Roman History, Abridged


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Página 96 - Romans which were slain : upon seeing them all with their wounds before, their countenances, even in death, marked with noble resolution, and a sternness that awed him into respect, he was heard to cry out, in the true spirit of a military adventurer, " O with what " ease could I conquer the world, had I the Romans " for soldiers, or had they me for their king.
Página 20 - However, all the conspirators were now alarmed, and, enclosing him round, he received a second stab from an unknown hand in the breast, while Cassius wounded him in the face. He still defended himself with great vigour, rushing among them, and throwing down such as opposed him, till he saw 'Brutus among the conspirators, who, coming up, struck his dagger into his thigh. From that moment Caesar thought no more of defending himself, but looking upon this conspirator, cried out, " And you
Página 49 - Coriola'nus, who at a distance discovered this mournful train of females, was resolved to give them a denial, and called his officers round him to be witnesses of...
Página 19 - As he went along to the senate, a slave, who hastened to him with information of the conspiracy, attempted to come near him, but was prevented by the crowd.
Página 189 - Such was the end of this gre»t empire, that had conquered mankind with its arms and instructed the world with its wisdom ; that had risen by temperance, and that fell by luxury ; that had been established by a spirit of patriotism, and that sunk into ruin when the empire was becnme so extensive that a Roman citizen was but an empty name...
Página 67 - it was not by proxy that I served you at the battle of Actium.
Página 155 - Cicero being the chief obstacle to all their hopes, Catiline was very desirous to see him taken off before he left Rome; upon which two knights of the company undertook to kill him the next morning in his bed, in an early visit, on pretence of business...
Página 50 - At length, as if roused from his dream, he flew to lake up his mother, who had fallen at his feet, crying out — •" O my mother, thou hast saved Rome, but lost thy son...

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