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President--WARREN G. HARDING, Ohio,
Secretary to the President-GEORGE B. CHRISTIAN, Jr., Ohio,
Vice-President-CALVIN COOLIDGE, Massachusetts,


7,500 12,000


12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,00 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000

7,500 5,000 4,500 4,500 4,500 3.000 5,000 4,500

Secretary of State CHARLES EVANS HUGHES, New York,
Secretary of the Treasury-ANDREW W. MELLON, Pennsylvania,
Secretary of War-JOHN WINGATE WEEKS, Massachusetts,
Attorney-General-HARRY M. DAUGHERTY, Ohio,
Postmaster General-HUBERT WORK, Colorado,
Secretary of the Navy-EDWIN DENBY, Michigan,
Secretary of the Interior-ALBERT BACON FALL, New Mexico,
Secretary of Agriculture-HENRY CANTWELL WALLACE, Iowa,
Secretary of Commerce--HERBERT CLARK HOOVER. California,
Secretary of Labor-JAMES JOHN DAVIS, Peansylvania,


Undersecretary--William H. Phillips, Massachusetts,
Assistant Secretary-Leland Harrison, Illinois,
Second Assistant Secretary--Alvey A. Adee, District of Columbia,
Third Assistant Secretary--Robert Woods Bliss, New York,
Director of the Consular Service--Vilbur J. Carr, New York,
Chief Clerk---Ben G. Davis, Nebraska,
Solicitor-Frederick K. Nielsen, Nebraska,
Economic Adviser--Arthur C. Millspa ugh, (Consular Service), Michigan,
Chief, Bureau of Accounts and Disbursing Clerk-William McNeir, District of

Chief, Bureau of Appointments--Miles M. Shard, New Jersey,
Chief. Consular Bureau-Herbert C. Hengstler, Ohio,
Chief, Diplomatic Bureau-Worthington E. Stewart (Acting), Ohio,
Chief, Bureau of Indexes and Archives - David A. Salmon, Connecticut,
Chief, Division of Publications and Editor of the Department-Gaillard Hunt, Vir-

Chief, Division of Far Eastern Affairs -- John Van A. Mac Murray, District of Columbia,
Chief, Division of Latin American Affairs-Francis White, Maryland, (Diplomatic

Chief, Division of Passport Control---Philip Ariams, (Consular Officer), Massachusetts.
Chief, Division of Western European Affairs- -William R. Castle, Jr., District of

Chief, Division of Near Eastern Affairs-Allen W. Dulles, (Diploma iic Secretary),

New York,
Chief, Division of Mexican Affairs-Matthew E. Hanna, (Diplomatic Secretary), Conn.

Chief, Division of Russian Affairs-DeWitt C. Poole (Consular Officer), Mlinois,
Chief, Division of Current Information--Edward Bell, (Diplomatic Secretary), New

(hiet, Division of Political and Econoniic Information--Prentiss B. Gilbert, New York,
Chief, Visa Office-J. Preston Doughton (Consular Officer). Delaware,
Private Secretary to the Secretary--William H. Beck, New Jersey,

3,500 3,000 3,500 2,500 3,500

4,500 4,500

3,625 3,000


3,625 5,000 4,000 4,000 3.500 3,000

Under Secretary in charge of Fiscal Bureaus, Farm Loan Bureau and Secret Service
Division-S. Parker Gilbert, Jr., Nrw Jersey,

7,500 Assistant Secretary in charge of l'oreign Loans, Burenu of Engraving and Printing and Miscellaneous Divisions---Eliot Wadsworth, Massachusetts,

5,000 Assistant Secretary in charge of Public Health Service, Supervising Architect's Off. and Coast Guard--Exlward Cliford, Illinois,

5,000 Assistant Secretary in charge of Internal Revenue Service and Customs Service (Vacancy,)

