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Assistant Bookkeepers-Ralph E. Conrad, Sunbury, Northumberland County.

1420 Regina Street. William C. Plasterer, Shippensburg, Cumberland County.

1420 Regina Street. Miss Opal Wonderly, New Kingstown, Cumberland County. Clerks-Russell Conrad, Sunbury, Northumberland County. 1314 Howard Street, Edward J. Davis, Phoenixville, Chester County.

404 Briggs Street. Mrs. Lillian Ford, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

2129 Derry Street. Stenographers—Morris E. Gregg, 2009 Saint Albans Street, Philadelphia.

402 Broad Street. Mrs. Margaret Russell, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1164 Mulberry Street. Alexander S. King, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

3223 North Sixth Street, Miss Mabel H. Nissley, Hummelstown, Dauphin County.

Miss Anna M. Ulrich, Middletown, Dauphin County.
Multigraph Operator-Miss Ada G. Gilliland, Neffs Mills, Huntingdon County.

2212 Penn Street. Messenger—Milton Snyder, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.


No. 1, Michaux District.
District Forester-John R. Williams, Fayetteville, Franklin County.
Assistant Forester--Herbert M. Nicholas, Fayetteville, Frankin County,
Kangers—C. F. Arnold, Ortanna, R. D. 2, Adams County.

Oscar C. Barbour, Pine Grove Furnace, Cumberland County.
Frank Griffey, Pine Grove Furnace, Cumberland County.
Solomon Hancock, Shippensburg, Cumberland County.
Benjamin Hassler, Fayetteville, R. D. 2, Franklin County.
Elmer F. Hockley, Pine Grove Furnace, Cumberland County.
Harvey Hockley, Pine Grove Furnace, Cumberland County.
Harvey B. Perry, Fayetteville, R. D. 2, Franklin County.

W. E. Perry, Fayetteville, Franklin County.
Stenographer-George C. Stockdale, Chambersburg, Franklin County.

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No. 2, Buchanan District.
District Forester-William L. Byers, McConnellsburg, Fulton County.
1ssistant Forester-Thaddaeus I. Shirey, McConnellsburg, Fulton County.
I ngers-J. V. Carlin, Metal, Franklin County.

Edward H. Smith, Rainsburg, Bedford County.

J. Frank Smith, Chambersburg, R. D. 4, Franklin County.
Stenographer-Norman J. Kerlin, McConnellsburg, Fulton County.

No. 3, Tuscarora District.
Ilistrict Forester-Benjamin D. McPherson, Blain, Perry County.
Rangers-Herman N. Hart, New Germantown, R. D., Perry County.

Leroy Koontz, New Germantown, R. D., Perry County.
Frank P. Sundy, McCrea, Cumberland County.

John H. Ziegler, East Waterford, Erie County.
Stenographer-Lester M. Kern, Blain, Perry County.

No. 4. Rothrock District.

District Forester-Walter Leach, Mount Union, Huntingdon County.
Tung ts-Frank Cunningham, Aitch, Huntingdon County.

J. H. Kauffman, Mattawana, M:Min County.

H. A. Oppel, Mount Union, Huntingdon County.
Stenographer-Miss Verna K. Yocum, Mount Union, Huntingdon County.

No. 5, Logan District.
District Forester-T. Roy Morton, Petersburg, Huntingdon County.
Assistant Forester-William C. Weishaar, Petersburg, Huntingdon County.
Rangers-Robert G. Bailey, Banlsburg, Centre County.

Daniel Benson, McAleysport, Huntingdon County.
George W. Parsons, Neffs Mills, Huntingdon County.

Robert Reitz, Charter Oak, Huntingdon County.
Stenographer-Miss Rebecca Anderson, Petersburg, Iluntingdon County.

No. 6, Penn District.
District Forester-Walter Joseph Bartschat, Milroy, Mimin County.
Rangers-Henry J. Dean, Milroy, Mifflin County.

William F. McKinney, Centre Hall, Centre County.
John Monsell, Reedsville, Mimin County.
Lloyd P. Smith, Spring Mills, Centre County.

William Wirth, Milroy, Mifflin County.
Stenographer-James R. Mingle, Milroy, Mimin County.

No. 7, Karoondinha District.
District Forester-Raymond B. Winter, Mifflinburg, Union County.
Assistant Forester—C. B. Stott, MiMinburg, Union County.
Rangers—David F. Bixell, Loganton, Clinton County.

Daniel R. Harbeson, White Deer, Union County.
William C. Maurer, Paxtonville, Snyder County.
Charles J. Middleswarth, Troxelville, Snyder County.
James Lu Tate, Mi urg, R. D. 2, Union County,
Carl D. Motz, Woodward, Centre County.
Ralph Roadarmel, MiMinburg, Union County.

Leslie M. Stover, Mifflinburg, Union County.
Stenographer-Miss Daisy Smith, Mifflinburg, Union County.

