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Charities, Chairman of the Economy and Efficiency Commission and Special Deputy Auditor General. He is a member of the Union League and the Pen and Pencil Club of Philadelphia.

He was appointed Private Secretary to Governor Sproul on January 21, 1919, which office he resigned June 30, 1921, having been appointed Judge of Court of Common Pleas No. 1, Philadelphia.

DIRECTOR OF THE LEGISLATIVE REFERENCE BUREAU. JAMES N. MOORE, Butler County, was born in Slippery Rock township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, August 23, 1859 ; received his education in the common schools and Grove City College; taught school several terms; read law with ex-judge Charles McCandless of Butler County; was admitted to the Butler County bar in 1882; entered upon the practice of law in his native county; was a member of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania from Butler County, sessions of 1895, 1897 and 1899; was Journal Clerk of the House of Representatives, sessions of 1903, 1905 and 1906; was Assistant Clerk of the House of Representatives. sessions of 1907 and 1909.

When the Legislative Reference Bureau was created by Act of Assembly in 1909, he was appointed Director by Governor Edwin S. Stuart on July 22, 1909: was Teappointed by Governor John K. Tener on April 21, 1911; by Governor Martin G. Brumbaugh on May 20, 1915, and by Governor Sproul on April 22, 1919.

COMMISSIONER OF FISHERIES. NATHAN RICHARD BULLER, of Pleasant Mount, Wayne County, PennsylFania, was born in Maytown, Donegal Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, December 1, 1860. He was educated in the public schools, and at once entered the employ of the State at old Donegal Fish Hatchery, located on General Simon Cameron's farm, since which time he has been actively engaged in fish cultural work. He was appointed Commissioner of Fisheries by Governor Tener September 1, 1911; reappointed by Governor Brumbaugh, April 12, 1916; and by Governor Sproul, February 18, 1919.

SUPERINTENDENT OF STATE POLICE. LYNN G. ADAMS was born in Susquhanna County, Pennsylvania, July 8, 1880. Attended public schools in Scranton ; left Scranton High School in 1898 to join the United States Army in Spanish-American War; served with the United States Army until 1903; spent thirty months in Philippine Islands, and was discharged as First Sergeant of Company G. Thirteenth Regular Infantry.

Attended Scranton Business College. Was employed by the Erie Railroad Company in Stores and Shipping Department.

Was appointed Sergeant on the Pennsylvania State Police Force in December, 1905, and assigned to Troop A, Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Was promoted through the various grades of the Pennsylvania State Police Force to Captain of Troop C in July, 1908. Was transferred to Troop A, at Greensburg, as Captain in January, 1911.

Entered the United States service as Captain U. S. A. Signal Corps, November 27, 1917. Was sent to France and assigned to the Provost Marshal General's Department, and was promoted to the grade of Major, P. M. G. D. After the armistice, was Commanding Officer of the Leave Area at Cannes. In March, 1919, was assigned to the Director General of Transportation for duty as Chief Supervisor of Transportation Guard Service. Mustered out of the Service July 26, 1919.

Reported for duty in Pennsylvania State Police Force, and was assigned to Troop D, stationed at Butler, Pennsylvania.

Was appointed Deputy Superintendent of State Police January 1, 1920, and appointed Superintendent of State Police March 1, 1920.

STATE GEOLOGIST. GEORGE HALL ASHLEY was born in Rochester, New York, August 9, 1866. Was graduated from Cornell University, M. E., in 1889, and spent two years in Ward's Natural Science Establishment at Rochester, New York; was assistant to the chief of the Arkansas Geological Survey, 1891-1893. In 1892, was given the degrees of A. M. and Ph. D., by Stanford University. Was a teacher of science in Stockton, California, during 1894-95, and taught the same course in San Bernardino, the following year. Was assistant State Geologist of Indiana from 18961900, part of which time he served as Acting State Geologist. Taught geology and biology in the College of Charleston, South Carolina, from 1900-1903, and, during part of this period, taught pharmacology in the South Carolina Medical College. During vacation periods he served with the United States Geoglogical Survey, and, in 1903, was given an appointment with said Survey, in which capacity he served until 1910, when he became State Geologist of Tennessee. In 1912 he returned to the United States Survey, where he remained until he was appointed State Geologist of Pennsylvania and chief of the Bureau of Topographic and Geological Survey in the Department of Internal Affairs on September 5, 1919, by Governor Sproul.

While with the United States Survey, was in direct charge of cooperative geologic work in Pennsylvania with the Topographic and Geological Survey Commission, 1904-1908. Was Chairman of the Coal Section of the Land Classification Board of the United States Survey, 1912-1919; was administrative geologist and acting director of the Survey from 1913-1915, and was in charge of the Eastern coal fields from 1915-1919.

Has published over one hundred reports, covering many thousands of pages. Has inade personal surveys covering five and one-half million acres of coal land and had supervision of detailed surveys covering over eight million acres, in addition. Is a member of a number of National, State and local engineering and scientific societies and academies.


JOHN MONTGOMERY BALDY direct descendant of Thomas Cooper, M. D., L. L. D., who emigrated to this country from England in 1793 with William Priestly, discoverer of oxygen. Was born in Danville, Pa., June 16, 1860. Attended St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., 1876 to 1880. Received degree of Doctor of Medicine. University of Pennsylvania 1884; 1922 received Honorary Degree Doctor of Science, University of Pittsburgh. Professor of Gynecological Surgery in the Polyclinic Post-Graduate Medical College, Philadelphia; surgeon to the Polyclinic Hospital; to the Gynecean Hospital; a member of the Board of Managers of the American College of Surgeons; Honorary member the Belgian Gynecological Society and the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society; delegate representing the United States Government to the First Gynecological Congress held at Amsterdam and one of the Presidents of the same; appointed upon the Bureau of Medical Education and Licensure immediately after its organization by Act of Assembly 1911 and was chosen its first President, retiring by resignation August, 1921, in order to assume duties as first Commissioner of Department of Public Welfare, created by Act of Assembly 1921.

PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONERS. WILLIAM D. B. AINEY, Chairman, Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, born April 8, 1864, New Milford, Pennsylvania ; son of Dr. David C. Aines and Kathleen Blakeslee Ainey. Educated State Normal School, Mansfield, and Lehigh University. Admitted to the bar in 1887. Honorary degrees; L. L. D., Lehigh University 1916; L. H. D., Susquehanna University 1919. Married October

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