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Ireland ......

Obio College...4:19:


!! Ingri: L107 91'3 &ioribunt


New Publications' 20.90



Relig. Com. –The Pensioner.. 1 RELIG. INTEL.- Tract Society of

ÓD I John y.7...

con 1211

Posture in Liturgical Services.


Family Sermon on Psalm'cix. 59' '12 American Missions

Bib. CritProy, XXV. 20 ... 17


Society for Female Servants.. 126

MISCEL.–Negro Slavery, No, V. Pub. AFF.-Spain. da ::2... 127

Missionaries in



Tisdal's Testament: ...

Pablications in Chiurches vo.... 26


Patronage of New Churches:. 270 Ecclesiastical Preferments 2006


ib:os 2919 20

Rev, or-Immoral Practices in

NUMBER HI. ! beide

28 'Relig. Com. -Memoir of G. Grant, ait
Faberi on the Patriarchal, &c.

Dispensations, con

83 Serials New Testamento 10

T Cain, :y Tuo Seripture illustrated, No. 1. 20:12
pile Offenders idi.

Clerical Injunction assosida 74312
BG, on


Backland's Reliquiwa!.78 ob 21:46 Fime nei nostrine Psalm xxi. 1. Idad!

Condensation of Gases ib.del. 147 Postures 16 Prayer: V 14819

Stomach Pump Steam

ort-MasCÉL-Negro Štaveryy No. 111.000

Insurrections in othel West 108210


Soldiers' Libraries b2..doon 51 Rev.or-Pranklin's Narrative (conjoarib

fion-Ancient Minute".

:9:19.at9i153 yi

RELIG. INTEL. +Ohio College, 16.04 62Maebeth on the Sabbarwrz.aldo 48903

Female Education in India

PÚB. AFP,-- United States

162 Laden, on iber

* *0101-I8103

West Indies...rir.070..... 64

Thartel-Revenuejido....dows 1:68:12 Copper

hinna tu in ww

Bull Pc


Vaccination, Bust bf Grkoois oti!

RELIG. COM.2 Memoir of Cliarles

ville Sharp

Grant, Esq.1.16.00 ........ 69 Gerinany-Tubingen University, 1884...


Scripforal Hlustrations, :No. IX. 76' Switzerland - Le Simplon

Family Sermon on 1. Corxiv, 1., 811, L. Monks of St. Bernard pob


Deacons officiating

Sweden Erti Remarkables Manu.16 9'N


i Jasorrection in Demetara iriga

Russia --Prize Subjest bibanos. 28.12


Qrigin of Charitable Societies .. 93b Greeceul Classics.

Religious Novels

von 94 Syria Coat discovered


REV. OF--Bishop Jebb's

Franklin's Narrative

Sierra Leone its Agriculture and in

$ Charge : 96


... ib. io

Lit. INTELO New Works Cam

Native Superstitions

bridge-Appuitauti Society dung p** Steam Boat:...


France-Egyptian Mommy

...... 119

New Publications


Russia-Greek Classics

RELIG, INTEL -Ceylonese Super tu 1

... 1867%

United States Population, Me.


thodismg Colleges, & ceaan.odtib, bəsociety for Poor Clergy

América :1883

Tarjary-CalmucMoral Code and 1sd: Hub: Afr.#France life1991



Cochranette 120. in 86792

India --Public Instruction, savo hoitsiyane si Changerys South Amnes ferova
ings Banks abrasaskev.bos ibobsBeclesiastical Prefermente.

Inies ni vllodw gd Jone yer a'isovasta tsitam JS9002

Foreign W

SUS Sofugio

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Education in India and ..., 332

RELIG. COM.Bishop Beveridgel 201 College in Ohio....... sid. 333

1 John v.7. 06....

208 PUB.AFE-Spain.. boobs.w334

I Early. Translations of the Scrip. Portugal.lo deset....Tot ib.

810 tures

:846560.41260209 Si Sir.C.M.Carthy. - lgeland Mar. 7

0Sprinkling in Baptism lagu A10, 211 riage. Billo Salt. Duties-SanT

Family Sermon on Rom. iv. 4,5. 212 Dat iogs Banks, &c.Lord Bgron Jib.

