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William D. Cotterrel, Waynesburg, Greene County.
Charles H. Ogden, Union Stock Yards, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
Hay Walker, Jr., Leetsdale, Allegheny County.
J. Sharp Wilson, Beaver, Beaver County.
John C. Oliver, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
H. T. Billick, Monongahela, Washington County.
John C. Haymaker, Court House, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
John A. Elliot, Beaver Falls, Beaver County.
Theodore A. Straub, Canonsburg, Washington County.
David B. Johns, Crafton, Allegheny County.
S. Plummer Emery, New Castle, Lawrence County.
J. Add. Sprowls, Donora, Washington County.
James I. Brownson, Washington, Washington County.

Resident Officer.

Superintendent-W. F. Penn, Morganza, Washington County.

The House of Refuge of Western Pennsylvania was incorporated by Act of April 22, 1850, P. L. 538, and located in Allegheny City; opened for inmates December 13, 1854. The name was changed to the Pennsylvania Reform School by the Act of March 20, 1872, P. L. 27. December 12, 1876, the institution was removed to Morganza, Washington County. In January, 1912, the name of the institution was again changed by order of the Court No. 377, term First, 1912, of Allegheny County, to the Pennsylvania Training School; title of institution transferred to State of Pennsylvania, October 3, 1878; cost of building to June 1, 1922, $965,460; number of inmates June 1, 1922, 727—males, 496; females, 231; employes, 85; expenditures for year ending May 31, 1922, $352,585.04; earnings, $5,538.73.

The juvenile delinquents are received from the several counties of the Western District; those from the Eastern District are sent to the Glen Mills Schools, Delaware County, a semi-State institution.


Board of Managers.
Chairman and Treasurer-Charles W. Sones, Williamsport, Lycoming County.
Secretary-Frank Smith, 601 West End Trust Building, Philadelphia.
P. M. Newman-Wiliamsport, Lycoming County.
Charles C. MacMinn-Williamsport, Lycoming County.
Miss Florence M. Dibert-Johnstown, Cambria County.
Mrs. Henry C. McCormick-Williamsport, Lycoming County.
Charles L. Brown-City Hall, Philadelphia.
W. F. Brittain, Muncy, Lycoming County.
Mrs. Minnie E. Pepperman, Williamsport, Lycoming County.

Resident Officers. Superintendent-Miss Franklin R. Wilson. Assistant Superintendent-Mrs. T. R. Johns.

The State Industrial Home for Women, established by Act of July 25, 1913, P. L. 1311, is situated near the village of Muncy, Lycoming County. The Home is for women between the ages of 16 and 30 who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or criminal offense. Its aim is to prevent young offenders against the laws, from becoming hardened criminals, by subjecting them to such preventive treatment as will be conducive to their mental and moral improvement.

The Home is constructed on the cottage plan-three cottages housing 24 girls each, and an administration building, containing class rooms and offices, and Superintendent's apartment, comprise the buildings. Two farm houses that were on the grounds when purchased, are being fitted up for ten girls each, which brings the capacity of the Institution to 90. The Institution owns reservoir and controls its own water supply. The farm contains about 500 acres, of which 190 are under cultivation.

The first inmate was admitted on October 18, 1920. The women are committed for a period of three years. The merit system is in operation whereby inmates are given credit for good behavior, and demerits for breaking any of the rules. When an inmate has made a sufficiently good record to warrant her being paroledwhich is usually after being in the Home about 18 months—and the board of managers deems she is strong enough, mentally and morally, to go out and live without breaking the laws, she is allowed to go home on parole, or if she has no home a position is secured for her whereby she can earn an honest living. She must report once a month to the parole officer of the Institution, who visits her whenever possible.

Instruction is given in sewing, gardening, care of chickens, domestic science, domestic art, and all branches of housekeeping. Grade school will be opened in October. A cannery is in operation where all the surplus vegetables and berries from the farm are canned for winter use.

The board of managers is comprised of nine members, three of whom are women. Three members are appointed by the Governor each year, to serve for a period of three years.

During the fiscal year ending June 1, 1922, $25,434.80 was spent for provisions, fuel, light and hospital; $34,245.98 for salaries and labor; $12,123.65 for completion of buildings and repairs; $13,845.25 for house furniture, farm machinery and fapipment.

The Legislature of 1921 appropriated $28,000 deficiency for period ending May 31, 1921, $12,000 of which was for maintenance, and the balance for furniture and equipment; also the sum of $176,100 for the period ending May 31, 1923; $120,000 of which is for maintenance, and the balance for purchase of equipment, live stock, industrial machinery, purchase of automobile and real estate.