55.000 Comptroller of the Currenek-D. R. Crissinger, Ohio,

5,000 Treasurer of the United States--Frank White, North Dakota,

8,000 Assistant Treasurer-Frank JF. Thiel, Indiana,

3,600 Deputy Assistant Treasurer-H. T. Tate, Tennessee,

3,200 Register of the Treasury-Harler 1. Spielmar, Ohio,

4,000 Assistant Register of the Treasury-Frank A. DeGroat, Michigan,

2,500 Commissioner of Internal Revenue David H. Blair, North Carolina,

10,000 Solicitor of Internal Revenue-Carl A. Mapes, Michigan,

.5,000 Captain Commandant. Coast Guard-W. E. Reynolds, California,

5,000 Surgeon General, Public Health Bureau-Hugh S. Cumming, Virginia,

6,000 *Arrangert in the order of succession named in the Presidential Succession Act of January 18, 1886. hut the Secretaries of Agriculture, of Commerce and of labor are not included in sald Act. as their departments were made executive departments and the Secretaries (abinet officers after thn naeenge of the Succession Art.

Vice Prill H. Hars, of Indiana, who resigned

Director of the Mint-F. E. Scobey, Texas,
Solicitor of the Treasury-Lawrence Becker, Indiana,
Director, Bureau of the Budget--Herbert M. Lord, Maine,
Assistant Director, Bureau of the Budget ---Royall 0. Kloeber, District of Colunbia,
Meinber, Federal Farm Loan Bureau-Charles E. Lobdeil, Kansas,
Member, Federal Farm Loan Bureau-William H. Joyce, California,
Níember, Federal Farın Loan Bureau-William S. A. Smith, Iowa,
Member, Federal Farm Loan Bureau-Robert A. Cooper, South Carolina,
Director, Bureau of Engraving and Printing --Luis A. Hill, Pennsylvania,
(hief, Division of Appointments-James E. Harper, South Carolina,
(hief Clerk-Wilmer G. Platt, Indiana,
Chief, Division of Bookkeeping and Warrants-M. J. O'Reilly, California,
Chief, Division of Customs--Ernest W. Camp, Michigan,
(hief, Division of Printing and Stationery--Frederick F. Weston, Iowa,
(hief, Division of Loans and Currency-Charles N. McGroarty, Alabama,
Chief, Division of Mail and Files--S. M. Gaines, Kentucky,
(hier, Division of Secret Service-W. H. Moran, District of Columbia,
Disbursing Clerk-John L. Sunimers, Tennessee,
Supervising Architect -(Vacancy),
Comin issioner of Public Debt--William S. Broughton, Illinois,
('ommissioner of Accounts and Deposits-Robert G. Hand, Mississippi,
Superintendent, National Bank Redemption Agency--George 0. Barnes, Pennsylvania,

Salary. $5,000

0,000 10,000

7,500 10,000 10,000 13.00 10,000 6.000 3.000 4,000 4,000 4,500 2,500 3,500 2,500 4,000 3,000 5.000 6,000 6,000 3,500


Assistant Secretary-J. Mayhew Wainwright, New York,
Assistant and Chief Clerk-John C. Scofield, Georgia,
Private Secretary to Secretary of War-John W. Martyn, Massachusetts,
Chief of Staff ---General John J. Pershing, Missouri,
The Adju ant General-Major General Peter C. Harris, Georgia,
Judge Advocate General-Major General Enoch H. Crowder, Missouri,
Inspector General-Major General Eli A. Helmick, kausas,
Quartermaster General - Major General Harry L. Rogers, Michigan,
Surgeon General-Major General Merritte W. Ireland, Indiana,
Chief of Engineers—Major General Lansing H. Beach, Iowa,
Chief of Ordnance Major General Clarence C. Williams, Georgia,
Chief of Bureau of Insular Affairs-Major General Frank McIntyre, Alabama,
Chief Signal Officer--Major General George 0. Squier, Michigan,
Chief of Coast Artillers-Major General Frank W. Coe, Kansas,
Chief of Field Artillery-Major General William J. Snow, New Jersey,
Chief of Militia Bureau-Major General George C. Rickards, Pennsylvania,
Chief of Air Service Major General Mason M. Patrick, West Virginia,
Chief of Infantry-- Major General Charles S. Farnsworth, Pennsylvania,
Chief of Cavalry Major General Willard A. Holbrook. Wisconsin,
Chief of Finance-Brigadier General Kenzie W. Walker, Texas,
Chint of Chemical Warfare Service --Brigadier General Amos A. Fries, Wisconsin,