MECELNegro Slavery, No.VII. Ecclesiastical Preferments... 336

Insurrections in West Indies 217


Instrueting Deaf and Dumb... 226 omini) NUMBER VI.Jan'1'1

Rev. OkMigault's Narrative bode 229 RELIG. INTEL-Scripture Parallelism 337

Faber's Treatise (continued). -6 212 «! Family Sermon onJob.xxii:211723 343

Lit. INTEL New Works Cam-

Scriptore iUnstrated, No.Id 1 347

bridge-M‘Adam Process, &c.'? Scriptural Illastrationeq.wo. 349

di --RoastedRveCaptaio Parcy 259 On James ii. 14. 9.54.1850

Russia... Chinese Language b. 260 1. On Matt. v.43.119.n**!ib.

Frances Theatrical Mania sun'ib. American Episcopal Ordination 351

Switzerland--Modern Greek ib. Miscel-Negro Slavery, No. X.-

12Unitedstatest Public Schools,&č. nba The Driving System ......


S Mexico Mendicity Society. ......... 360

El Indian Malay Press, i.

Sporting Habits**.


La List of New Publications vodovo-ib. [ Clerical Recreations de 1862

RELIG. INTEL-Christianity in Tae Episcopal Chapels c... vbi 363

hini .dood...kor.....

262 Rev.or--Memoirs of Howard .. ib.

American Episcopal Chorchrod! 263 Cunningham's Morning Thonglets 384

T'North-Anerican Indians, d. 01. 264 LIT. INTEL.-New Works..... 391

1 School forClergymen's Daughters.lib. Angersteini Pictures +Chinese

Language-Irish Education-

Parliamentary Proceedingsi; i Reblia Got Mechanics'. Institution, celo, 392

di duction of Stock; Alien Aetails France-Bulletin Universeloes393

Irish Measures', Smith faló vib. Italy-Pompeii i wodacébo jb.
ORITUARY.-- Rev. J. W. Abdvibed 269 Russia-Novogovod Fair, ...

isqe vidi -- 118.did Cape of Good Hope+- Population ih.
ül...... • NUMBER V., 1971)

India Caves of Elora; Burning
RELIG. COM. Defence of Mr. Cecib 973 Ti of Widows......wb.scerib.
Scriptural Illustrations, No. X. - 276 New Publications .... t. 595
Early English Translations of the REL.INTEL-Prayer-book and Hon

Scriptures WAV.T. ... 278 amily Society .....come sib.
1 Jóhow to mWGrv...26.1.. 282 Society for promoting Christian vil
Family Sermón on Zepts. liii.2..3 283 * Knowledge interna w... ib.

Lyttleton on Human Reason.diu 287 Native Fenale Education in India 346

MISCE2 Negro Slavery, No. Xad Calchita Auxiliary iClndeh-Misi

206 --Religions Tostruction of the visionary Society......prom ili.

000 Slavps ...VIDUSD.14...,200 Church building Society, . 397

Female Bible Associations..... 207 Infant School Society


Rev. of Faber on the Three DisM Charities of England SISA ib.
Sin pensations (concluded). **302 l'UB. AFF.-France !!!!!!!

Cormack ov Original Sin, &ca. 319 Portugal...oldwerin bisib.
LIT. INTEILNew AVorks-ofanttia | Parliamentary Proceedings & A!)
0.0 Schools :.**voie..Wowmast326 tainders, impressorenes south

Chinese Librarylist Paul's Ship-.tif e America, Iceland, Smithckie) ib.
:!! wreck-Angerstein's Pietureest! Gold Coast.......... 1399
di Sindemts-Parliamentary ePresil Ecclesiastical Preferments lut.w400
Olominm izjudicialCranesite Holan uc


,Ꮧ Ꮧ Ꮧ Ꮧ ;
di Expedition society of Arts', i See NUMBER. VIL yaljud
di Premium L. Logging Stonesdi Recig. Com--Memoir of de Manila
Darien Canal..7.8.n.iib3271 rohesisam vided. ro


Sweden Schools . . ***Scoopov 1328 Family Semjov on 2 Tluss gjiw5a 2)410

United Staten-Emigration is ib. Psalm cv. 28.-vrstr.r.odian414

Indige Steam Navigation to Arch 2 Kings viii. 18. wwww... 415 )

Do deacon of Calontia aivovaviti ib. Unitarian Trayslation ....... ib,

Thlbetai Papal Missionaries-vous ib. Clerical Educationi 1.6.2. 417

List of New Publications mibnic ib. MiscetGranamar Schools 2602... A19)
Rer. INTEL: --- London Hiberniau und Deaf and Dumb ..... lasio N23

i Society vedovbodo obuwbuix 329 REv. OF=Memoirs of Howard (Cokikuu.'