Board of Trustees.
President-William M. Donaldson, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.
Daniel C. Herr, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.
Edward Bailey, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.
John F. Mentzer, Ephrata, Lancaster County.
Henry M. Stine, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.
William Coleman Freeman, Lebanon, Lebanon County.
Samuel S. Woods, Lewistown, Mifflin County.
James Rudisill, York, York County.
Burton F. Blough, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.
Secretary and Treasurer-George W. Reily, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

Resident Officers.

Superintendent and Physician-E. M. Green, M. D.
Assistant Physicians—R. F. L. Ridgway, M. D., II. L. Corbus, M. D., Grace Win-

tersteen, M. D., C. E. Goodman, M. D.
Pathologist-J. M. Whitworth, M. D.
Steward-J. B. Livingston.
Matron and Dietitian-Miss Grace Hostetter.

The Pennsylvania State Hospital at Harrisburg, was created by Act of Assembly approved April 14, 1845, P. L. 440, and supplements approved April 11, 1848, P. L. 535; and May 11, 1921, P. L. 502. The counties of Adams, Berks, Bedford, Blair, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Mifflin, Perry, Schuylkill and York compose the district of this hospital. The cost of the orginal buildings was about $150,000. The State appropriated, subsequently, for the erection of infirmaries, heating apparatus, wash house, gas works, various repairs and improvements, and increase of the water supply, nearly $200,000, prior to 1885, when $80,000 was appropriated for a group of new buildings. By Act of May 29, 1893, $100,000 was appropriated for the purpose of tearing down and removing the central portion of the main building and the rebuilding of the same. In 1897, $150,000 was appropriated for tearing down and removing several of the old wards, and replacing them with safer and more modern structures ; this appropriation, however, was not available until 1899, when the new buildings were erected. In 1901, $133,000 was appropriated for the rebuilding of the kitchen and three wards for patients and for the erection of a laboratory; but $43,000 of this amount was utilized for the erection of kitchen and laboratory; the balance, $90,000 lapsed to the Treasury of the State, as the wards could not be built in the proper manner for that sum. The Act of May 15, 1903, appropriated $252,500 for the erection and equipping of several new buildings, and $12,000 for the purchase of additional ground and the building of a sewer. The Legislature of 1917 appropriated $20,000 for the erection and equipping of additional buildings; $1,000 for furnishings and improvements; and the Legislature of 1919 appropriated $56,500 for improvements and purchase of stock. The Legislature of 1921 appropriated $77,500 for deficiency in maintenance for the two years ending May 31, 1921; $12,500 for payment of amount expended for alteration of boilers; also $166,900 for repairs, equipment and alterations.

The first patient was admitted October 6, 1851; present valuation of real estate, $1,297,040; of personal property, $303,813.43; total receipts for the year ending May 31, 1922, $404,618.10; expenditures $446,329.72; number of patients, May 31, 1922—females, 706; males, 613; total, 1,319; number of medical attendants and other employes, 206. The control of the institution is vested in a board of nine trustees appointed by the Governor.


Board of Trustees.

President-William Field Shay, Watsontown, Northumberland County.
Secretary-Herbert T. Hecht, Danville, Montour County.
William F. Lowry, Berwick, Columbia County.
M. Grier Youngman, Danville, Montour County.
Edward Brennan, Shamokin, Northumberland County.
James L. Brennan, Exchange, Montour County.
Fred M. Sprout, Muncy, Lycoming County.
Alexander Foster, Danville, Montour County.

Treasurer of Board— Thomas B. Evans, Danville, Montour County.

Resident Officers.

Superintendent and Chief Physician-J. Allen Jackson, M. D.
Assistant Medical Superintendent-George B. M. Free, M. D.
Community and Clinical Director-Horace V. Pike, M. D.
Woman Physician-Ida Ashenhurst, M. D.

Assistant Physicians-Edward B. Shellenburger, M. D.; Frank D. Glenn M. D.;

Leslie R. Chamberlain, M. D.; George W. Brose, M. D.

Robert A. Kielty, M. D.
Druggist—George P. Ringler, Ph. G.
Steward-Howard B. Schultz.
Accountant-Miss A. Viola Rishel.
Dietitian-Miss Delia G. Overby.
Directress of Training School-Grace E. Hartman, R. N.
Supervisors—Sarah Huff, R. N.; Paul Clapp.

The State Hospital for the Insane at Danville, Pennsylvania, was established by an Act approved April 13, 1868, P. L. 90. The counties constituting the Northern District are Luzerne, Columbia, Tioga, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Spyder, Union, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton and Potter. The expenditures for land, 397 acres, and original buildings, previous to fire, were $800,000.00. The first patient was admitted November 6, 1872.