No. 8, Mont Alto District and State Forest Academy.

District Forester and Director-Edwin A. Ziegler, Mont Alto, Franklin County.
Instructors-Willard M. Drake, Mont Alto, Franklin County.

W. H. Horning, Mont Alto, Franklin County
George S. Perry, Mont Alto, Franklin County.
Louis C. Loetzer, Mont Alto, Franklin County.
Coleman J. Harris, Mont Alto, Franklin County.

Roland W. Brown, Mont Alto, Franklin County.
Rangers—Harry L. Thomas, Waynesboro, Franklin County.

Harry W. Staley, Fayetteville, Franklin County.
Stenographer-Miss Ellen Ruth Simmers, Mont Alto, Franklin County.
Matron-Mrs. Charlotte E. Carson, Mont Alto, Franklin County.

No. 9, Moshannon District.
District Forester-William F. Dague, Clearfield, Clearfield County.
Assistant Forester-Leroy Frontz, Clearfield, Clearfield County.
Rangers-William M. J. Buck, Clearfield, Clearfield County.

Frank Johnston, Anderson Creek, Clearfield County.
John Nelson, Anderson Creek, Clearfield County.

Joseph Riss, Medix Run, Elk County.
Stenographer-Miss Grace M. Butler, Clearfield, Clearfield County.

No. 10, Sproul District.
District Forester-Forrest H. Dutlinger, Renovo, Clinton County.
Assistant Forester James E. Powers, Renovo, Clinton County.
Rangers—Howard P. Seese, Renovo, Clinton County.

A. L. Shoemaker, Beech Creek, Clinton County.
George W. Armstrong, Westport, Clinton County.
John Winklebleck, Beech Creek, Clinton County.

Rufus K. Merrill, Renovo, Clinton County.
Stenographer—Miss Ida L. Payne, Renovo, Clinton County.

No. 11, Sinnemahoning District.
District Forester-Charles C. Hogeland, Driftwood, Cameron County.
Assistant Forester-Richard R. Houpt, Driftwood, Cameron County.
Rangers-Merritt A. Barr. Medix Run, Elk County.

Fred Caldwell, Sinnemahoning, Cameron County.
R. M. Crum, Sinnemahoning, Cameron County.

LeGrand C. Wykoff, First Fork, Cameron County.
Stenographer-Miss Frankie Barr, Driftwood, Cameron County.

No. 12, Tiadaghton District.
District Forester-Homer S. Metzger, Williamsport, Lycoming County.
Assistant Forester-Arthur Lindley Rowland, Waterville, Lycoming County.
Rangers—0. M. Campbell, Cammal, Lycoming County.

Howard Cryder, Waterville, Lycoming County.
Luther Heivley, Montgomery, Lycoming County.
George M. Lipp, Montoursville, Lycoming County:
Luther T. Newman, Field Station, Lycoming County.
G. H. Pidcoe, Williamsport, Lycoming County.
L. W. Rogers, Waterville, Lycoming County.
Ernest B. Wentzel, Rauchtown, Clinton County.

Charles D. Will, Slate Run, Lycoming County.
Stenographer-Miss Marie W. Hilsher, Williamsport, Lycoming County.

No. 13, Elk District.

District Forester–Harry E. Elliott, Emporium, Cameron County.
Rangers—R. J. Ingersoll, Sizerville, Cameron County.

William T. Welsh, Emporium, Cameron County.
Stenographer-0. G. Gates, Emporium, Cameron County.

No. 14, Cornplanter District.
District Forester-Horace B. Rowland, Warren, Warren County.
Stenographer-Miss Mary Hamme, Warren, Warren County.

No. 15, Susquehannock District.
District Forester-Harold F. Port, Coudersport, Potter County.
Assistant Forester-W. S. Swingler, Cross Fork, Potter County.
Rangers-Arthur W. Ayres, Costello, Potter County.

Henry M. Olson, Cross Fork, Potter County,
J. H. Green, Coudersport, Potter County.
H. C. McCoy, Cross Fork, Potter County.
Daniel F. Glassmire, Cross Fork, Potter County.

D. L. McCoy, Cross Fork, Potter County.
Stenographer-B. C. Dieter, Coudersport, Potter County,

No. 16, Tioga District.
District Forester-Paul H. Mulford, Wellsboro, Toga County.
Rangers-Edwin N. Jenckes, Wellsboro, Tioga County.

Myron L. Fish, Lloyd, Tioga County.
Stenographer-Ralph H. Van Duzer, Wellsboro, Tioga County.

No. 17, Valley Forge District. Chief of Bureau of Forest Protection—in charge.

No. 18, Weiser District.

