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only in payment for the expenses of that year. And a full report of the Report. receipts and expenditures in connection with the said telegraph-lines shall be made quarterly to the Secretary of War through the Chief Signal Officer. And the Chief Signal Officer shall bave the charge and Chief Signal Officontrol of said lines of telegraph in the construction, repair, and opera- cer to bave control. tion of the same. And so much of this appropriation as may be necessary, not to exceed thirty thousand dollars in all, sball be used in con- Telegraph-line structing a telegrapb-line from Fort Marcy to Fort Bayard, in New- from Fort Marcy to Mexico, and from Fort Bayard to Camp Grant, in Arizona.

Fort Bayard and

Camp Grant. NORTHERN AND NORTHWESTERN LAKES. For continuation of the survey of northern and northwestern lakes,

Continuing surone hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

MISCELLANEOUS OBJECTS. For geographical surveys of the Territories west of the one hundredth Geographical sur: meridian, forty thousand dollars.

veps of Territories. For engraving and printing the plates and atlas-sheets accompanying Plates and atlasthe reports of the geograpbical surveys west of the one hundredth sheets. meridian, twenty thousand dollars.

To pay John M. Burns, contestee, expenses in contested election case Contested elecof Burns vs. Young, tenth district of Kentucky, two thousand one hun. tion cases. dred and sixty-four dollars and sixty-five cents.

John M. Burns. To pay Andrew Sloan, contestant, expenses, case of Sloan vs Rawls, Andrew Sloan. first district of Georgia, two thousand pine hundred and twenty-two dollars and ten cents. To pay Benjamin F. Martin, contestant, expenses, case of Martin vs

Benjamin F. Mar

tin. Hagans, second district of West Virginia, pine hundred and eighty-one dollars and eighty-five cents

To pay John J. Davis, contestee, expenses, case of Wilson vs Davis, John J. Davis. first district of West Virginia, one thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars and fifty cents.

To pay Benjamin Wilson contestant, expenses case of Wilson vs Benjamin Wilson. Davis, first district of West Virginia, one thousand and fifteen dollars and ninety-one cents.

To pay J M. Hagans, contestee, expenses, case of Martin rs Hagans, J. M. Hagans. second district of West Virginia, nine hundred dollars.

To pay M. L. Bell contestant, expenses, case of Bell vs Snyder, second M. L. Bell. district of Arkansas, three thousand dollars.

To pay 0. P. Snyder, contestee, expenses, case of Bell vs Snyder, 0. P. Snyder. second district of Arkansas, three thousand dollars.

To pay Thomas M. Gunter, contestant, expenses, case of Gunter vs Thomas M. GunWilshire, third district of Arkansas three thousand' dollars

ter. To pay John D. Young, contestee, expenses, case of Burns vs Young, John D. Young. tenth district of Kentucky, one thousand five hundred and eighty-two dollars.

To pay L. C. Gause, contestant, expenses, case of Gause vs Hodges, L. C. Gause. first district of Arkansas, three thousand dollars.

To pay Asa Hodges, contestee, expenses, case of Gause vs Hodges, Asa Hodges. first district of Arkansas, three thousand dollars.

To pay C. Y. Thomas, contestant, expenses, case of Thomas vs Davis, C.Y. Thomas. fifth district of Virginia, seven hundred and seventy-three dollars and seventeen cents

Provided, That no sitting member who shall be unseated before the Proviso, espiration of Congress shall be entitled to the benefit of this appropriation.

That so much of section thirty-eight of the Revised Statutes as R. S., 38, p. 6, re*requires the Clerk of the House of Representatives to omit from the pay. pealed in part. roll of Representatives and Delegates elect to Congress those holders of legal certificates whose election he may be notified will be contested be, and the same is hereby repealed.

p. 367.


Bounty, prizo- For collection and payment of bounty, prize money and other claims ironey, &-c., of col; of colored soldiers and sailors ; salaries of agents and clerks; rent of ored soldiers and sailors.

office; fuel, lights, stationery, and similar necessaries; office furniture and repairs; transportation of officers and agents, telegraphing and

postage, seventy five thousand dollars. Bounties to sail

For the payment of bounties to sailors and marines under existing ors and marines.

laws, fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Official records For continuing the publication of the official records of the war of of war of the rebel- the rebellion, both of the Union and Confederate armies, fifty thonlion.

