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INTELLIGENCE DITELLIGENCZ consists of the gathering and transmission of all information concerns in the Enemy, or weakncsscs or leaks in our own organization. In a properly administer ed Local Unit each member will be designated to watch and turn in regular reports co.ning the habits and activities of ONE certain enemy. In addition, all members are charged to be on the alert at all times for any other additional information. All sub information must be written up and turned in at each meeting to the Local Invostigator. (or, in his absence, to the Investigative Secretary, who the Investigator will design: as his clerical assistant, The Investigator is charged with the responsibility of kee. ing this information, but he must have a Private Secretary to assist him in the order), arrangement of Investigative Data. The Local Investigator will maintain a file on each of the regular members of the Enemy camp, and an additional file for general information and activity involving transient encmies. The local Investigator will transmit all timely information at once to the province Investigator together with any comments or remarks concerning the urgency of the matter to bo covered. Also, the vote of the Local Unit concerning the wishes of the Local Bambers

regarding any wilitant activity must be transmitted thru the office of the Province Investigator to the higher headquarters. All members must realize that ALL current information concerning communis activity must be turned in at once. It must also be realized that this is not a gosip socioty whore enemy activity is discussed back and forth until it is either worn out or the members have become so excited that they are ready to form a lynch party. Each report is to be written up PRIOR to the me ting by the individual member. After all reports have beun turned in, any member who desires some discussion on his report mi so request the Head, who will order the Report read and discussed. ALL reports mus written up and turned in before they are discussed on the floor of the meeting. Investigation is a 24hr. Process. The state Executives must know what is going on in the Local „reas without having to depend upon the newspapers and radio. All of the Local units must gather and feed this information constantly and continuousiy. Car tags, osers names, car descriptions, physical descriptions of persons, photographs of communist agents who are in governmental office, information on pimps hiding behind authority, armament, dross, habits, technique, etc., etc., etc., As long as « Local Unit is functioning it will be expected to pour out a constant stream of Information. Local units must not become discouraged if action appears to be delayed. Fighting communists is a slow, necessarily careful, deadly business. Hasty action will lead to either the bastille or the cemetary. Remember, ALHAYS, we are in this war to :JIN i, not just to FIGHT it. Continuous, current, correct information is VITAL to the succus of this organization. KEEP BENDING IT IN 111111


PROPAGANDA is the woapon of modern war which our organization uses to convince th> public that we are all good, and that those who oppose us, or criticise us, or attempt to intorfcre with our activities in any way are all BAD, and are dangerous cnemies of the Community. Je must always keep the public on our side. As long as they are on our side, we can just about do anything to our enemies with impunity. If the public can be turned against us, our most Christian Acts will be made to app car wrong by our Sataniu Enemies of the Established Press. Keeping the Public on OUR side, and AGAINST our enemies is tho Vital Task of the Propaganda Dep't in cach Local Unit, Our most important propaganda instruments at this time are Underground Newspapers. They are juga as valuable in this war as bullets, and our enemies are actually more afraid of them than bullets. There are three ways that we can destroy an athiest or a traitor in the community. They are: 1. Socially, 2. Economically, 3. Physically. The weapon of Propaganda can accomplish the first two in nearly all cases, and it should preceed en follow up the action in the Third Case, if practical. The Will and Capability of t. Liberals, Corsymps, Traitors, Atheists and Communists to resist and subvert Christian American Principles MUST BE DESTROYED. This is our Sacred Task. If our enemies can 14 humiliated and driven out of the Community by Propaganda, well enough. If they continuo to resist, they must be physically destroyed before they can damage our Chris ian Civilization further, and destroy us. This is plainly and simply, SELF DEFENSE. The public is now ready to accept this fact. Our Propaganda efforts must get them to accept it. The State Organization will, from time to time, publish and distribute a State Newspaper, and will assist Local Units in getting started in their pwn Local Production of printed matter. Each Local Unit must have the capability of JRITING, PRINTING and DISTRIBUTING their own Propaganda, The Local Propaganda must never be identified with the classic Name of the Organization. Each Local Unit will have its : own name for its newspaper, and it will be sympathetic in tone to our organization, buti will be "Independent" IN NAME. The name of each Local Publication should be well i thought out in order to inspire the sonsc of Thrill and Mystery in the average reader Spond a lot of time on the Name and Banner of your Local Publication.