10,000 1,000 2,500 13,500 8,000 8,000 8.000 8.000 8,000 8.000 8.000 8.000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 Son 6,000 6,00

10,000 9,000

Solicitor-General-James M. Beck, New Jersey,
Assistant to the Attorney General-Guy D. Gofr, Wisconsin.
Assistant Attorney General-William W. Hoppin. New York (in Customs Division,

New York City),
Assistant Attorney General---Robert H. Lovett, Illinois,
Assistant Attorney General --William D. Riter, Utah,
Assistant Attorney General-- John W. H. Crim, New Jersey,
Assistant Attorney General--Albert Ottinger, New York,
Assistant Attorney General-Mrs. Mabel Walker Willebrandt, California,
Assistant Attorney General-Rush L. Holland, Colorado,
Special Assistant to the Attomey General-Warren F. Martin, Pennsylvania,
Solicitor for the Interior Department-Edwin S. Booth, Montana,
Solicitor for the Post Office Department-John H. Edwards, Indiana,
Solicitor for the Department of State--Frederick K. Nielsen, Nebraska,
Solicitor of the Treasury-Lawrence Becker, Indiana.
Solicitor of the Department of Commerce (Vacancy),
Solicitor of the Department of Labor Theodore G. Risley, Minois,
Solicitor of Internal Revenue-Carl A. Mapes, Michigan,
Attorney in charge of Titles-Charles S. Lawrence, Tennessee,
Attorney in charge of Pardons---James A. Finch, New York,
Chief Clerk and General Administration Agent-Sims Ely, Arizona,
Assistant Chief Clerk-Mrs. Julia B. Rishel, Mississippi,
Private Secretary and Assistant to the Attorney General-Katherine J. Carroll, Ohio,
Superintendent of Prisons---Heber H. Votaw, Ohio),
General Agent-John D. Harris, Nebraska.
Chief of Division of Accounts--H. J. McClure, New York,
Appointment Clerk- Charles B. Sornborger, Vermont,
Disbursir.g Clerk-Don O. Fees, Nebraska,
Director, Bureau of Investigation - William J. Burns, New York,
Assistant Director, Bureau of Investigation--J. Arthur Russell, Michigan,

8.000 7,500 7.500 7,500 7,500 7.500 7,500 6,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5.000 5,000 5,000 4,504) 4,200 4,000 3.000 3,600 4,000 3,000 3,000 2,000 2, 750 7.500 2,500


First Assistant Postmaster General-- John H. Bartlett, New Hampshire,
seront Assistant Postmaster General-Paul Henderson, Illinois,
Third Assistant Postmaster General-Warren Irving Glover, New Jersey,
Fourth Assistant Postmaster General-Harry H. Billany, Delaware,
Chief Clerk, Post Olice Department-William M. Mooney, Ohio,
Private Secretary to the Postmaster General-Ebert K. Burlew, Pennsylvania,
Solicitor for Post Omce Department - John H. Edwards, Indiana,
Senior Assistant Attorney-Horace J. Donnelly, District of Columbia,
Purchasing Agent - Thomas L. Degnan, Pennsylvania,
Chiet Inspector-Rush D. Siminons, Wisconsin,
T'ersonnel omcer--Robert S. Regar, Pennsylvania,
Disbursing Clerk- Louis A. Delano, Massachusetts,
Superintendent, Division of Postmasters' Appointments--Lorel N. Morgan, West Vir.


