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SEC. 4. That the said corporation hereby created shall be bound to Paving of track. keep said tracks, and a space of two feet beyond the outer rails thereof, and also the space between the tracks, at all times well paved and in good order, in such manner and with such material as may be directed by the board of commissioners of the District of Columbia, and if there be at any time no such board, then by the Secretary of War, without expense to the United States or the said city.

SEC. 5. That nothing in this act shall prevent the Government, or the Right to alter proper authorities of the District of Columbia, at any time, at its option, grade of streets, from altering the grade, or otherwise improving all avenues and streets &c., reserved. occupied by said road, or the said District, from so altering and improving such streets and avenues, and the sewerage thereof, as may be under their respective authority and control; and in such event it shall

Company to conbe the duty of said company, at its own expense, to change their said form to altered railway so as to conform to such grade and pavement.

grade. SEC. 6. That this act may at any time be altered, amended, or repealed Right of repeal, . by the Congress of the United States.

&c. SEC. 7. That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to authorize

Issue of currency said body corporate to issue any note, token or device, scrip, or other not authorized. evidence of debt, to be used as currency.

SEC. 8. That the capital stock of said company shall not be less than Capital stock, two hundred thousand dollars vor more than five hundred thousand shares. dollars, and that the stock shall be divided into shares of fifty dollars each, and shall be deemed personal property, transferable in such manner as the by-laws of said company may direct. SEC. 9. That the said company shall place first class cars on said rail

Cars. way, with all the modern improvements, for the convenience and com- Hours of runfort of passengers, and shall run cars thereon during the day, and as ning. late at night as eleven o'clock, and as often as every ten minutes. SEC. 10. That the said company shall provide such passenger rooms,

Passenger rooms, offices, stables, and depots at such points as the business of the road depots, &c. and the convenience of the public may require; and said company is hereby authorized to lay such rails through transverse streets or avenues

Rails to connect as may be necessary not exceeding one block in distance in any one

stables, &c., with

main track. place, for connecting the said stables, depots, and offices with the main tracks; and the said company is hereby authorized to purchase or lease such lands or buildings as may be necessary for the passenger rooms, lands.

Purchase, &c., of ticket offices, stables, and depots above named, and not to exceed two hundred thousand dollars in value. SEC. 11. That all articles of value that may be left in any of the cars

Record of artior other vehicles of said company shall be taken to its principal depot cles left in cars. and entered in a book of record of unclaimed goods; which book shall be open to the inspection of the public at all reasonable hours. SEC. 12. That within thirty days after the passage and approval of Opening books of

subscription. this act, the corporators named in the first section, or a majority of them, or, if any refuse to act, then a majority of the remainder, shall cause books of subscription to the capital stock of said company to be opened, and kept open, in some convenient and accessible place or places in the city of Washington, for a period, to be fixed by said corporators, not less than two days; and said corporators shall give public notice, by advertisement in not less than two daily papers published in the city of Washington, of the time when and place where said books shall be

Notice of openopened, and subscribers upon said books to the capital stock of the com

ing books. pany shall be held to be stockholders: Provided, That no one individ.

Limit of subual shall be allowed to subscribe for more than two hundred shares of scription. said stock: Provided further, That every subscriber shall pay, at the

Payment on sub

scribing. time of subscribing, ten per centum of the amount by him subscribed to the treasurer of said company, or his subscription shall be null and void; and said payment shall in no case be withdrawn or loaned to any

Payment not to

be withdrawn member of said company. And wben the books of subscription to the

loaned. capital stock of said company shall be closed, the corporators named in the first section, or a majority of them, and, in case any of them refuse



to act, then a majority of the remainder, shall, within ten days there. First meeting of after, call the first meeting of the stockholders of said company, to meet stock holders to within ten days thereafter, for the choice of seven directors, of which choose directors. public notice shall be given for three days, in not less than two news

papers published daily in the city of Washington, or by written or printed personal notice to each stockholder by the secretary or clerk of

tbe said corporation. And in all meetings of the stockholders each Voting of stock- share shall entitle the holder to one vote, to be given in person or by holders

proxy. Board of direct- SEC. 13. That the government and direction of the affairs of the com. or's, term.

pany shall be vested in a board of directors, seven in number, who shall be stockholders, and who shall hold their office for one year, or until

others are duly elected and qualified to take their places as directors. Quorum.