District Forester-Charles E. Baer, Pottsville, Schuylkill County.
Assistant Forester-H. A. Smith, Pottsville, Schuylkill County.
Investigator-Cotesworth M. Jackson, Pottsville, Schuylkill County.
Stenographers—Miss Elizabeth T. Harney, Pottsville, Schuylkill County.

Miss Avalon Briscoe, Pottsville, Schuylkill County.

No. 19, Delaware District.
District Forester-Robert W. Stadden, Stroudsburg, Monroe County.
Assistant Forester-Edgar F. Brouse, Stroudsburg, Monroe County.
Rangers-Jacob Miller, Bushkill, Pike County.

William K. Hatton, Lords Valley, Pike County.

Clyde E. Raitt, Dingmans Ferry, Pike County. Stenographer—Miss Kathleen Gibbs, Stroudsburg, Monroe County.

No. 20, Wyoming District.
District Forester-Abraham Franklin Snyder, Dushore, Sullivan County.
Assistant Forester-D. B. Kutz, Dushore, Sullivan County.
Stenographer—Miss Agnes M. Carroll, Dushore, Sullivan County.

No. 21, Lackawanna District.
District Forester--R. Lynn Emerick, Scranton, Lackawanna County.
Assistant Forester-Henry E. Clepper, Scranton, Lack iwanna County.
Ranger—W. L. Kauffman, Thornhurst, Lackawanna County.
Stenographer-Miss Mary C. Evans, Scranton, Lackawanna County.

No. 22, Forbes District.
District Forester-V. M. Bearer, Ligonier, Westmoreland County.
Assistant Forester-Samuel L. Kurtz, Ligonier, Westmoreland County.
Ranger-W. R. Barndt, Somerset, R. D. 3, Somerset County.
Stenographer-Miss Sarah Bennett, Ligonier, Westmoreland County,

No. 23, Gallitzin District.
District Forester-Walter D. Ludwig, Johnstown, Cambria County.
Assistant Forester-Thomas E. Shaw, Johnstown, Cambria County.
Stenographer-Miss Mary M. Craig, Johnstown, Cambria County.

No. 24, Kittanning District.
District Forester-a E. Zerby, P. O. Box 352, Clarion, Clarion County,
Stenographer-Miss Ellice Yarger, Clarion, Clarion County.


(Office--18-22 South Third Street, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.) Commissioner-Clifford B, Connelley, Osgood and Marsona Streets, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.

3 South Front Street. Chief Clerk-William A. Riddle, New Cumberland, Cumberland County.

Editor-Sydney P. Hollingsworth, Wormleysburg, Cumberland County.
Attorney-Howard Benton Lewis, 1540 Wallace Street, Philadelphia.

711 Pennfield Building, Philadelphia. Accountant-William C. Halfpenny, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

19 North Nineteenth Street.

Copying Clerks-William A. Leech, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. 404 Spring Street.

Miss Verna M. Zeiter, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

3020 North Third Street,

Filing Clerks—Miss Kathryn S. Bishop, Oberlin, Dauphin County.
Miss Esther Zimmerman, Halifax, Dauphin County.

252 Broad Street. Stenographers—Miss Frances C. Baker, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1121 North Second Street. Miss Anne E. Murray, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

131 South Third Street. Miss Effie Reimensnyder, Lancaster, Lancaster County.

23 South Front Street. Miss Mary M. Sullivan, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

421 Maclay Street. Clerks-Miss Gertrude M. Benuer, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

311 Chestnut Street. Miss Bertha M. Brown, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

204 North Second Street. Mrs. Almeda K. Frank, 28 North Union Street, Middletown, Dauphin

Raymond R. Gormley, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. 926 North Third Street.
Bruce H. Spink, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

29 North Eighteenth Street. Messenger-John Leech, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

404 Spring Street. Elevatorman-Abner B. Hoverter, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

51 North Thirteenth Street. Watchman-Samuel H. Lapp, Miffintown, Juniata County.

53 North Thirteenth Street. Charmen-William H. Brown, 443 North West Street, Carlisle, Cumberland County.

William H. Brown, Jr., 443 North West Street, Carlisle, Cumberlanı

Moses J. Birge, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. 1314 William Street.
Isaac May, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

125 Cherry Street.

Bureau of Inspection. Chief Inspector-John H. Walker, Marysville, Perry County. Skilled Stenographer and Inspector—Theodore J. Gould, Harrisburg, Dauphin


1400 North Second Street.

Harrisburg District, (Office, Keystone Building, 18-22 South Third Street, Harrisburg.) Inspectors of the First Grade Miss Mary C. Butterworth, Coudersport, Potter County.

231 Forster Street. Matthew P. Frederick, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

369 South Eighteenth Street. J. Pursell Lilley, Marysville, Perry County.

1445 Berryhill Street. Livingston Saylor, Pottstown, Montgomery County.

2209 North Fourth Street. A. King Wise, 213 Twelfth Street, Iltoona, Blair


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