5.000 5.000 5.000 5,000 4,000 2.500 5.000

4.000 4,000 3.200 2,230



$4,000 3,000 2,500 3,000 3,000 4,800 4,000 3,000 3,000 2,250 2,750 2,750 2,500 2,750

Superintendent, Division of Post Office Service - William R. Spilmun, Kansas,
Assistant Superintendent, Division of Post Office Service-Charles F. Trotter, Colorado,
Superintendent, Division of Dead Letters--Charles N. Dalzell, New York,
superintendent, Division of Rural Mails-George L. Wood, Maryland,
superintendent, Division of Equipment and Supplies-George Landick, Jr., Indiana,
Director, Postal Savings William E. Buttington, Pennsylvania,
Tjeneral Superintendent, Division of Rallway Mail Service-Walter H. Riddell, Minois,
Superintendent, Division of Foreign Mails-Edwin Sands, New York,
Superintendent, Division of Railway Adjustments-William E. Triem, Ohio,
Superintendent, Division of Finance-Paul Freeman, Ohio,
superintendent, Division of Stamps-Michael L. Eidsness, Jr., Iowa,
Superintendent, Division of Money Orders-Charles E. Matthews, Oklahoma,
Superintendent, Division of Registered Mails--C. Howard Buckler, Maryland,
superintendent, Division of Classification-William C. Wood, Kansas,

Assistant Secretary-Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, New York,
Judge Advocate General-Rear Admiral Julian L. Latimer, West Virginia,
Solicitor-Pickens Neagle, South Carolina,
Chief Clerk--Frank s. Curtis, Ohio,
Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Robert E. Coontz, Missouri,
Chiet, Bureau of Yards and Docks-Rear Adinilal Luther E. Gregory (CE), Now

Chief, Pureau of Navigation --Rear Admiral Thomas Washington, North Carolina,
Chief, Bureau of Orduance-Rear Admiral Charles B. MeVay, Jr., l'ennsylvania,
Chief, Bureau of Construction and Repair-Rear Admiral John D.

Chiel, Bureau of Engineering-Rear Admiral John K. Robison Micbigan,
Chler, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts-Rear Admiral David Potter (SC), New Jersey,
Chiet, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery-Rear Admiral Edward R. Stitt (MC), South

Cblet, Bureau of Aeronautics-Rear Admiral William A. Moffett, South Carolina,
President, Navy Examining Board and Navy Retiring Board-Rear Adiniral Marbury

Johnston, Georgia,
Director of Naval Intelligence Captain Luke McNamee, Rhode Island,
Superintendent, Naval Observatory-Captain William D. MacDougall, New York,
Director, Nautical Almanac-W. S. Eichelberger, Connecticut,
Hydrographer-Captain Frederic B. Bassett, New York,
Commandant of the Marine Corps Major General Jonn A. Lejeune, Louisiana,

5,000 8.000 4,000 3,000 10,000

8,000 8,000 8,000

9.000 8,000 8,000

8,000 8,000

8,000 0,000 0,000 8,500 6,000 8,000


First Assistant Secretary-Edward O. Finney, Kansas,
Assistant Secretary-Francis M. Goodwin, Washington,
Solicitor for the Department-Edwin S. Booth, Montana,
Executive Administrative Assistant-Charles V. Safford, New Mexic),
Chiet Clerk of the Department-John Harvey, Texas,
Assistant to the Secretary-Morgan R. Brock, District of Columbia,
Private Secretary to the secretary-Harry G. Clunn, Texas,
Commissioner of General Land Office William Spry, Utah,
Commissioner of Indian Affairs--Charles H. Burke, South Dakota,
Commissioner of Pensions-Washington Gardner, Michigan,
Commissioner of Patents—Thomas E. Robertson, Maryland,
Commissioner of Education-John J. Tigert, Kentucky,
Director of the Geological Survey-George Otis Smith, Maine,
Director of Reclamation Service-Arthur P. Davis, Kansas,
Director of the Bureau of Mines-H. Foster Bain, California,
Director, National Park Service Stephen T. Mather, Mlinois,
Chairman and Chief Engineer of Alaskan Engineering Commission- (blonel Frederick
Mears, U. S. Army, Nebraska,


5,000 4,500 5,000 4,000 4,000 2, 750 2,500 5,000 5.000 5,000 6,000 5,000 6,000 7,500 6,000 4,500