This is propas, da in itself. The materials which are necessary to operate a propaganda department in a local unit are a typewriter, nimeograph machine, and supplies. All of this must ve obtained in such a manner that it cannot be traced. About 4 or 5 men in the unit shou: be assigned to this work, usually under the Ritual and Lecture Officers, and the detail. of the actual operation should be unknown to the other mombers. The compo sing and printing of Propaganda require skill, but are, in themselves, not particularly dangerOL13 hen the time como s to distribute the Underground material, danger really onto! the picture.

Of all the methode of Distribution

Meiling is probably the safest, although it is exponsive and should not bo rolied iyon entirely. mail distribution is accomplished by preparing a mailing list in advance 0 people who are known to be sympathetic to our cause and who will distribute the cop: :01.08 when they receive them. ALSO, on this same list, should be included a substantia! witcr of the enemy in order to protect our sympatlyzers from being pinpointed and iiontified thru the Postal Dep't. In ordor to speed things up and avoid a long typing list for cach issuo, the mailing list should be cut on a stoncil, and about 50 copics run off One of the se list copics can be cut up for each issue and pasted on the envelopes for the addressos. The return address on cach cnvelope (if any) should be the rubber-stamped namo of some long-deceased Patript such as J. Singloton Hosby, T. Jackson, R. E. Loe, G. Jashington, etc. The bost PLACES to send copies for distribution aro Cafos, lowstands, Barber Shops, Service Stations, Hotels, Tap Rooms, etc. If you have a college near you area, find out the names of some of the "good boys", and see that they get plenty of copies. One good, safe method of distribution is to stash a bundle of copies in a hidd. place with a couple of bucks in it. Then call someone whom you think will be intereste in carning the fee, and tell them to go pick them up and put them out. If ho does 0.K. you can givo him sono rcpoat business. Each member noeds to scheme constantly for nes ways and methods of distribution. The method must bo changed ofton, becausc our cncm: are going to be laying traps all the time. As soon as you have a distribution method down pat, you had better start changing it because it is getting OBSOLETE. It cannot be overomphasized to much that the DISTRIBUTION of Indor ground Propaganda !.UST be kept 3DPARATED from those who aro writing and printing the material. The oncmy will spond tremendous efforts to track down the source of propaganda, and he must be frustrated from so doing. Be careful that your supplies are not boing checked and obscrvod. This is a dangerous point in the oporation. Try to buy supplies in large enough quantities to where you can operate for long periods of time without buying any more. Try to buy suppe lies out of town or out of State. Always wear gloves when working with printed materiai. DON'T GET CAUGHT 111 The posting of Underground Material on Public Bulletin Boards and in Public Places has a wonderful effect on Morale and the Spirit of the Hombers and the Citizens. Always try to cover Bulletin Boards if the risk is not too great. Propaganda is the one weapon that we have at hand today that can be succossfully used against the enemy in AGRESSIVE fashion. If we will use it properly, we can force him to fight on our terms, rather than we having to fight on his. It is possible that we can use this weapon into goading our cnemy into making mistakes. If we can begin to do this consistently enough, we can defeat him. Then propaganda is properly used, it actually disturb: the onemy more than the killing of his agitators. Scientific communists fear the weapon. of Patriotic Propaganda moro than any other. He must uso this weapon constantly and cfficiently against our enemies in order to keep the public on our side. The public mus! always be made to feel that IE are the ones who aro doing the GOOD work, and that all those who oppose us are foul traitors, scoundrels and blackguards. We must never give the cnemy an even break. This is a Life and Death strugcle, de must strive at all times to break and destroy our enemies, while maintaining good rolations with the public. &c long as we have the public on our side, we can handle our onomies any way that we ples. but if our propaganda fails, and our enemics turn the public away from us, THEY will be able to slaughter us. The most offective trick of propaganda that we can use is actua. a true one at this time. !le must constantly appear as the Honorable Underdog : David Goliath, Daniel in the Lions Den, The Cold and Hungry Continentals at Valley Forge, et but we must never let the Spirit of the Underdog depross us. Actually, we are not really the Underdog, if we are aligned with Almighty God, although from the purely Materialistic standpoint, we are literally, overwhelmod. Propaganda, of course, is based on the materialistic standpoint, which, it is sad to say, is about all that the "general public" appoars to be able to understand, The importance of Propaganda in this strugglo simple cannot be overemphasized. If we can mould and maintain favorable public opinion, we can attain our objectivo, Cod God lilling. If we permit our enemies and opponents to convince the public that THEY are Good, and UE are Bad, we will eventually lose, regardloss of how many of the enemy that we kill. Every member must understand this throughly. Now let's get off it and on it 111