sand dollars; which shall be available from and after the passage of this act; and where extra services are performed after office hours,

and in addition to other regular duties by the clerks employed upon Extra compensa- this work, they shall be paid such reasonable extra compensation theretion to clerks.

for as the Secretary of War may determine. Military convicts For payment of costs and charges of State penitentiaries for the care, in State peniten- clothing, maintenance, and medical attendance of United States inilitiaries.

tary convicts, confined in them, forty thousand dollars : and the unexAppropriation pended balance of the appropriation made by act of June tenth eighteen for beadstones continued.

hundred and seventy-two, to provide for the erection of headstones 1872, c. 415, v. 17, upon the graves of soldiers in national cemeteries is hereby continued

and rendered available for its original purposes. Bryant and Rog- That the sum of six hundred dollars be appropriated to compensate

Messrs. Bryant and Rogers, architects, for plans and specifications for a military prison prepared and furnished to the United States commissioners on said prison at their request to enable them to complete a report ordered by the War Department in reference to the construction

and cost of said military prison. Commissioner to That the sum of eight thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may attend interna- be necessary be and is bereby appropriated to pay the expenses of the tional penitentiary commissioner appointed by the President under a joint resolution apRes. No. 3, post, 524. proved February sixteenth eighteen hundred and seventy-five to attend

the international penitentiary congress to be held next year at Rome. War iudewnity To indemnify the States for expenses incurred by them in enrolling to States.

equipping and transporting troops for the defense of the United States during the late insurrection, and for arms and muuitions of war taken for said purposes by the United States from States not in insurrection,

two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Dakota volu n- To enable the Secretary of War to pay the claims of the Dakota volteers.

unteer forces, as examined and reported upon by Inspector General

James A. Hardie, United States Army, under the special act of Con1874, c. 32, ante., gress for that purpose, approved February twentieth, eighteen hundred 17.

and seventy-four, the sum of thirty-three thousand nine hundred and eigbty dollars and thirty and one-half cents be, and the same hereby is,

appropriated, out of any money in the United States Treasury not Proviso. otherwise appropriated : Provided, however, That the proper accounting

oflicers of the Treasury shall further examine, pass upon, and approve said claims in the same manner as was provided for the adjustment of the Montana war-claims under the act of March third, eighteen hundred

and serenty-three. Military prison, To alter three stone buildings to fit them for the purpose of a military Fort Leavenworth. prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and to build a suitable wall around Proviso.

the building, one hundred thousand dollars; Provided, That the amount

herein appropriated shall be so expended as to complete the work Volunteers of That there is hereby re-appropriated, for the payment of volunteers of Washington and Washington and Oregon Territories, who were engaged in the suppresOregon Territories. sion of Indian hostilities therein in the years eighteen hundred and

fifty-five and eighteen bundred and fifty-six, and for the payment of claims for services, supplies, and transportation incurred in the maintenance of said volunteers, and for horses, and other property lost or

destroyed in said service, as provided for by the act of Congress, 1861, c.70, v. 12, approved March second, eighteen limudreel and, entitled, “An

act to provide for the payment of expenses incurred by the Territories of

P. 198,

p. 621,

Oregon and Washington in the suppression of Indian bostilities therein in eighteen hundred and fifty-five and eighteen hundred and fifty-six”, the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars.

For completing south wing of the State, War, and Navy Depart. State, War, and ments, under the direction of the Secretary of State, fifty thousand Navy Departinents. dollars; and for continuing work on the east wing of the building for the State, War, and Navy Departments, seven hundred thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War.

To enable the Secretary of War to pay George W. Seibert for grading George W. Seistreets and side-walks in front of the United States arsenal grounds in bert. the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, six hundred and fifty-eight dollars ; and to pay Michael Faust for grading and gravelling the same, and in Michael Faust. the vicinity thereto, one thousand and fourteen dollars and ninety-nine cents.

For the completion of the military road from the city of Santa Fé to Military road Ferdinandez de Taos, in the Territory of New Mexico, six thousand, six froin Santa Fé to hundred and forty-four dollars and eighty cents, in addition to the unex

Ferdinandez de

Taos. pended balance of the appropriation made by the act of March third,

Appropri a tion eighteen hundred and seventy-three, which is hereby continued and continued. made available, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of 1873, c. 312, v. 17, War.