5,000 5,000 4,000

Assistant Secretary-Charles W. Pugsley, Nebraska,
Director of Scientific Work-Elmer D. Ball, Iowa,
Administrative Assistant-W. Ashby Jump, Maryland,
Assistant to the secretary in charge of Packers and Stockyards Administration-

Chester Morrill, Tennessee,
Chief Clerk-Robert M. Reese, District of Columbia,
Chief Personnel Officer-Percy L. Gladmon, District of Columbia,
Solicitor-R. W. Williams, Florida,
Chief, Weather Bureau-Charles F. Marvin, Ohio,
Assistant Chiet, Weather Bureau-Charles C. Clark, Pennsylvania,
(blet, Bureau of Animal Industry-John R. Mohler, Pennsylvania,
Chiet, Bureau of Plant Industry-W liam A. Taylor, Michigan,
Associate Chiet, Bureau of Plant Industry--Karl F. Kellerman, Ohio,
Forester, Forest Service-William B. Greely, California,
Associate Forester, Forest Service-E. A. Sherman, Utah,
Acting Chief, Bureau of Chemistry--Walter G. Campbell, Kentucky,
Chief, Bureau of Soils-Milton Whitney, Maryland,
Chief, Bureau of Entomology-Leland Ö. Howard, New York,
Assistant Chief, Bureau of Entomology-Charles L. Marlatt, Kansas,
Chief, Bureau of Biological Survey-E W. Nelson, Arizona,
Assistant Chief, Bureau of Biological Survey-Walter C. Henderson, Montana,
Chiet, Division of Accounts and Disbursements--Almerico Zappone, District of Columbia,
Director, States Relations Service-Alfred C. True, Connecticut,
Chlet, Bureau of Public Roads-Thomas H. MacDonald, Iowa,
Chiet, Bureau of Agricultural Economics---Henry C. Taylor, Wisconsin,
Associate Chlef, Bureau of Agricultural Economics—Leon M. Estabrook, Texas,
Chlet, Division of Publications-John L. Cobbs, Jr., Alabama,
Chairman, Federal Horticultural Board--C. L. Marlatt, Kansas,
Chairman, Insecticide and Fungicide Board-J. K. Haywood, New York,
Librarian-Miss Claribel R. Barnett, New York,
Director, Fixed Nitrogen Research Laboratory-Richard C. Tolman, District of


6,500 3,500 2,520 5,000 5,000 3,250 5,000 5,000 4,500 0,000 4,500 4,500 4,000 5,000 4,500 4,000 4,500 4,000 4,500 6,000 5,000 4,500 3,500 4,500 4,500 2,000



.Issistant Secretary of Commerce Claudius H. Huston, Tennessee,
Priva.e Secretary to Secretary--Richard $. Emmet, New York,
Assistant to Secretary--Paul J. Kruesi, Tennessee,
Private Secretary to Assistant Secretary-- Alfred E. Wild, Jr., District of Columbia.
Confidential Clerk to Secreiary--Mrs. Ettu R. Goodwin, Washington,
Chief Clerk and Superintendeni-E. W. Libbey, District of Columbia,
Disbursing Clerk-Charles E. Molster, Ohio,
Chief of Appointment Division--Cliford ilastings, Washington,
Chief, Division of Publications--Thomas F. McKeon, New York,
Chief, Division of Supplier----I'rancis M. Shore, Ohio,
Director of Census-William M. Steuart, Michigan,
Director, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce-Julius Klein, Massachusetts,
Director, Bureau of Standards-Samuel W. Stratton, Illinois,
Commissioner of Fisheries-Henry O'Malley, Washington,
Comunissioner of Lighthouses-George R. Putnam, Iowa,
Director, Coast and Geodetic Survey-E. Lester Jones, Virginia,
Commissioner of Navigation-David E. Carson, Tennessee,
Supervising Inspector General, Steamboat-Inspection Service-George Uhler, l'ennsyl.