Present valuation of real estate, $1,452.934.00; of personal property, $298190.00; total receipts for the year ending May 31, 1922, $595,963.83, as follows maintenance, $572,893.80, buildings and improvements, $23,070.03, of which $310,433.89 was received from the State; expenditures, $554,054.76, as follows-maintedance, $530,875.05; buildings and improvements, $23,179.71 ; number of patients June 1, 1922–males, 863; females, 815; total, 1,678; of these 1,584 were indigent; attendants on patients, 156; other employes, 137. The Legislature of 1921 appropriated $225,000 maintenance deficiency for period ending May 31, 1921; also appropriated $40.000.00 for equipment and general supplies ; $70,000.00 for new power plant; $15,000.00 for cottage for infectious diseases ; $6,000.00 for reviving parts of buildings to meet the requirements of the Department of Public Grounds and Buildings. The control of the institution is vested in a board of nine trustees appointed by the Governor.


Board of Trustees.

President-William E. Rice, Warren, Warren County.
Vice-President-A. Lincoln Bell, Ridgway, Elk County.
Secretary-Bryan H. Osborne, Franklin, Venango County.
Rufus B. Stone, Bradford, McKean County.
Charles R. Galbraith, Franklin, Venango County.
Arthur M. Lowentritt, Oil City, Venango County.
George A. Reed, M. D., 122 West Twenty-first Street, Erie, Erie County.
LeRoy E. Chapman, M. D., Warren, Warren County.
Nelson P. Wheeler, Endeavor, Forest County.

Resident Officers. Physician-in-Chief and Superintendent-H. W. Mitchell, M. D. Assistant Physicians--Ira A. Darling, M. D.; Mary P. Mitchell, M. D.; Adelaide

Ellsworth, M. D.; Howard K. Petry, M. D.; Jay Gound, M. D.; Willard W.

Woodhouse, M. D.; Alexander D. Martin, M. D.
Pathologist and Bacteriologist-Paul G. Weston, M. D.
Consulting Ophthalmologist–E. D. McKee, M. D.
Consulting Surgeon-William M. Robertson, M. D.
Dentist-Joseph T. Danforth, D. D. S.
Steward-Harold A. Ross.
Accountant-Guy C. Johnson.
Treasurer-N. C. Sill.

The State Hospital for the Insane, at Warren, was established by Act of Legislature approved August 14, 1873, P. L. 333. The district is composed of the Counties of Warren, Crawford, Erie, Mercer, Venango, Clarion, Forest, McKean, Elk and Cameron. Cost of Institution, including land, $905,000,00; present valuation, real estate and buildings, $1,909,520,00, personal property, $291,257.38. Income for 1921, including special appropriations, $574,020.39; expenditures for 1921, $568,808.70; number of patients, June 1, 1922, 1,649—males, 816; females, 833; average number of employes, 280.

The Legislature of 1921 appropriated $180,000 for maintenance deficiency for the period ending May 31, 1921; and for the period ending May 31, 1923, the sum of $61.550.00 for the following purposes : Installation of the Skinner overhead garden irrigation system, erection of a machine and farm implement shed, construction of ferry boat, construction of root cellar, addition to calf barn, purchase of farm machinery, installation of a rendering plant, construction of a sanitary ceiling in dairy barn, changes in electric wiring and fire protection, erection of four employes cottages, the installation of an auxiliary pumping unit, and of a boiler feed pump, also for relaying water and gas lines.



Board of Trustees.

President-W. Clayton Hackett, Easton, Northampton County.
Secretary-Frank B. Heller, Limeport, Lehigh County.
*Treasurer-George A. Knowles, 4812 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia.
William J. Elliott, 317 South Seventeenth Street, Philadelphia.
*Thomas W. Marshall, West Chester, Chester County,
Harman Yerkes, Doylestown, Bucks County.
E. Marshall Harvey, Media, Delaware County.
*J. Whitaker Thompson, Post Office Building, Philadelphia.
Herbert P. Worth, West Chester, Chester County.
C. Sheble Brown, 4728 Oakland Avenue, Philadelphia.
J. Quincy Thomas, Conghohocken, Montgomery County.
*Clayton D. Fretz, Sellersville, Bucks County.
*Clayton H. Alderfer, Norristown, Montgomery County.

Resident Officers.

Department for Men. Chief Resident Physician-S. M. Miller, M. D. Assistants—John G. Wilson, M. D.; Walter J. Hammond, M. D.; Charles C. Royce,

M. D.

Pathological Department. Pathologist-Charles A. Laubach, M. D.

Dental Department. Resident Dentist-Reno Oldfield, D. D. S.

Department for Women. Chief Resident Physician-Annie R. Elliott, M. D. Assistants—Joe Funderburgh, M. D., Edythe A. Bacon, M. D., Mariam K. Frisbie,

M. D.

* Appointed by the Governor.

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