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Elizabeth and the Church of England.


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Locksley Hall and the Jubilee

January 1887 Notes and Queries on the Irish Demand.

February The Greater Gods of Olympos-1. Poseidon

March The Greater Gods of Olympos-2. Apollo

May Lecky's History of England in the Eighteenth Century June The Greater Gods of Olympos—3. Athene

July Mr. Lecky and Political Morality

August Electoral Facts of 1887 .

September, Ingram's History of the Irish Union

October An Olive Branch from America

November • Robert Elsmere and the Battle of Belief.

May 1838 The Elizabethan Settlement of Religion

July Mr. Forster and Ireland

September ,

November , Daniel O'Connell

January 1889 • Divorce :' a Novel

February . For the Right'

April Italy in 1888–89

May Plain Speaking on the Irish Union

July Phænician Affinities of Ithaca

August Journal de Marie Bashkirtseff

October The English Church under Henry the Eighth

November Memorials of a Southern Planter'

December Electoral Facts of To-day

December The Melbourne Government-its Acts and Persons

January 1890 On Books and the Housing of them.

March Mr. Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth.

November Professor Huxley and the Swine Miracle

February 1891 Letter of Apology to Huxley .

April Electoral Facts, No. 3

September, Ancient Beliefs in a Future State .

October • The Platform: its Rise and Progress'

April 1892 Did Dante study in Oxford ? :

June The Love Odes of Horace—five specimens .


1894 The Place of Heresy and Schism in the Modern Christian Church

August True and False Conceptions of the Atonement

September, Bishop Butler and his Censors

November 1895 Bishop Butler and his Censors (concluded)

December Sheridan


1896 The Massacres in Turkey


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May 28, 1898.

The Editor of THE NINETEENTH CENTURY cannot undertaks

to return unaccepted MSS.


The titles of articles are printed in italics



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Arnold (Thomas), Arthur Hugh

Clough, 105-116
Afghan border tribes, our future policy Arnold-Forster (H. O.), The Army and
towards the, 247-255, 372–375

the Government's Opportunity, 345–
Africa,the prospects of German coloni. 365
sation in, 187–188

Art, influence of fashion on, 377–378
Western, the question between Austria-Hungary and the Ausgleich,
France and England concerning, 466-480

Aged, cottage homes for the, 635-636

BARKING Hall: a Year after,
Aikman (M.), The Microbe in

Agriculture, 994-1001

Barry (Bishop), Breach of Church
Alcester (Lord), anecdote of 38

Law : its Danger and its Remedy,
Allhallowa Barking Church, 841-854 943-956
Amstel (Baronne A. Van), Eléonore Beaconsfield (Lord), the element of

Dolbreuse and Queen Victoria, 625- ambition in his political character,

Andreweg (Lancelot, Bishop), 849-950 Bedford (9th Duke of), letters to Sheri-
Anglo-Afghan Alliance, The Future
of the, 241–249

Bible, The English: Wyclif to Cover.
Animals, the vegetarian's objection to dale, 780-794
slaughtering, 565-568

Biography, why becoming a lost art,
Aristocracy, altered position of the, 755

Birchenough (Henry), The Expansion
Armaments, the World's, The Growth of Germany, 182–191
of, 706–716

Blockades, commercial, 699-705
Army, Do we need an, for Home De. Brantôme, visit of, to England, 593–
fence ? 23-29

The, and the Government's Oppor. Brassey (Lord), The Difficulties and
tunity, 345–365

the Limits of Co-operation, 915-
British, Catholicism of the, 957- 931

British trade in the East, see German
Army reforms, the obstacle to, 1-3; Brookfield (Colonel), The War Office
what are required, 20-21

and its Sham Army, 1-7
the recruiting difficulty in the, 8-10, Bubonic Plague in India, Fighting
14-15, 30-34

the, 1008-1016
- indifference in Parliament to ques. Burghclere (Lord), Specimen of a
tions affecting the, 10

Translation of the Georgics in
the reserve system in the, 11-13, Blank Verse, 448–456

Burlington House, Millais's Works at,
the linked-battalion system in the, 376-388
19-20, 354-355

Buxton (Dr. Dudley W.), Deaths under
alleged needlessness of a, for home Chloroform, 668-675
defence, 23

Byron, The Childhood and School
the depôt system of the, 357-359 Days of, 61-81


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YABINET ministers in bygone ad- Cottage Homes for the Aged Poor,
ministrations, 258

