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Office of the Governor.

Governor-William C. Sproul, Chester, Delaware County.

Executive Mansion, 311-313 North Front Street,

Secretary to the Governor--James F. McCoy, Philadelphia.

717 North Second Street.

Chief Clerk--Richard Heagy, Camp Hill, Cumberland County.
Clerk to Secretary--Charles V. Brady, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1732 Green Street.


Stenographers--Miss Jane Nolan, 401 East Thirteenth Street, Chester, Delaware

Miss Elinor Baxter, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.

1532 Green Street.

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Filing Clerk-Miss Helen M. Owen, York, York County.
Messenger-James M. Auter, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.
Watchman--John W. Erly, Penbrook, Dauphin County.

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Lieutenant-Governor-Edward E. Beidleman, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

Kunkel Building.
Clerk-W. Justin Carter, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.
Stenographer-- Miss C. Mabelle Dobbs, H::rr sburg, Dauphin County.

1831 Market Street.

515 South Fourteenth Street

Secretary-Bernard J. Myers, Lancaster, Lancaster County. Pem-Harris Hotel.
Deputy Secretary-Frederic A. Godcharlcs, Milton, Northumberland County.

430 North Street.

Executive Bureau.

Ch'ef Clerk and Secretary of the Board of Pardons—Samuel C. Todd, Charleroi,
Washington County.

1007 North Front Street. Expert Stenographer--Miss Anne C. Glazier, Huntingdon, Huntingdon County.

204 Herr Streit.

Statute Clerk-W. Harrison Hitchler, Carlisle, Cumberland County.
Minute and Index Clerk-Miss Elizabeth C. Sheahan, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

703 North Second Street.

Corporation Bureau.
Chief of Burcau-John F. Whitworth, Kittanning, Armstrong County.

119 Locust Street.

Assistant Chief of Bureau--Charles H. Hollinger, Ilarrisburg, Dauphin County.

225 Pine Street.

Foreign Corporation Clerk--James K. DeLaney, Harrisburg. Dauphin County.

417 Briggs Street.

Expert Stenographer and Search Clerk-Frank J. Turano, 135 South Front Street,

Steelton, Dauphin County. Engross ng and Recording Clerk-Harry F. Young, Camp Ilill, Cumberland County. Recording Clerk and Assistant Secretary of the Board of Pardons--Francis I. lloy, Jr., Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1015 Green Street. Index and Control Clerk---Wallace W. Lowther, Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County.

2223 North Fourth Street.

Recording Clerks--Ralph E. Griswold, Athens, Bradford County.

1642 Market Street.

Chester A. Stineman, South Fork, Cambria County.

1214 North Fifteenth Street.

Maurice N. Trone, Hanover, York County, 263 Boas Street,
Charles W. Blosser, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. R. D. 2.
John F. Brunner, York Haven, York County.

Commission Bureau.

204 North Second Street.

Chief of Commission and Bond Bureau-Gilbert H. Hassler, Harrisburg, Dauphin

Engrossing Clerk-Wilmer Johnson, Blue Bell, Montgomery County.

1831 Spencer Streer.

Recording Clerks-Allan E. Shomo, 1506 Green Street, Philadelphia.

410 Briggs Street. James C. Dick, (P. O., New Florence, Westmoreland County), Indiana County.

2303 Logan Street.

Election and Legislative Bureau. Superintendent-George D. Thorn, Gettysburg, Adams County. 224 Emerald Street. Chief Clerk-Charles R. Willits, Reading, Berks County.

808 Capital Street, Clerk-John Lucas, Mount Airy, Philadelphia.

315 North Second Street,

Requisition and Warrant Bureau.

Chief Clerk--Alfred W. Weil, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

421 South Seventeenth Street.

1114 Capital Street.

Clerks-Frank A. McConnon, Farrell, Mercer County.

Lester J. First, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1805 State Street,

Registration Bureau.

1608 Forster Street.

Chief Clerk-Leon D. Metzger, Indiana, Indiana County.
Clerks-Miss Elizabeth K. Dohoney, Harrisburg, Dauph'n County.

1110 North Second Street.

Harry D. Dando, Wiconisco, Dauphin County.

