim in mind, The purpose of preserving the humorous twist to the work in to obscure the deadly seriousness behind the work ond to weaken and nullify any work that the onety propaganda rachino might use a cainst us in connection with our work of hardeszont. The work shouid appear to be a ridiculous joke rather than the real and Berious busine33 that it is. One of tho truly great weakness of our enemy is that ho doce not understand nor aprreciato humor, Ever; thing is a gray, drab, humorless situation to him. He can exploit this weakness by using trickery,pranksterism, wit and hurcorall wrapped up in a bundle that he cannot understand. We must be serious.

our selves, but we should be liappy Warriors and never forget how to laugh and enjoy life even in the midst of deadly adversity.

As far as our inmediata work is concemad, harassment fulfils two important goala: 1. It provides a healthy, not-toc-dangerous outlet for the Spirited Enthusiast of the s niombership and trains thom to work togother. If suce soful, it boosta morala. 2. It always has the latent possibility of goading the enemy into prona ture or ill

considered action, whereby ho may take a lja jor Mistako which wo can capitalize upon upon.

Acts of hara39pont themselves must be confined to acts of minor importance as far as the alien authorities are concerned. This does not racun, of courgo tat harassment is really unimportant. It is very important, but the act: thomsolves should always appear to alicns as ridiculous and unimportant. Harassment itself should never aim at accomplishing eny Enal DIRECTLY. The purpose of herausront is to stir up and frot the enemy ,

then step back and wait for him to make a mistake meanwhile preparing calmly and soverly to exploit any mistake that he does meko to maximum advantage to our selvog , cspecially as regards propaganda. Careful hara usment coupled with good propaganda directed against an enemy agent can expose him in his true colors and idontify him to the Ernoral public of the community for the roal enemy of Christian

Civilization that he really is. .

Some equipment which may be found usoful in harassment is lietod : 1. Roofing rails 2. Sugar and jola 33es 3. Firecrackers 4. Snakes and Lizards 5. Bad Dogs 6. Itching Powder 7. Stirik Bombs 8. Tear Gas 9. Paint 10. Lacquer thinner 11. Sling Shots, barblci, BB guns, Air Riflos, Bow and Arrow, Crossbowe 12. Blank cartridges and pistols. 13. Roman Candlos 14. Skyrockets 15. Salt and pepper 16. fici crakers

In addition to the regular equipment herin listed, the proper use of the Telephone must be given trecer.dous wcight as an effective means of harassment. Telephone .. ubers of all encay agents and grapathizers should be kept in current form and listed On the roll of the Investigative Secretary. Telephone campaigns can sometimes produce ronderful results at very little coat. It should be bourne ån mind that many of our enenies are especially attached to their automobiles and telephone se Anythinh that can be done to interfere with his normal use and enjoyment of these facilities will annoy his to a gret degree, and greatly disturb his operations.

All senbers should be careful not to get into a pattern or overdo any particular fors of harassRent, because effective countermeasures will always be set up against regular patterns of carassment. The harassment program should be systematic, but not of a regular pattern.

The use of sympathetic outsiders to engage in harassment is a technique that has many advantages. T'any persons who are not qualified to be members for one reason or another can be stimulated into becoming effective harassers without ever knowing that they are working i'or this organization. This also helps to confuse the enemy investigators who can nezer be sure just who or what is behind any particular act of harasse zent. Care mist be used in handling outsiders, but they can provide valuable without breaching secrecy if they are properly approached abdhandled.

It pust always be remembered that ours is a Nocturnal Organization. We work best at night and our greatest victories will be achieved at night. Cameras do not work so well at night. Ve bust harass the enemy at night, and, in general have little or nothing to do with him in the daytime. We must stay out of daytime street fights and demonstrations if at all possible, He must remember that the communists who are di acting the agitators want us to engage in pitched battles in the streets so that they can declare Martial Law. Vo must stand at the Ready during demonstrations in dayliget hours and be prepared to move at a moments notice, but we must try and support the reg. ular law enforcement authorities as disciplined assistants , rather than as a writ operating entirely on our own. Of course, this does not mean that if the regular law enforcecent units can not or will not bring the enemy under control and safeguard the cocmunity from their brutal savagery, we will not then oppenly take the fiels of battle in the streets. This , however, should be only as a last resort , if it becomes necessary the chances of saving this Nation and achieving e ventual victory over the Enemy very very slim. We must fight ou enemies, but we must avoid the streets and we must avoid the daylight.