Calonne (Count de), French Officialism, County Council election, the recent,

Canada, Some of the Resources of, Coverdale (Miles), 790-792

Criminals, treatment of, see Prisons
Carnegie (Andrew), The Manchester Bill
School and To-day, 277-283

Croke (Dr.), his breach of Parliament-
Catholicism, The, of the British ary rules regarding strangers, 207
Army, 957-965

Culpeper, Nicholas, 755-763
Caucasus, The, and Tirah, 717-723
Cavalry, War Office meddling with the,

DANTE and Paganism, 301-311
Centenary, The, of '98, 612-624

Decade, the, a society at Oxford,
Cheese manufacture, Canadian, 509– 107

Diet, the so-called 'vegetarian,' 559-
Chesney (G. M.), The Native Press in 560
India, 266-276

- need of a mixed animal and vegeta-
China, The Partition of, 154-164

ble, 561-564
Great Britain's Opportunity in,

- for those of advanced years, 564

Digestion in man and animals, 971-
- Lord Salisbury's Score in, 890-


Diggle (Joseph R.), The Conservative
China, why we should oppose Russia Party and Municipal Elections,
in, 872-873

Chloroform, Deaths under, 515-520, Dolbreuse, Eléonore, and Queen Vic.

toria, 625-632
Death and Torture under, 985– Dublin, A Young Lady's Journey

from, to London in 1791, 795-808
Church ales, 435

Du Cane (Sir Edmund), Do we need
Church, Ancient City, The Romance an Army for Home Defence ? 23-29
of an, 841-854

The Prisons Bill and Progress in
Church Law, Breach of: its Danger Criminal Treatment, 809-821

and its Remedy, 943-956
Churches, parish, the real builders of,

old inventories of, 440-442

Pourri from a Surrey Garden,'
Clough, Arthur Hugh, 105-116

noticed, 637-647
Clubs for working girls, 724-730

East, German versus British Trade
Colonies,'Representation of the, in the

Home Parliament, 855-865

Education, general and technical, es-
Commons, House of, usages of the, 197– plained, 82-90

Education, The Higher, of Women in
Company promoting, 787-739

Russia, 117-134
Compton (Lord Alwyne), The War Elections, Municipal, The Conserca-

Ofice and its Sham Army, 16-22 tive Party and, 604-611
Conservative Party, The, and Munici- Elephants, Among the, 1017-1029
pal Elections, 604-611

Engineering Dispute, The Navy and
Conway (Sir Martin), The Fine-Art of the, 366-370
Living, 1030–1042

England, Parish Life in, before the
Co-operation, The Difficulties and the Great Pillage, 47-60, 431-447
Limits of, 915-931

at War, 171-181
Co-operative dairying, Canadian, 509-

-- a Supplement, by an old Tory,


EARLE (Mrs. C. W.), her Pot.

in the,

[blocks in formation]


England, France and, 521-533

Hallett (Holt S.), The Partition of
England, future policy of, towards China, 154–164
China, 162–164

- Lord Salisbury's Score in China,
- instances of the feasibility of invad- 890-898
ing, 25-27

Harrison (Frederic), On Style in
England's Duties as a Neutral, 693– English Prose, 932–942

Hastings (Warren), trial of, 807-808

Hat, etiquette of the, in Parliament,

Dante and Pagan- 200-202
ism, 301-311

Haymarket opera in 1791, 806
· Financial Relations Commission,' Heaton (J. Henniker), A Postal Utopia,

Sir John Lubbock on the, 284-291 764-779
Fitzgerald, Lord Edward, 214-229 Hoare (H. W.), The English Bible :
Fleet, eleven years' work on the, 535- Wyclif to Coverdale, 780-794

Hobart-Hampden (Lady Albinia), The
Food, chemical elements of, 557-558 Working Girl of To-day, 724-730
- vegetable, compared with animal, Hole (Dean), A Surrey Garden, 637–

Foreign competition in manufactured Hunter (Sir Robert), Places and
articles, 277-283

Things of Interest and Beauty, 570-
Foreign Enlistment Act, 694-696

Foreign Navies, British Ships in, 549– (Miss Marion), Fighting the

Bubonic Plague in India, 1008-1016
A Note on, 866-868

Hurd (Archibald s.), The Navy and the
Foster (Professor Michael), At a Tech. Engineering Dispute, 366-370
nical Institute, 82-90

- British Ships in Foreign Navies,
Fox (Charles James), letters to Sheri. 549-555
dan, 262

Note on the above, 866-868
Fox-hunting and Agriculture, 745-754 Hutton (John), Cottage Homes for the
France and England, 521-533