$5,000 2,500 2,750 2,100 1,800 3,000 3.000 2.500 2,500 2,100 7,50) 6,000 6,000 6,000 5,000 4,000



Assistant Secretary-Edward J. Henning, California,
Solicitor--Theodore G. Risley, Illinois,
Chief Clerk-Samuel J. Gompers, New York,
Disbursing Clerk-George W. Love, Illinois,
Commissioner General of Immigration-W. W. Husband, Vermont,
Coneissioner of Naturalization-Richard K. Campbell, Virginia,
Commissioner of Labor Statistics--Ethelbert Stewart, Mlinois,
Chief, Children's Bureau-Miss Graee Abbott, Nebraska,
Director, Women's Bureau-Miss Mary Anderson, Minois,
Director General, United States Employment Service-Francis 1. Jones, New Jersey.
Director of Conciliation-Hugh L. Kerwin, Pennsylvania,
Director of Industrial Housing and Transportation---- Robert Watson. Mussarnaseits,

5,000 5,000) 3,000 3,000 5,000 4,000 5.000 5,000 5.000 3,000 0,000 5,000


Librarian of Congress-Herbert Putnam,
Chief Assistant Librarian--Appleton Prentiss Clark Griffin,
Chief Clerk --Allen Richards Boyd,
Secretary-Jessica Louise Farnum,
Superintendent of Rea ng Room-Frederick W. Ash
Chief of Division of Bibliography-Herman Henry Bernard Merer,
Chief of Card Division-Charles Harris Hastings,
Chicf of Catalogue Division- Charles Martel,
Chief Classifier-Clarence W. Perley,
Chief of Division of Documents-Henry J. Harris,
Chief of Division of Manuscripts-Charles Moore,
Chief of Division of Maps and Charts Phillip Lee Phillips,
Chief of Music Division-Carl Engel,
Chief of Order Division-William Adams Slade,
Chief of Periodical Division-Yale Oldknow Millington, (Acting),
Chief of Division of Prints-Richard Austin Rice,
Law Librarian--Roger Boutell,
Semitic Division-- Israel Schapiro, (in charge),
Slavic Section--Peter A. Speek, (in charge),
Register of Copyrights—Thorvald Solberg,
Assistant Register of Copyrights-William L. Brown,

Library Building.
Administrative Assistant and General Disbursing Oficer-Mrs. liarriet de Kraft Wrendis,
Chief Clerk--Wade H. Rabbitt,

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7,500 4.500 2,300 1,800 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 2.000 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 2.300 2.000 2,000 3,000 1,500 3,000 4,900 3,000

3, ono 2,000



Public Printer-George H. Carter, Iowa,
Deputy Public Printer-John Greene, Massachusetts.
Chief Clerk--Henry H. Wright, New York,
Secretary to the Public Printer-Miss Mary A. Tate, Tennessee,
Purchasing Agent-Ernest E. Emerson, Maryland,
Foreman of Printing-Elwood S. Moorhead, Pennsylvania,
Foreman of Pregswork-Bert E. Bair, Michigan,
Foreman of Binding--Martin R. Speelinn, Missouri,
Foreman of Platemaking--Edward G. Whall, Massachusetts,
Superintendent of Buildings—Walter R. Metz, New York,
Superintendent of Documents-Alton P. Tisdel, Ohio,
Superintendent of Aounts--James K. Wallace, Ohio,

2.750 2.50M) 3,600 3,000 3.00) 3,000 2, 540 3.0 3,500 3,000

Commissioner Chairman, Charles C. Mechord, Kentucky,
CommissionerBalthasar H. Meyer, Wisconsin,
Commissioner-Henry C. Hall, Colorado,
Commissioner Winthrop M. Daniels, New Jersey,
Comissioner-Clyde E. Aitchison, Oregon,
Commissioner-Joseph B. Eastman, Massachusetts,
Commisioner- Mark W. Potter, New York,
Commissioner-John J. Esch, Wisconsin,
Commissioner-Johnston B. Campbell, Washington,
Commissioner-Ernest 1. Lewis, Indiana,
Commissioner-Frederick I. Cox, New Jersey,
Secretary--George B. McGinty, Georgia,

Pay of Relative Rank in Nary of Captain.

12.000 12,00) 12.000 12.000 12,1M2) 12.(0) 12.(0) 12.00) 12,000 12.00 12,00) 7.300

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