And the said directors (a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum) President of board and com

shall elect one of their number to be president of the board, and who pany.

shall also be president of the company; and they shall also choose a Bond of treas- treasurer, who shall be a stockholder, and who shall give bonds, with

security, to said company, in such sum as the said directors may require,

for the faithful discharge of his trust; and said board shall also elect Secretary of a secretary, who shall also be a stockholder, and who shall perform such board.

duties as usually pertain to said office. In case of a vacancy in the Vacancy in board. board of directors, by death resignation, or otherwise, of any director,

the vacancy occasioned thereby shall be filled by the remaining directors. Power of direct- SEC. 14. That the directors shall have full power to make and preors to make by- scribe such by-laws, rules, and regulations as they shall deem needful laws, &c., for man- and proper respecting the disposition and management of the stock, agement of property.

property, estate, and effects of the company, pot contrary to the charter

or the laws of the United States or of the District of Colunibia: Provided, Power of direct. That the directors of said company shall have power to require the subors to regulate pay- scribers to the capital stock to pay the amount by them respectively ments of subscrip- subscribed, at such time, (after the first installment,) in such manner,

and in such amounts as they may deem proper; and if any stockholder

shall refuse or neglect to pay any installment as required by a resoluDefault of pay- tion of the board of directors, after reasonable notice of the same, the ment, sale of stock.

said board of directors may sell at public auction, to the bighest bidder, so many shares of his said stock as shall pay said installment, (and the

highest bidder sball be taken to be the person who offers to purchase Collection of as- the least number of shares for the assessment due,) under such general sessments by suit. regulations as may be adopted in the by-laws of said company; or said

body corporate may sue and collect the same from any delinquent sub. Capital not to be scriber in any court of competent jurisdiction ; and no part of the capi. withdrawn. tal paid in shall at any time be withdrawn by said company or any

member thereof. Meeting for choice SEC. 15. That there shall be an annual meeting of the stockholders of directors. for choice of directors, to be holden at such time and place, under such

conditions, and upon such notice as the said company, in their by-laws, Annual report of may prescribe; and said directors shall annually make a report of their directors.

doings to the stockholders in general meeting. Obstruction SEC. 16. That if any person or persons shall willfully and unneces. passage of cars, in- sarily obstruct or impede the passage of the cars of said railway, or juring property.

destroy or injure the cars, depot, stations, or other property belonging to said railway, the person or persons so offending shall forfeit and pay for each such offense the sum of ten dollars to said company, to be recovered and disposed of as other fines and penalties in said District,

and shall remain liable, in addition to said penalty, for any loss or damLimit a tion of age occasioned by his, her, or their act as aforesaid; but no suit shall

be brought unless commenced within sixty days after such offense shall

have been committed. Limit of time for SEC. 17. That unless said corporation shall commence to lay the said construction.

track within four months and complete their said railway within sixteen months after the passage of this act, then this act shall be null and void, and no rights whatever shall be acquired under it.




SEC. 18. That no person shall be prohibited the right to travel on any Exclusion from part of said road, or ejected from the cars thereof, for any other cause tban that of being drunk, disorderly, unclean, contagiously diseased, refusing to pay the legal fare exacted, or to comply with the lawful general regulations of the company.

SEC. 19. That each of the stockholders in the said railway company Individual liashall be liable individually for all the debts and liabilities of the said bility. company to an amount equal to the amount of stock held by such stockholder.

SEC. 20. That all the provisions of the act incorporating the Columbia Act incorporatRailway Company, requiring reports of expenditures, earnings, and ing Columbia Railotherwise, shall be applicable to the company herein incorporated, which way Company ap

plied. sball make reports as in said act required.

Approved, March 3, 1875.

CHAP. 162.-An act for the support of the government of the District of Columbia March 3, 1875.

for the fiscal year ending Juue thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That for the support of the Tax on real and government of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending June personal property thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, there shall be levied, upon all real and personal property in said District, excepting only the real and personal property of the United States and that hereinafter stated, a tax of one dollar and fifty cents on each one hundred dollars.