Publin Edocation • 330 clnded) ««••..&.cbW16493

Merchant Seamen's Bible Society ib. Chalmersis Sermons.webmdland 936

Moraviani Missions bsd2.331 Lit. INTK. New Works+




- Cambridge - Crueltiessto 7 -The Quarterly Review ou

4.? Aninalo .......0010.viss016'451 in Slaveryavaddox 543

4. Watt-Curate'sBook Sale-Lam. 17 20 Trainivg Children to keep the i

di beth Palace-Hannibal LM88.'! Sabbath join


452 18 Charity Bazaars


France-Dupin. Flood


Sports unclerical... nobis 550

GermaiiyJews r.

464 Rev. 08->Benson's Plans of Ser.

*Upited States 0791971

muns, peel! 554

New Publications

ib, Debatel respecting Missionary

RELIG. INTELLSociety for Chris-



tian Knowledge. séridodeb.w.455 es Report of Anti-slavery Society vibs

American Tract Society.. toloo 'ib. | Man's Judgment; a Sermon, by
American Bible Society...ddoldib. Rev. H. Grey.wo...ntivi rili.

Speech of a Tuscarora lidian -* 456 Religious Instruction of Slaves,
1 Moravian Missions 16.61.61.v.lib. 29 by Rev. R. Watsoovib. ib.

Suquay-school Society for Ireland 457 "Immediate, not gradual Abolition lib.
! Mercliane Seamen's Bible Society 460 Debate on the Amelioration of 1

PUB. Art.-South America din-rib. of the Slaves med.denib.

Spain -.....028056.1012136625. ib. Līt.. INTEL-NewWorks siblin 581

Portugal ..1...71706.60..buolib, France; Germany, Italy; Prussia 1582

Italy - Pope's Circırlar, &candror; ib. Norway; Russia; Egspls India,&c.583

India Birman War.. Wow..1461 New South Wales ...1584
Bibles -Navy-Trinidad--Dea:I New Publications id....iib.
| merara-Slave Trade :... 10. 462 Relig. INTLL.Prayer-book, and

- Labourers Wages: o.turbatoww 463 Eos Homily Society orig4199119685

ANTINI-ITX1.11 1 British and Foreign Bible Society 587


i Paris Bible Society nd..6 591

RLLIG. COM.Memoir of de Mal Newfoundland School Society kaib,

rolles (concluded) ...wwwda. 465 Subscription for Mrs. Smith Pe**092
Sancroft's Exhortations ...... 473 American Mission to the Burmeso ib.
Family Sermon on Ephes. iv. Iob: 475 Wesleyan Missions in the West

Misceli-Negro Slavery. No. XI.-- / + Ý: Indies , , 5.6. 1,"PA'T 393

"Slaves better off ihan British) Pub. AFF.-France; Spain


Peasantry!".07.600...ordob1879 Greece; Mexico 6....... 595

Deat aud Dumbrudd. 187 & Domestic i*

Kev.os-Wilson's Letters from any Bcelesiastical Prefermento (wompie 2505

Absche Brothers 18.16.6666 498 siis to see T 4-iyul ylis'i
Remains of A.-L. Rossd-i3.c.div ib. Bit? .....NUMBER X.wo

Rev. For Røv.* Quarterly Reviem na RELIG, INTEL.Memoir of Rev. T.LI

on Cowper's Letters lesbord 508 & Cotterill (concluded)htet 597

LIT. INTEOIL New Works Guilden Family Sermon on Psalm xeyil. t603

bul_Herculanenm Siri P.1) On our Lord's anointing the Eyes Data

More, &c. ...... revu 519 of the Blind endogte flee 608

Souod.....11.006.awwaliododoww. 620 Mary Magdalene :::: :::2418, 609

France ..........loodat. ib. Clerical Catechists difpontem 610

United States Society for Comsil Miscelt-Composition of

manities. ama sooverdov.71d.. ibOs Tracts • hereuseme 612
India Saoscrit College.. Hinduo'! Iudian Language of Signs worn 615

College vibradorite reciw.wib 1621 Mistake respecting Lord Byron G!!