Harry D. Hilton, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. IatchmanHarry C. Devor, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

221 Reily Stret.


Attorney-General--George E. Alter, Springdale, Allegheny County.

Penn-Harris Hotel.

First Deputy Attorney-General-George Ross Hull, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

225 Emerald Street.

Deputy Attorneys-General-Emerson Collins, Williamsport, Lycoming County.

208 Pine Street.

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Special Attorneys—Frank M. Eastman, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

105 Locust Street.

Harry J. Makiver, Media, Delaware County.

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Elmund K. Trent, Sewickley, Allegheny County.
Chief Investigator-Albert B. Smith, 640 North Second Street, Steelton, Dauphin

Investigators William J. Wahl, 2723 West Thompson Street, Philadelphia.

Robert G. Jones, 3906 North Marshall Street, Philadelphia.
Charles McCartney, 2131 Wakeling Strect, Philadelphia.
Joseph W. Rapp, Jr., 157 Oneida Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Robert J. McMeekin, 4632 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny


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Frank B. Wagner, Aldan, Delaware County.
William B. Palmer, Clifton Heights, Delaware County.

Private Secretary-Howard M. Hoke, Chambersburg, Franklin County.

1924 North Third Street. Law Clerks—Charles P. Addams, Camp Hill, Cumberland County.

Guy H. Davies, Carlisle, Cumberland County.

Stenographers-Miss Mary E. Bonsall, Newport, Perry County.

Miss Eleanor C. Callaghan, 323 Lincoln Street, Steelton, Dauphin


Miss Mary E. Fenical, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1348 Vernon Street.

Miss Caroline B. Haifleigh, Camp Hill, Cumberland County.
Miss M. Florence Keffer, Reading, Berks County.

204 North Scani Street.

Miss Helen M. Knisely, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1605 North Third Street.

Miss Ernestine G. Lewis, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

312 North Street.

Mrs. E. Miriam Piper, Harrisburg, Dauphin County:

224 Maclay Street.

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Stenographers---Miss Olive A. Ready, Lemoyne, Cumberland County.

Miss Lucile Stroup, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1337 Howard Street.

Miss Margaret Tilghman, Harr sburg, Dauphin County.

1124 North Chird Street.

Additional Clerks---Augustus W. Ahlborn, Harrisburg, Dauphin County,

433 Hummel Street.

Charles S. Lingle, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1338 Derry Sirent. Messenger-George R. McCahan, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

2133 North Fourth Street.


Auditor General-Samuel S. Lewis, 488 West Market treet, York, York County, Revenue Deputy Auditor General-J. Lord Rigby, Media, Delaware County.

Penn-Harris Hotel. Disbursing Deputy Auditor General-Charles Johnson, Norristown, Montgomery County.

Hotel Columbus. Ass'stant Deputy Auditor General-Albert H. Swing, Coatesville, Chester County.

208 Pine Street. Chief Clerk-Thomas M. Williamson, Erie, Erie County. 711 North Second Street, Assistant Chief Clerk-J. Milton Wilson, Red Lion, York County.

32 North Second Street, Private Secretary to Auditor General --Miss Helen S. Ettinger, York, York County.

204 North Second Street. Executive Clerk-Clyde S. Heckart, 2527 South Second Street, Steelton, Dauphin


Bureau of Accounts and Expenditures.


Chief Clerk-Fred Beach, Wellsboro, Toga County. 407 South Thirteenth Street.
Assistant Chief Clerk-(Vacancy.)
Appropriation Clerk-William A. Shaffer, Pavia, Bedford County.

1256 State Stree.. Auditors-William R. Cameron, Wellsboro, Toga County. 224 North Second Street

Fitch L. Leonard, Montrose, Susquehanna County. 1900 Holly Street.
Luther Phillips, Scranton, Lackawanna County.

North Street.
Harry R. Purple, Knoxville, Tioga County.

R. D. 1, Camp Hill, Cumberland County. Christian M. Schulze, Wyalusing, Bradford County. 1000 Green Street. Acting Warrant Clerk-H. Ward Alleman, Littlestown, Adams County.

7 North Front Street, Bookkeepers-George J. Hellerman, Cheltenham, Montgomery County.

2138 Green Stret. James A. Pollock, Antrim, Toga County.

445-A South Thirteenth Street. Clerks-George C. Bowen, Bradford, McKean County. 58 North Thirteenth Street. C. Eby Geyer, Catawissa, Columbia County.