SEC. 2. That the amount collected under the provisions of this act Ap portionment shall be distributed for the purposes required under the various acts in of taxes collected. force in the District of Columbia, upon a just and fair apportionment to be made by the commissioners of the District of Columbia, or their successors in oflice: Provided, That before any of said fund shall be

Advertisement of expended, said apportionment shall be establisbed and published by

apportionment. said commissioners at least six times, consecutively, in a daily newspaper of the District of Columbia ; and said published apportionment shall stand as the law for the distribution of the funds herein mentioned: Provided further, That deficiencies in any of said funds enumerated in Deficiency of one said apportionment may be supplied froin any surplus in either of said fund supplied from funds so apportioned; but, unless a surplus exists, the revenues belong. suplus of another. ing to one fund shall not be applied to the purposes of any other fund.

SEC. 3. That one-half of the tax levied by this act upon real and Installments of personal property sball become due and payable on the first day of tax; when due. October, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, and the other one-half of such tax shall become due and payable on the first day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-six; and in every case where the tax levied by this act shall be paid in instalments as herein authorized, each of Distribution of said payments shall be deemed to bave been made on the several funds installments to

several funds. and for the different purposes indicated in the second section of this act; and an equal pro rata proportion of the payments so made shall be carried to the credit of the respective funds.

SEC. 4. That if one-half of the tax herein levied upon the real and Delinquent inpersonal property taxed by this act shall not be paid on or before the stallments to sevfirst day of October, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, said instalment eral funds. shall thereupon be in arrears and delinquent; and there shall be added, to be collected with such taxes, a penalty of two per centum upon the amount thereof on the first day of each succeeding month until payment of said instalment and penalty. And if said instalment shall not be paid on or before the tirst day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy: six, together with the one half of said original tax due on or before said first day of April, a like penalty shall be added on said last one-half of such tax; and the whole together shall constitute the delinquent tax on Delinqnent tox. such part or parcel of land, to be dealt with and collected in the manner

prescribed by law. Tax-list.

SEC. 5. That it shall be the duty of the collector of taxes in said Dis. trict to prepare a complete list of all taxes, on real property upon which

the same are assessed, in arrears on the first day of May, eighteen bunAdvertisement of dred and seventy-six; and he shall, within ten days thereafter, publish tax-list.

the same, with a notice of sale, in the regular issue of a daily newspaper published in said District, to be designated by the commissioners of the District or their successors in office as hereinafter provided, once a week for three successive weeks, giving notice that if said taxes due, together with the penalties and costs that may have accrued thereon, shall not be paid prior to the day named for sale, the property will be sold by the said collector at public auction, at the south front of the court-bouse

in the city of Washington on the second Tuesday of June following, beSale for taxes. tween the hours of ten o'clock, A. M. and four o'clock, P. M..of said day to

the bighest bidder or bidders. Upon the day specified aforesaid the collector shall proceed to sell any and all property upon which such taxes remain unpaid, and continue to sell the same every day until all the real property as aforesaid shall bave been brought to auction. Immediately after the close of the sale, upon payment of the purchase-money he shall issue to the purchaser a certificate of sale ; and if the property shall not be redeemed by the owner thereof within two years from the day of sale, by payment to the collector of said District, for the use of the legal

holder of the certificate of the amount for which it was sold at such sale, Deed to pur- and fifteen per centum per annum thereon, a deed thereof shall be given chaser,

by the commissioners of the District, or their successors in office, to the purchaser at the tax-sale, or the assignee of such certificate, which deed shall be admitted and beld to be a good and perfect title in fee-simple

to any property bought at any sale herein authorized: Provided, That Amount of bid requisite.

no property advertised as aforesaid shall be sold upon any bids not sufficient to meet the amounts of tax, penalty, and costs; but in case the highest bid upon any property is not sufficient to meet the taxes, .penalty, and costs thereon, said property shall thereupon be bid off by the said commissioners, or their successors in office, in the name of the District of Columbia; and if within two years thereafter such property is not redeemed by the owner or owners thereof, by the payment of the taxes, penalties, and costs due at the time of the offer of the sale, and ten per centum per annum thereon, a deed for said property shall be made to

said District, as in cases of individual purchasers : And provided also, Persons under That minors or other persons under legal disability be allowed one year legal disability.