New South Wales Topographiist Academical Vestments, :


li cal Discoveriesus bab..sailvo A ib. Rev. Oft Bailey's House of Bonal)
Hotarctic Seas... .iwWojb. Hagetisi

few ib.
New Publieations 1.1.estnisslib The System of Slavery entro ib.

RELIG. INTEL. — Infant School Sumner's Evidence of Christianity 640

Society J7.9342.17...... 522 Benson's Scripture Difficulties at ib.

Charo Missionary Society o...215241 Faber's Difficulties of Infidelityi ib.
Pos. App, France - Austriales LIT. INTEL.New Works ; Georger

Greece South Americas.lv1 627 22lV. Savings Banks32 SIR Howa

466, 628 .eli Davy;(Dr. Bir Clarken Philoen

OBN.-Miss Cunninghain oldukorvi 128 sophical bamp;e Atmosphiegioni

........, Toils1967T9611jigu di Phenomena; Power Looms , 650

(10 ....NUMBER IX. (691191 . France-PrizeQuestion; Oriental (T

Reta Con. Mentdikrof Rev.-Dasein .di Studies; Armenian Todoriprions 667

1. Cotterill. virewall busje -529 Indiai-Calcutta boru:12194.668

Family Seunion on Hosea viii. 130 5354 (Cleylon-Literary Society ?9150e ib.

kom. viii. 18-25.

Now South Walesi Elastinin cib.
Cautions against Super Calvinistr 541 New Publications'190 tritolib.
MISCEL-Negro-Slavery. No. XIXL 111 RELIG, INTBL.-Homily Society, sto $59

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539ر لیا ، ( د ) ...

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National School Society ..

660 RELIG. INTEL.--Church Missionary

American Bible Society

661 Society; New Zealand


New-York African Free-Schools ib. Pub. AFF.-France; Theological
Bombay Native Free Schools .. ib.



PUB.AFF,-France. .Spain..Greece 662 Italy-Episcopal Jurisdiction ...796


.... 663

Germany Afflicting Devastations ib.

Ecclesiastical Preferments

Turkey--Unboly Alliance ...... ib.

South America-Rising Liberties ib.


Domestic - Ireland; Pugilism;
RELIG. COM.-Conversion of Count



665 Ecclesiastical Preferments

...... 800

Family Sermon on Matt v. 20. 674

Biblical Criticisn-Heb. xi, I 677


Religious Intercourse

678 TILLE-PAGE ........

MISCEL.-Modern Female Education 682 PREFACE

Honesty exemplified


CONTENTS .........

Sacred and Profane Music 687 Relig.COM.-Conversion and Death

Infant Schools


of Count Struensee (concluded) 801

Rev. Op-Sumner's Evidences (con- RELIG. INTEL.--British and Foreign


690 Bible Society - Steinkopff's

Benson's Scripture Difficulties

Tour : Cologne; Berg ; Darm-


ib. stadt; Wurtemberg; Boeblin-

Faber's Difficulties of Infidelity

gen; Ebnath ; Zurich; Arau ;


ib. Bern; Basle; Canstadt; Vai-
Fawily Prayers, &c. ....



Lit. InTel.-New Works; Friendly London Society for promoting


718 Christianity among the Jews-

Croopian Lecture; Gas; Digitalis 719 Apuual Report: Funds; Dis-

France-Reformed Church; Pre-

position to Inquiry among Jews;



Issues of Book; Proceedings

America - Literary Property ;

in Holland, Germany, Prussia,

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

.... ib.

Polaud, the Mediterranean, Pa-

New Publications

.. 720 lestine, and India

RELIG. INTEL.-Paris Bible Society ib. Baptist Missionary Society--Se-

Naval and Military Bible Soclety 723 rampore; New College; Cin-

College in Ohio


galese Translation


Regimental Schools

ib. London Missionary Society-South

Female Protection Society



Pub. AFF.-Spain

726 Scottish Missionary Society


ib. Astrachan ; Mirza Moham. Ali 823

Roman Catholic Priesthood, &c.;

American Board of Missions

Fauntleroy ......