Aged Poor, 633-636
French Ignorance of English Litera- Huyshe (Bishop), The Reconstruction
ture in Tudor Times, 590-603

of the Diocese of Rochester, 457-465
- Officialism, 230-240
Policy, North-West, A Brief Note INDIA, The Native Press in, 266-
on the, 371-375

- Fighting the Bubonic Plague in,

GARDEN, A Surrey, 637-647

Georgics, Specimen of a Trans- Indian Frontier, The Permanent
lation of the, in Blank Verse, 448– Pacification of the, 250-255

Inquisition, The Methods of the, 389–
German versus British Trade in the

East, 192–196

Ireland, the rebellion of 1798 in, 222–
Germany, The Expansion of, 182–191

Ghosts, Irish belief in, 91-104

the story of, 613-624
Girl, The Working, of To-day, 724- Irish peasantry, ghost ,superstitions of

the, 91-104
Gladstone, Mr., as a Contributor to the 'Isolation, Splendid,' or What ? 869-
Nineteenth Century,' 1043–1046

Gods, The Prisoners of the, 91-104


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Greenwood_(Frederick), England at JERSEX.Countess ot), White Slaves,
HALIBURTON (Sir Arthur) on the

Jessopp (Rev. Dr.), Parish Life in

England before the Great Pillage,
47-60, 431-447

condition of the army, 8

[blocks in formation]


Jonson (Ben), visit of, to Paris, 602 Mason (Professor A. J.), The Romance
Jusserand (J. J.), French Ignorance of of an Ancient City Church, 841-854

English Literature in Tudor Times, Mayo (Earl of), Sir John Lubbock on

the Financial Relations Commis.

sion,' 284-291
EBBEL (T. E.),‘England at War'

Meath (Countess of), The First
-a Supplement, by an old Tory,

Woman's Hospital in Morocco,

King (Mrs. R. M.), Deaths under Chlo.

Meissonier, E., 822–840
roform, 515-520

Mennonites, settlement of, in Manitoba,
reply to, 668-675

Death and Torture under Chloro.

Meysey-Thompson (Sir Henry), The
form, 985-993

Real Grievances of the Uitlanders,
Knowles (J. T.), Mr. Gladstone as a

Contributor to the Nineteenth Microbe, The, in Agriculture, 994-1001
Century,' 1043-1046

Millais's Works at Burlington House,
Kropotkin (Princess), The Higher

Education of Women in Russia,

Miracle plays, 436-438

Monmouth (Humphrey), 848
- (Prince), Some of the Resources of Monroe doctrine, the, 297
Canada, 494-514

Moreing (C. A.), Great Britain's Op.
AUD (Archbishop), 852-854

portunity in China, 328-335

Morocco, The First Woman's Hospital
Layfield (Edward), 850–852
Learning, The New,' correspondence

in, 1002-1007
on Mr. Herbert Paul's paper on,

Murray (Professor Gilbert), letter on

his History of Greek Literature,'

Liberal Party, The, is it in Collapse ?

Note on the North-West Frontier
quisition, 389-405

Policy, 371-375
· Limited-Company' Craze, The, 731- - The Caucasus and Tirah, 717-723

Navy, The, and the Engineering Dis.
Living, The Fine-Art of, 1030–1042

pute, 366-370
London, Deserted, A Walk through, The latest Reconstruction of the,

Louis XIII. witnesses a tragedy per- Navy, the, not to be relied on solely for
formed by English players, 601

home defence, 23-29
Lubbock, Sir John, on the 'Financial
Relations Commission,' 284–291 OFFICIALISM, French, 230-240

Opera, Wanted an, 977-984
(Michael), The Orpen (Joseph Millerd), Representa-
Quaint Side of Parliament,

tion of the Colonies in the Home

Parliament, 855-865
Macdonell (John), England's Duties
as a Neutral, 693-705

PAGANISM, Dante and, 301-311
Mahan's, Captain, Counsels to the Palmer (Arthur V.), A Recruit-
United States, 292-300

ing Sergeant's Suggestions, 30-34
Maitland (J. A. Fuller), Wantedan Palmerston (Lord), bon mot of, 39
Opera, 977-984

Pantheon opera house in 1791, 804,
Manchester School, The, and To-day, 806

Parish Life in England before the
Manchuria, The Future of, 481-494 Great Pillage, 47-60, 431-447
Marston (R. B.), Our Urgent Need of Parliament, The Quaint Side of, 197–
a Reserve of Wheat, 879-889


Lilly (W. S.), The Methods of the In. NAPIER (Lord) of Magdala, A Brief


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