Harassment should always be executed in such a way that little or no risk is taken by our side. It should be approached from the standpoint that while only a little may be accomplished, practically nothing is risked. Always strive to make a profit" in every contact with the enemy. That is , try to make his damage far greater than ours when the final vill is totaled.

The prime purpose of harassment which should be kept in mind at all times is that of worrying the encry into making a mistake. Harassment should rarely aim at achier ing a solid victory by itself, but only aim at producing a situationwhereby the enemy may be provoked into a weak position where a victory can then be scored by our side.

Whenever an enemy is being harassed he must be carefully watched for counter attacks. then he takes these countor attacks, the authorities should be brought in immediately to blaze and prosecute him for the entire affair. Harassment is done to cause the enemy trouble. It should not be done if the situation and circumstancos are such that it is very likely to cause our side trouble.

Veritas et Arnis

(William DANIEL EXHIBIT No. 1—NOVEMBER 1, 1965)

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I. Ben W. Fortson, Jr.. Secretary of State of the
State of Georgia, do hereby certify, that

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duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia by the Superior Court of Fulcon County for a period of thirty-five


from said date, in accordance with the certified copy hereto attached, and that a certified copy

of the charter of said corporation has been duly filed in the office of the Secretary of State and

the fees therefor paid, as provided by law.

in the year

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand
and affixed the seal of office, at the Capitol, in the City of
Atlanta, this 24th day of October,
of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-
Five and of the Independence of the United States
of America the One Hundred and seventy-Eightieth.

Ben W. Fortson, Jr.




10 peticion of 3. L. ... , V., locicy oz": cranit. 4. Daniei., S:, whose post crice ce chell to 12.-10... ..venue, S, W. Atlanta, Georgis., rospectiull; choirs to

as follows:


Petitioners cosire for thomselvec, associates and 2.09

ter for a corporation be granted to thos-02 20ico

rhy fit ycars under the name and söyle oi;


with the right of renewal thcrca.10.


The principal office of said corporation shall bo in Atlanta, fulton county, Georgia but petitioners desire the privicise os establis:ing branch offices and placc3 of business comerc,

3. i said corporation is organized for social and an Purposes and not for pecuniary gain 02 profit for or sus members and shall have no capitol stock,


The general nature of business in said corporation shall be to formulate and execute plans and prograd. for the adva:cont of the fraternal society, to promote the Christia:2 fait'a, co piso zece a better way of life arong its members and to upizolà tho

coustitution of the United States.


The corporation shall be a secret internal organization, iretal in nature and whoso membership rolls shall be potcctca.


They desire the right to o:n and acquiro real and porsc2017:

y, to solicit funds, receive donation:3 and zoiso duris

various projects for the exclusive use and bone It of said corporation, That no member of said corporation sell at any time have any vested interest of a sind in 02 to any property or assets which said corporation shall have c cord.

WHEREFORE, petitioners pray for thoselves, cssociaco: ani
successors, to be incorporated under the narz, 220 ct 23-
said with all the rights, pogors and privlocscs eni nos
herein set forth and as ane non cz hercafic? alicci & co non
cî like character under the laws of Ceorgia and thic unit

Seruel G509. JE:
Actorney ros'Potitioners
716 Hurt Building

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Eine foregoing petition for chazter having been prosented to the
Court, examined and it appearing that the application is leciti-
mate within the purvae of the law and it further copoaring by
certificate of the Secretary of State that the nara 02 the 20-
posed corporation is not the name or any other existir CC->
ation registered in the ciiice of saia Secretary, it is the one
ordered and adjudged that said application be and it is hcecom
granted, and said petitioners, their associates, successors and
assigns are hereby incorporated as prayed for in said petition

under the name and style oi

U. S. KLA173, KINGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLA), Inc : 211 the rights, powers and privledzes and immunities prayed Iva 1a said application and as may 101 or hereafter de authorized

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