727 Alexandria; Rosetta ; Caïro ;

Minïe; Bladia ; Siout; Abutig;


Akmimi Negade; Thebes ;

Relig, Com.--Conversion of Count

Esne ; Kene; Haou; Girge;

Struensee (continued) ...... 729 Tahta; Coptic Church ...... 825

Family Sermon ou John v. 28, 29 735 American Jews' Society-Asylum

Biblical Criticism-Jer. xvii. 9.. 710 for Jews; Auxiliaries, &c. 831

Misapplicatiou of 1 Cor. ii. 9 ib. African Institution-Eighteenth

Old-Testament Doctrine on Re-

Report: Foreign Slave-Trade;


741 Netherlands, Spain, Portugal,

MISCEL.-Nag's Head Consecration 743 France, Sweden, United States;

Clergymen holding SecularOffices 749 Sir Robert Mends; Mauritius . ib.

Charitable Bazaars ... .... 753 Anu-Slavery Society-Report 837

REV. OF-Davies on the Holy Spirit 754 Church Missionary Society
Biddulph ou Divine Influence .. ib. Prison Discipline Society-Ho.
Mortimer on the Holy Spirit. ib. ward; Public Feeling; Prison

Gurney on the Society of Friends ib. Act; Tread-wheel; Labour;

LIT. INTEL.-New Works ........ 791 Improvements in Prisons; Tem-

Oxford; Newspapers ; Logan

porary Refuge; Russian Society 843

Stone; Tapestries; Concert Receipts of Charitable Societies 848


792 Ecclesiastical Preferments


Switzerland-Catholic Pupils ib. INDEX to Essays, &c.


Sweden-- Parish Instructors



Russia--Compass Plates ..... ib.



Burman Empire-White Elephant ib.



New Publications




.... ib.

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For the Christian Observer. out of the very waves, and by which

they are pent up in one vast reser

voir, produce in the mind of him A FEW years since, for the res- who loves to contemplate nature in

toration of my health, I re.. her noblest and richest apparel, a solved to visit the waters of Lake state of the most interested and George, and the country adjacent. delicious feeling. What traveller This section of country is well has passed this way, and did not feel known; for, independently of its himself transported at the sight of neighbourhood to the fort and bat- Rogers' Rock stretching its proud tle-grounds of Ticonderoga, where summit to the sky? Often does the many a warrior bled in our Revolu- stranger, as he is gliding swiftly in tionary struggle, its scenes, in them- his boat down the lake, when he selves, are objects of great interest. comes in full view of this rock, reThe passing stranger can scarcely quest the watermen to rest on their refrain from feeling very sublime oars that he may contemplate its emotions, as he rambles over the sublimity in silence. I can distinctgrounds, ang surveys the ruins of ly recollect my emotions when I the old fort, now almost gone to first saw it. I had heard its story, decay. He cannot well refrain, if and the circumstances which gave he possess a tolerable share of ima. name to it, and fancied I could algination, from calling to his mind most see the bold Rogers, and his the heroes and struggles of other daring followers, descending its steep times. He will fancy he can almost and then icy declivity, with the rabear the savage yell, and see up- pidity of lightning, and the astonishlifted the murderous tomahawk;- ed and blood-thirsty savages, shoutcan almost hear the roar of thunder- ing above on its bleak summit, and ing cannon, and see fall the groups looking down with the keenest vexaof the dying. But grand, awful, tion upon those who so late had and interesting as may be the emo- been their prisoners, and who were tions which imagination and recol- to have been burnt alive on that lection awaken, while recalling the very summit, whence none but themdeeds of days gone by; they can selves would have dared to descend. scarcely transcend those which he It was such scenes that I intended feels, while he surveys the sublime to make my study and delight, as I scenes opened to his view, in every left home, and in two days arrived direction around Lake George. The at the borders of the lake. beautiful transparency of the waters, If any of my readers have passed and the grandeur of the neighbour- from one end of this lake to the ing mountains, which seem to rise other, they may have observed on the

eastern shore, about ten or eleven This affecting narrative was commanicated to the American Christian Spec- miles from the outlet, a little cottator in June 1823. Our readers on both tage. It stands at the bottom of a sides of the Atlantic will thank us for narrow glen, a few rods distant from giving it wider publicity.

the water's edge. A little cove CAIRST. ORSERV. No. 265.

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