322 Paxtang Avenue, Paxtang, Dauphin County. Samuel R. Ogden, Lansdowne, Delaware County. 723 North Sixth Street. Statistician-Thomas D. Frye, New Florence, Westmoreland County.

1201 Green Street. Stenographer John F. Yestadt, 458 North Second Street, Steelton, Dauphin County. Traveling Auditors—Charles W. Bodine, Wellsboro, Tioga County.

George J. Churchill, McKees Rocks, Allegheny County.
Frank S. Clapp, 637 West Fourth Street, Williamsport,

Lycoming County.
Elijah K, Easton, Everett, Bedford County.

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Traveling Auditors-John T. Fish, Fallsington, Bucks County.

Horace D. Lindermuth, Auburn, Schuylkill County.
Robert W. Montgomery, 1125 Rising Sun Lane, Philadelphia.
Fred W. Sapper, Erie, Erie County.
Moses Shields, Nicholson, Wyoming County.
Harry G. Smith, West Chester, Chester County.
James W. Templeton, Plymouth, Luzerne County.
Crosby A. Thompson, Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County.

Corporation Bureau.

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221 Herr Street.

Chief Clerk-Frank H. Lehman, Lebanon, Lebanon County.
Assistant Chief Corporation Clerks-Howard J. Cassidy, 5722 Baum Boulevard,

Piitsburgh, Allegheny County.

224 North Third Street.
Charles A. Waters, 4918 Green Street, Phila-

224 North Third Street.
Clerks--Elmer Welsh, York, York County.
John T. Carpenter, York County.

New Cumberland, Cumberland County.
Alfred B. Garner, Ashland, Schuylkill County. 711 North Eiguteenth Street.
Richard V. Fox, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

1313 Berryhill Street.
J. Sharon McDonald, Baden, Beaver County. 1200 North Fifteenth Street
Charles E. Crider, 625 West King Street, York, York County.
John G. Haegele, 1747 North Dover Street, Philadelphia. 262 Boas Street.
Gwin M. Harvey, Huntingdon, Huntingdon County.
Graham R. Hurd, Genessee, Potter County. 800 North Seven ieenth Street,
Percy R. McGinnis, Montgomerys Ferry, Perry County.

2020 North Fifth Strcet.
David H. Matthews, New Castle, Lawrence County. 1507 Green Street.
James N. Robbin, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. 1224 North Third Street.
Chauncey G. Thorpe, Greenville, Mercer County.

818 Capital Street,
John M. Williams, Dayton, Armstrong County.

1936 Bellevue Road. William Johnson, 5300 Noble Street, Norristown, Montgomery County.

1126 Derry Street Bookkeepers-Jacob 0. Winters, Somerset, Somerset County.

1208 North Fifteenth Street,
Arthur J. Ransom, Forty Fort, Luzerne County.

Penbrook, Dauphin County,
William G. Robison, Du Bois, Clearfield County. 113 Pin Street.

Miss Emma M. Black, 500 North Beaver Street, York, York County,
Stenographers-Otto F. Messner, Williamstown, Dauphin County.
D. Herbert Leitzel, Northumberland, Northumberland County.

9 North Front Street.
George Fritsch, Lancaster, Lanouster County.
Miss Marion E. Brubaker, Mifflinburg, Union County.

1506 Briggs Street.
Miss Anne E. Moore, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

209 Briggs Street.
Miss Catharine Simmons, 30 South Cherry Street, York, York Coun-

Additional Clerks—Washington P. Altman, Sykesville, Jefferson County.

1409 Market Street.
Adolph S. Benson, Birdsboro, Berks County.

1524 Swatara Street, Frank C. Bolling, Connellsville, Fayette County.

404 Forster Street. George Burley, Shamokin, Northumberland County,

1918 North Sixth Street.
Edwin C. Dewey, Clearfield, Clearfield County.

New ('umberland, Cumberland County.
Jesse Ehrhart, Dallastown, York County.

Swaara Street.
William Lee Gourley, New Castle, Lawrence County.

803 North Eighteenth Street.


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