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mand the fort ; but although the enemy neer corps employed by the Panama had commenced raising fortifications up- Railroad Company. At the beginning on them, they had never been completed. of the civil troubles he was residing at Fort Henry was an earth-work scien- Paducah, in Kentucky, and being an artifically constructed, and mounted with dent advocate for secession, was one of seventeen cannon, most of which were the first to take up arms in behalf of of heavy calibre, there being one one hun- that cause. Obtaining the command of dred and twenty-eight pounder, eight a regiment of the first Kentucky brigor ten thirty-two pounders, four twelve ade, he remained for awhile at Clarkspounders, and other powerful guns. To ville, in Tennessee, engaged in drilling the fort were attached barracks and an his men. When the Confederate troops encampment capable of accommodating invaded Kentucky, he accompanied them fifteen thousand men. Brigadier-Gen- to Bowling Green. Soon after he was eral Tilghman was the Confederate chief promoted from a coloneley to a brigain command.

dier-generalship, and having been placed Lloyd Tilghman was born in Mary- in command of the works on the Cumland, and was educated at the Military berland and Tennessee rivers, establishA.cademy of West Point, where he com- ed his headquarters at Fort Donelson, pleted his studies in 1836. After re- but was in Fort Henry conducting its ceiving the commission of second lieu- defence at the moment of its attack by tenant of dragoons in July of the same the Federal forces. year, he resigned in the following Sep The preparations had been very extember, and adopted the profession of tensive and elaborate at Cairo and Paa civil engineer. He was employed in ducah as well as at St. Louis, for the this capacity on various railroads until combined naval and military expedithe war with Mexico, when he pro- tions, from which so much was expected ceeded to the Rio Grande and served in, carrying out the plans of campaign in as a volunteer aide-de-camp to General the West. Cairo, in Illinois, situated at Twiggs in the battles of Palo Alto and the confluence of the Mississippi and Resaca de la Palma.

He subsequently Ohio, and Paducah, in Kentucky, on the became the chief of a small partisan latter, just at the mouth of the Tennesband, superintended the erection of see, and commanding that of the Cumthe defensive works at Matamoras, and berland, served admirably as bases of finally closed his career in Mexico as operations upon these rivers, which penthe captain of a company of light ar- etrated the interior of the vast territory tillery in a regiment of volunteers from held by the enemy. It was accordingly Maryland and the District of Colum- at these places that large land forces had bia. After the war Tilghman resumed been concentrated, and an immense fleet his profession as a civil engineer and be- of gun-boats built. came one of the assistants of the engi-] General Grant was in immediate com

mand of the troops at Cairo and Padu- Tennessee, soon to be related. Andrew
cah, under General Halleck, the chief of H. Foote was born in Connecticut. His
the Department of the West. Ulysses father was the Senator Foote from that
S. Grant was born at Point Pleasant, State, in answer to whom Daniel Web-
Clermont County, Ohio, 27th of April, ster made one of his most memorable
1822. Entering the West Point Mili- speeches. Young Foote entered the
tary Academy as a cadet in 1839, he navy as a midshipman on the 4th of
completed his studies in 1843, and was December, 1822. On the 19th of the
immediately brevetted second lieutenant same month, of the year 1852, after a
of the Tenth Infantry. In September, long period of active service, he was
1845, he was promoted to the full appointed a commander. In the attack
rank, and served during the war with made by the Americans, in the year
Mexico, both under Generals Taylor 1856, upon the Chinese forts, he was in
and Scott. His gallantry and good ser- command, and showed his spirit and en
vices won him promotion. In April, terprise by laying his vessel, bow fore.
1847, he was serving as regimental most, immediately under the guns of
quartermaster, and on the 31st of July, the enemy, and by the success of the
1854, when he resigned, was captain of manoeuvre proved its advantage over
the Tenth Infantry. On leaving the the system of his British allies, who
army he resided for a while in Missouri, fought at long range.
but subsequently removed to Galena, in After a service of more than a score
Illinois, where he was living at the com- of years on sea, and some ten on land,
mencement of the present war. He im- in various employments connected with
mediately offered his services to the the naval department, Commander
Governor of the State, and was appoint- Foote was placed in command of the
ed colonel of the Twenty-first Regiment Navy Yard at Brooklyn, New York.
of Illinois Volunteers. After serving for At the beginning of the recent war
awhile in Missouri, where he took part he was promoted to a captaincy, and
in several engagements, he was pro- charged with organizing the flotilla of
moted to a brigadier-generalship, and gun-boats at St. Louis and Cairo, to
placed in command at Cairo. His enter- operate on the Western rivers. In the
prise and spirit as a leader were shown in performance of this duty, which was
the severe struggle at Belmont. There beset with great difficulties, he showed
will soon be occasion to follow him to

an unconquerable energy, and the sucmore important and triumphant fields cessful result is a triumph, the honor of battle.

of which is conceded chiefly to him. The commander-in-chief of the naval “Foote is now (1862) sixty years of force at Cairo was Captain Foote, a name age, but though he has grown grey in which will be found gloriously associated the tranquil service of his country durwith the movements into Kentucky and ing peace, still shows a vigor and cour

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