Universal History, Ancient and Modern: From the Earliest Records of Time, to the General Peace of 1801 ...


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Página 46 - While he was thus piously employed, he was accosted by an old Roman soldier, who had served under Pompey in his youth. " Who art thou," said he, " that art making these humble preparations for Pompey's funeral 1
Página 49 - Caesar had too much humanity to be pleased with such an horrid spectacle; he turned away from it with disgust ; and, after a short pause, gave vent to his pity in a flood of tears. He shortly after ordered a magnificent tomb to be built to his memory, on the spot where he was murdered, and a temple near the place to Nemesis, who was the goddess that punished those that were cruel to men in adversity.
Página 77 - They soon cut off his head and his hands, returning with them to Rome, as the most agreeable present to their cruel employer. — Antony, who was then at Rome, received them with extreme joy, rewarded the murderer with a large sum of money, and placed Cicero's head on the rostrum, as if there once more to reproach his vile inhumanity.
Página 168 - to grant a man of his quality a few slaves to dress, and undress, and attend him ; but I will perform all these offices, and save you the trouble of a more numerous retinue." Her fidelity, however, could not prevail. She therefore hired a fisherman's bark, and thus kept company with the ship in which her husband was conveyed, through the voyage. They had an only son, equally beautiful and virtuous.
Página 36 - Roman nobility, valued themselves much upon their beauty, and dreaded a scar in the face more than a wound in the body. He lastly placed the little cavalry he had so as to cover the right of the tenth legion, Ordering his third line not to march till they had received the signal from him.
Página 66 - Caesar was killed in the fifty-sixth year of his age, and about fourteen years after he began the conquest of the world. If we examine his history, we shall be equally at a loss whether most to admire his great abilities or his wonderful fortune. To pretend to say, that from the beginning he planned the...
Página 166 - However, she was not less remarkable for her cruelties than her lusts, as by her intrigues she destroyed ' many of the most illustrious families of Rome. Subordinate to her were the emperor's freedmen ; Pallas, the treasurer; Narcissus, the secretary of state ; and Callistus, the master of the requests. These entirely governed Claudius, so that he was only left the fatigues of ceremony, while they were possessed of all the power of the state.
Página 37 - You are engaged in the defence of liberty, and of your country ; you are supported by its laws, and followed by its magistrates ; you have the world spectators of your conduct, and wishing you success ; on the contrary, he whom you oppose is a robber and...
Página 46 - Cornelia shrieked so loud as to be heard to the shore ; but the danger she herself was in, did not allow the mariners time to look on ; they immediately set sail, and, the wind proving favourable, fortunately they escaped the pursuit of the Egyptian galleys.
Página 186 - Its size and splendor will be sufficiently indicated by the following details. Its vestibule was large enough to contain a colossal statue of the emperor a hundred and twenty feet high; and it was so extensive that it had a triple colonnade a mile long. There was a pond too, like a sea, surrounded with buildings to represent cities, besides tracts of country, varied by tilled fields, vineyards, pastures and woods, with great numbers of wild and domestic animals. In the rest of the...

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