The following sums, or so much thereof as may be necessary, are Forts in Texas. hereby appropriated for the purchase of the following sites for forts in the State of Texas, in accordance with the resolutions and recommendations of the board of officers appointed under act of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, entitled “An act to provide for the 1873, c. 296, v. 17, purchase, by the Secretary of War, of land for the United States for the p. 614. sites of forts and military posts:" Fort Brown, twenty-five thousand Fort Brown. dollars; Fort Duncan, ten thousand dollars; Ringgold Barracks, ten

Fort Duncan. thousand dollars : Provided, That before the payment of the money racks.

Ringgold Barhereby appropriated, good titles shall be made to the United States for

Proviso. such land as contemplated by said act and said report; and vo more than the amount appropriated shall be paid for such sites. And the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to accept for the United States, and free of expense to the same, a conveyance of the site of Fort McIntosh.

Fort McIntosh, And the Congressional Printer is hereby authorized to print and bind five thousand additional copies of the Medical and Surgical History of Medical and Surthe War of the Rebellion; one thousand of which shall be for the use gical History of of the Senate, three thousand for the use of the House of Represents the War of the Reatives, and one thousand for distribution by the Surgeon General of the Army; and the Surgeon General is hereby authorized to continue on duty in his office the Acting Assistant surgeons now employed on said bistory until the end of the next fiscal year.

For the construction of a pedestal for an equestrian statue, to be fur- Pedestal for vished by the association hereinafter named, of Major General James B. equestrian statuo McPherson, who was killed at the battle of Atlanta, twenty-five thou- B. McPherson. sand dollars : Provided, That the design of said pedestal shall be ap

Proviso. proved by the Secretary of War, the officer in charge of public buildings Design to be apand grounds, and the corresponding secretary of the Society of the Army proved. of the Tennessee, or a majority of them: And provided also, That it Proviso. shall be erected in Scott Square in the city of Wasbington, on or near To be erected in its centre, the ground of which shall be adapted to such erection by the Scott Square, &c. discontinuance of the carriage way connecting Vermont avenue now running through said square, and said square shall be hereafter known as McPherson Square. To enable the Secretary of War to acquire a full and perfect title to

Brady collection the "Brady collection of photographs of the war," and to secure by pur- of photographs of chase the remainder now in the possession of the artist, twenty-five the war. thousand dollars.



Buildings and Improvement, repair, and care of public grounds : Of public buildings, grounds in and grounds, and works in the District of Columbia, under the direction of around Washing the Chief of Engineers : ton.

Grounds south For filling the ground south of the Executive Mansion, ten thousand of Executive Man

dollars. siou.

Sub-draining, For sub-draining, and repairing, and re-gravelling the walks and roads &c.; Smithsonian of the Smithsonian grounds north of the building, and for moving trees grounds.

and construction of fountains, ten thousand dollars. Reservation be- For completing the improvement of reservation between Third and tween Third and Sixth streets, as per plan, ten thousand dollars. Sixth streets.

Reservation on For filling and grading reservation on Maryland avenue, lately occuMaryland avenue.

pied by the Agricultural Department, eight thousand dollars. Green-houses and For ordinary care of, and extension to, green bouses, and propagating propagating-gar- garden, three thousand dollars. dens. L a fa yotte

For ordinary care of Lafayette Square, two thousand dollars. Square. Removal of fences For removal of fences on the eastern and western sides of the Agrifrom Agricultural cultural grounds during the present fiscal year, one hundred dollars. grounds. Fences.

For appual repair of fences, two thousand dollars. Manure.

For manure and hire of horses, and carts, eight thousand dollars. Painting iron

For painting iron fences, four thousand dollars. fences. Seats.

For care and repair of seats, one thousand dollars. Tools.

For purchase and repair of tools, one thousand dollars. Trees and tree- For trees, tree-boxes, lime, and whitewashing, five thousand dollars. boxes.

Snow and ice. For removing snow and ice, one thousand dollars.

Flowers and For flowers, pots, twine, wire, and for Italian lycopodium, one thou-
flower-pots, &c. sand dollars.
Trees and plants. For purchase of young trees and plants for nursery, and care of same,

two thousand dollars.
Tree-markers. For tree warkers and marking the same, one hundred dollars.
Sparrow cages. For making cages and boxes for sparrows, five hundred dollars.

For abating nuisances, one thousand dollars.
Ailanthus-trees, For removing ailanthus-trees from the public grounds condemned by

the board of health, five hundred dollars. Fountains.

For care of and repair to, the various fountains, one thousand dol

lars Reservation No.3. For completing the improvement of reservation numbered three, (Mon

ument Grounds,) as per plan, twenty thousand dollars. Relaying curb, For taking up and relaying carb and flag south of the Executive &c., south of Ex- Mansion, one thousand five hundred dollars. ecutive Mansion.