This has been only a brief and very schetchy outline of the basic fundamentals of tisia organization. It will be supplemented from time to time. All officers arc required to lecture the members on those fundamentals'at every opportunity. State officers will be chocking from time to time to soc that this is being done. A good sct of books on Geurilla warfare should be kopt in each unit and studied by all personell. Those who write the Propaganda will do well to read Col. Virgil Noy's book : "Notes on Guerilla Garfare" available form.Command. Müblications, Box 6303, N. 91. Station, lashington 15 D... Ongt. • $ 50, Postpaid.


[Burrel White Exhibit No. 1-January 13, 1966)

DATE MAY 3, 1964.
To: All Officers and Members.
From: Forthcoming Enemy attack and countermeasures to be used in meeting




It is absolutely necessary that each and every member of this organization stand fast and remain calm at this time; while he is working deliberately to prepare himself and his unit for effective combat against the enemy.

The military and political situation as regards the enemy has now reached the crisis stage. Our best students of enemy strategy and technique are in almost complete agreement that the events which will occur in Mississippi this summer may well determine the fate of Christian Civilization for centuries to come.

This organization is the physical Spear upon which the enemy will either impale himself and perish, or sweep aside, then to proceed almost unhindered in his evil work of destroying civilization. The manner in which we conduct ourselves and use our strength this summer will determine which of these fates our Nation will follow.

This is indeed an awesome and critically responsible position in which we now find ourselves. Every member must Soberly and PRAYERFULLY face this Responsibility, and draw his strength from the Spiritual Source which tells us, deep in our hearts, that our Cause is truly Just.

It must be emphasized that our Cause is far from hopeless. The enemy, it is true, appears to have victory within his grasp, but he is vacillating at this very moment when he should be closing it. His leadership is not as united as it should be, and there is conflict and dissention [sic] in his ranks. His naked and brutal methods are coming into more complete exposure every day and he is losing public support. He must achieve his victory soon or lose the initiative to our side. If this should happen, he is doomed, and his leaders know this. Our task now is to delay and frustrate him at the very brink of his triumph.

This summer, within a very few days, the enemy will launch his final push for victory here in Mississippi. This offensive will consist of two basic salients, which have been designed to envelope [sic] and destroy our small forces in a pincer movement of Agitation, Force by Federal Troops, and Communist Propaganda.

The two basic salients are as follows, listed in ONE-TWO order, as they will be used:

1. Massive street demonstrations and agitation by Blacks in many areas at once, designed to provoce White militants into counter-demonstrations and open, pitched street battles, resulting in civil chaos and anarchy to privide [sic] an “EXCUSE" for :

2. A decree from the Communist authorities in charge of the National Government, which will declare the State of Mississippi to be a Stae [sic] of open revolt, with a complete breakdown of Law and Order, and declaring Martial Law, followed by a massive occupation of the State by Federal Troops, with all known Patriotic Whites placed under Military Arrest. If this Martial Law is imposed, our homes and our lives and our aims will pass under the complete control of the enemy, and he will have won his victory. We will, of course, resist to the very end, but our chance of Victory will undoubtedly end with the imposition of Martial Law in Mississippi by the Communist Masters in Washington.

Our situation calls for the highest degree of combined intelligence and courage, combined with a sincere, Christian Devotion, which Christian Soldiers have ever been called upon to demonstrate. We can not permit ourselves even one mistake in combating the enemy this summer. All of our actions must be disciplined, precise, courageous and intelligent. There is no margin for error.