after such minors coming to, or being of, full age, or after the removal of such legal disability, to redeem the property so sold, or of which the title has, as aforesaid, become rested in the District of Columbia, from the purchaser or purchasers, his, her, or their heirs or assigns, or from the District of Columbia, on payment of the amount of purchase-money so paid therefor, with ten per centum per annum interest thereon as aforesaid, and all taxes and assessments that have been paid thereon by the purchaser, or his assigns, between the day of sale and the period of such redemption, ten per centum per annum interest on the amount of such taxes and assessments, and also the value of improvements which may have been made or erected on such property by the purchaser or by the District of Columbia, while the same was in his, her,

or their, or its possession. Collector's re

SEC. 6. That the collector of taxes, immediately after he shall have made port.

sale of any property as aforesaid, sball file with the comptroller a written report, in which he shall give a statement of the property advertised and the property sold, to whom it was assessed, the taxes due, to whom sold, the amount paid, the date of sale, the cost thereof, and the

surplus, if any, and the lands so as aforesaid sold to the District. Any Surplus.

surplus remaining, after collection of taxes, penalties, and costs on any real estate, shall be deposited by the collector of taxes to the credit of the surplus fund, to be paide to the owner or owners, or their legal representatives, in the same manner as other payments made by the District of Columbia.

SEC. 7. That when the instalment of one-balf of the taxes on personal Distraint of property so as aforesaid due and payable on or before the first day of goods, &c., for perOctober, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, shall not be paid on or sonal-property tax. before said date, or when the remaining instalment shall not be paid on or before the first day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, thelb, and in either such event, the collector of taxes may distrain sufficient goods and chattels found within said District, and belonging to the person, persons, association, firm, or corporation, charged with such tax, to pay the taxes remaining due under the provisions of this law from such persons, firm, association, or corporation, together with the penalty thereon and the costs that may accrue; and thereupon said col.

Advertisement. lector shall immediately proceed to advertise the same, by public notices posted in front of the court-house and in the office of said collector, and by advertisement three times for one week in some daily newspaper published in said District, as hereinafter provided, stating the time when and place where such property shall be sold, the last publication to be at least six days before the day of sale ; and if the taxes and penalty thereon for which such property shall have been distrained, and the costs and expense which shall have accrued thereon, shall not be paid before the day fixed for such sale, which shall be not less than ten days after the taking of such property, the collector shall proceed

Sale. to sell, at public auction, in front of the court-house, to the highest bid. der, such property, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay said taxes, penalty, and accrued costs and expense of such distraint and sale. The collector of taxes shall be allowed, for making such distress Collector's fees. and sale, the same fees as are now by law allowed to the marshal of said District for making levy and sale of property under execution. Said collector shall report in detail every such distress and sale, in writ

Report. ing, to the commissioners of the District, or their successors in office; and his accounts, in respect of every such distress or sale, shall forthwith be submitted by him to the accounting officers of the District and audited by them. Any surplus resulting from sucb sale shall be paid Surplus. into the treasury of the District, and, upon being claimed by the owner or owners of the goods and chattels, shall be paid to him.

SEC. 8. That the property exempt from taxation under this act shall Property exempt be the following and no other, namely: First, bouses for the reforma. from taxation. tion of offenders, alms-houses, buildings devoted to art or belonging to institutions of purely public charity; church buildings, and grounds actually occupied by such buildings; houses to improve the condition of seamen or soldiers; free public library buildings and cemeteries; secondly, the lands or grounds appurtenant to any said house or building, so far as reasonably needed and actually used for the convenient enjoyment of any said house or building for its legitimate purpose and no other; but if any portion of any said building, house, grounds, or cemetery so in terms excepted is used to secure a rent or income, or for any business purpose, such portion of the same, or a sum equal in value to such portion shall be taxed against the owner of said building or grounds; thirdly, such property as is now exempt from taxation by the laws of the United States; fourthly, goods, chattels, and other personal property owned by persons domiciled in said District, but whose legal resi. dence is out of said District, and which property is taxed elsewhere; fifthly, the stock (so far as the individual owner is concerned) of any corporation which is taxed on its capital in said District; sixthly, all property exempt by law from execution, including all libraries or books in use and not held for sale, not over the value of five hundred dollars, and all household, store, shop, or office furniture, or tools, not held for sale, not over the value of five hundred dollars. Sec. 9. Tbat from the assessed value of the credits only of any per

Deduction for

debts, son there shall be deducted the amount of any valid and bona-fide debt or debts, which any such person shall individually and absolutely owe,

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