Cutting down For cutting down embankment on the nursery, one thousand two nursery embank- hundred and fifty dollars. ment. Fountain south

For repairing fountain south of the Executive Mansion, and for copof Executive Man- ing and centre piece for same, three thousand dollars. sion.

Fountains and For fountains and watchman's lodge in Judiciary Square, five thouwatchmen’s lodges sand dollars. in Judiciary Square.

Seats for public For purchase of three hundred seats for the public grounds, two grounds.

thousand four hundred dollars. Improving res- For improving various reservations, fifteen thousand dollars. ervations.

Executive Man- For the Executive Mansion, as follows: For repairs, ten thousand sion.

dollars; for refurnishing, ten thousand dollars; for fuel for the same and for the green-houses, five thousand dollars ; for care of, and necessary repairs to, the green-houses, five thousand dollars.

For lighting the Capitol and the Executive Mansion, namely: For Lighting Capitol

and Executive gas, thirty five thousand dollars; for pay of lamp-lighters, gas-fitters, Mansion. plumbers, plumbing lamps, lamp-posts, matches, material for the electri cal battery, and repairs of all kinds, fifteen thousand dollars.

For new chandeliers for the corridors and passages of the House of Chandeliers for Representatives to correspond with those in the Senate, five thousand House of Repro

sentatives. dollars. For fuel for watchmen’s lodges, and for the green-house at the propa- men's lodges and

Fuel for watchgating-garden, one thousand dollars

green-house. For repairing and extending water-pipes, purchase of apparatus to Water-pipes. clean them, and for cleaning the springs that supply the Capitol, Executive Mansion, and War and Navy Departments, ten thousand dollars.

For annual repairs of bridges, such amount is hereby appropriated as Bridges. may be turned into the Treasury from the sale of the old Anacostia bridge, on the completion of the new bridge.

Washington aqueduct: For engineering, maintenance, and general Washington repairs, fifteen thousand dollars; for building an iron truss-roof and for aqueduct. furnishing and setting galvanized-iron cornice on the gate-house at Great Falls, three thousand dollars: Provided, That the lands belonging Proviso. to the United States and lying around the receiving-reservoir shall here. after be controlled in connection with the Washington Aqueduct, and shall be under the charge and control of the officer in charge of said aqueduct: And provided further, That the chief engineer is hereby Proviso. directed to notify the Washington and Georgetown Railway Company to remove their railway track from the Washington aqueduct bridge over Rock Creek, within one year from the date of said notice; and said company shall make such removal within the year aforesaid, and have the right to lay their tracks along Twenty-sixth street from Pennsylvania avenue to M street north, and thence along M street into Georgetown, to connect with their tracks on Bridge street; and said chief engi. neer may establish and publish regulations prohibiting the passage of heavily loaded wagons and carriages over said bridge.

For removing embankment and opening an alley along the west end Seventeenth and of the building, corner of Seventeenth and F streets, nine hundred dol. F streets. lars.


For the naval station at New London : For la bor, materials, and erec- New London. tions, forty thousand dollars

For the navy-yard at Pensacola, Florida: For continuing the rebuild- Pensacola. ing of the repairing.dock, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

For the navy-yard at Mare Island, California : For continuation of Mare Island. begun work, two hundred thousand dollars.

For the navy-yard at League Island: For the continuation of work League Island. and removal of property from the Philadelphia navy-yard, two hundred thousand dollars; which sum shall be available from and after the passage of this act. Provided, That the Secretary of the Navy, the Secre- Proviso. tary of the Treasury, the Chief Engineer of the Army, and the chairman of the board of revision of taxes of the city and county of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania, are hereby created a commission Commission to for the purpose of making sale and conveyance of all the lands, docks, sell lands, docks, wharves, real property and appurtenances, rights, interests, and privi. &. of Philadel

phia navy-yard. leges of the United States included within the limits of, and known as the navy-yard in, the city of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania; that for the purpose aforesaid, they shall, if they think best for the public interest, have the said property divided into lots or plots, and laid out into blocks and streets, conforming, as far as the interests of the Government will permit, to the blocks and streets of the said city in the vicinity of the said pavy-yard ; and they shall have the said property fairly appraised in such lots or portions as they think best, and shail Appraisal. have power to sell the same, or any postion thereof, at public auction,

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