When the first waves of Blacks hit our streets this summer, we must avoid, open daylight conflict with them, if at all possible, as private citizens, or as members of this organization. We should join with and support local police and duly constituted law-enforcement agencies with Volunteer, LEGALLY DEPUTIZED men from our own ranks. We must absolutely avoid the appearance of a mob going into the streets to fight the Blacks. Our first contact with the troops of the enemy in the streets should be as LEGALLY-DEPUTIZED Law enforcement

officers. It must ALSO be understood at this point that there are many different local police situations. Where we find corrupt and cowardly and Police, obviously, our members cannot submit to their control, but we should still try to work with them at arms length in every reasonable way possible to avoid being labelled as outlaws.

IN ALL CASES, however, there must be a SECONDARY group of our members, standing back away from the main area of conflict, armed and ready to move on very short notice who are not under the control of anyone but our own, Christian officers. This secondary group must not be used except in clear cases where local law enforcement and our own Deputized, Auxillary [sic] First Groups are at the point of being overwhelmed by the Blacks. Only if it appears reasonably certain that control of the streets is being lost by the Established forces of Law can the Secondary Group be committed. Once committed, this Secondary Group must move swiftly and vigorously to attack the Local headquarters of the enemy, destroy and disrupt his leadership and communications (both local and Washington) and any news communication equipment or agents in the area. The action of this Secondary group must be very swift and very forceful with no holds barred. The attack on the Enemy headquarters will relieve the pressere [sic] on the First group in the streets and as soon as this has been done, the Second group must prepare to withdraw out of the area. They will be replaced by another Secondary group standing at Ready. It must be understood that the Secondary group is an extremely swift and extremely violent Hit and Run group. They should rarely be in action for over one-half hour, and under no circumstances for over one hour. Within two hours of their commitment they should be many miles from the scene of action. The local law enforcement agencies and the first group should then find it fairly simple to restore local order and control the local situation. The enemy should be completely confused when he loses his headquarters and his leadership.

This Secondary group must be used only under the EMERGENCY conditions herin (sic) stated. We must cooperate with our Law enforcement officials, but we must never place ourselves entirely at that disposal, nor under their complete control. We must always remember that while Law enforcement officials have a "JOB” to do, we, as Christians, have a Responsibility, and have taken an OATH to preserve Christian Civilization. May Almighty God grant that their “JOB" and our OATH never come into conflict; but should they ever, it must be clearly understood that we can never yield our principles to anyone, regardless of his position. RESPECT FOR CHRISTIAN IDEALS CANNOT YIELD TO RESPECT FOR PERSONS NOR STATUTES AND PROCEDURE WHICH HAVE BEEN TWISTED BY MAN AWAY FROM ITS ORIGINAL DIVINE ORIGIN. Remember what the Master said regardin [sic] the rightuseness [sic] of the Scribes and the Pharisees and be guided accordingly. We must all throughly [sic] understand this Important Principle and keep it clearly in mind when we are dealing with officialdom.

When the Black waves hit our communities we must remain calm and think in terms of our INDIVIDUAL enemies rather than our MASS ENEMY. We must roll with the MASS punch which they will deliver in the streets during the day, and we must counterattack the INDIVIDUAL leaders at night. In our night work any harassment which we direct against the MASS of the Enemy should be of a minor nature and should be primarilly [sic] against his equipment (transportation and communication) rather than the PERSONS of the MASS enemy. Any Personal attacks on the enemy should be carefully planned to include only the leaders and prime white collaborators of the enemy forces. These attacks against these selected, individual targets should, of course, be as severe as circumstances and conditions will permit. No severe attacks should be directed against the general mass of the enemy because of the danger of hurting some actually innocent person. The leaders, of course, are not innocent, and they should be our prime targets, but the innocent must be protected.

A great deal of attention should be given toward detecting those enemy agents who bomb, burn and kill their own homes, churches and people in order to provide a sympathetic base for their National Propaganda Machine. These bombings and killings are always blamed on our side, but it is the Insane Communist agitators themselves who are doing it. If we could catch them at it we could score a nice victory. Stay alert.

We must use all of the time which is left to us in these next few days preparing to meet this attack. Weapons and ammunition must be accumulated and stored ; squads must drill; Propaganda equipment must be set up ready to roll; counterattack maps, plans and information must be studied and learned; radios and communications must be established ; and a Solemn, determined Spirit of Christian Reverence must be stimulated in all members.

May Almighty God grant that our arms be guided to success in this, our greatest trial.


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