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Inspectors-Charles R. Forbes, 433 West Oley Street, Reading, Berks County.

Raymond C. Hohl, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. 1725 Penn Street.
Charles R. Lawrence, Conneautville, Crawford County.
Samuel G. Nowell, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.
Edward A. Redding, 2823 Broad Avenue, Altoona, Blair County.
Howard B. Reese, Hazleton, Luzerne County.

Lester E. Voss, 6720 North Sydenham Street, Philadelphia.
Assistant Inspectors-Gerald A. Farabaugh, Carrolltown, Cambria County.

Julius 0. Fraker, Orbisonia, Huntingdon County.
Edward F. Gehret, Altoona, Blair County.
Richard K. Hutchinson, Altoona, R. D. 3, Blair County.
Steele B. Koch, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.
Charles W. Moore, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.
William E. Pardoe, Johnstown, Cambria County.
Hugh F. Robertson, Johnstown, Cambria County.
Edward P. Shannon, Patton, Cambria County.
Jesse L. Shoenfelt, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.

Paul J. Strickler, Berwyn, Chester County.
Draftsmen-Edwin J. Greenawald, R. D., Greenawald, Berks County.

George C. McCurdy, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.
Chief of Party-Francis E. Taylor, McConnellsburg, Fulton County.
Instrumentman-Murray G. Henry, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.
(hainman-William H. Herman, Everett, Bedford County.
Rodmen-Harry J. Huether, Hastings, Cambria County.

Elmer A. Young, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.

District No. 12.

(Office-Farr Building, Scranton, Lackawanna County.)
District Engineer-Harold D. Stoll, Dalton, Lackawanna County.
Assistant Engineer-Stanley J. Dill, Kingston, Luzerne County.
Resident Engineer--William G. Nicholls, Dalton, Lackawanna County.
Superintendents-Clarence S. Brown, Meshoppen, W'yoming County.

Walter J. Devereaux, Dunmore, Lackawanna County.
John G. English, 1643 West Dauphin Street, Philadelphia.

Ilonesdale, Wayne County.
Jerome Shannon, Montrose, Susquehanna County.
District Engineer's Clerk-Paul J. Eynon, 125 North Hyde Park Avenue, Scranton,

Lackawanna County.
Stenographer-Miss Maude S. Dawkins, 1008 Corbett Avenue, Scranton, Lackaw-

anna County.
Assistant Stenographer-Miss Marjorie Thomas, 2042 Edna Avenue, Scranton, Lack-

awanna County.
Superintendent's Clerks-Miss Agnes R. Carr, Honesdale, Wayne County.

Miss Dorothy S. Harpe, Tunkhannock, Wyoming County.
Harry J. Morrin, 213 Stephen Avenue, Scranton, Lack-
awanna County.

Pittston Street, Scrant n, Lackawanna County.
J. Stanley Reimel, Stroudsburg, R. D. 3, Monroe County.
Ira B. Thomas, 24 Maple Street, Montrose, Susquehanna

Chauffeur-Gordon Pentecost, Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County.
Inspectors Frederick Butts, 54 Gates Street, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County.

Daniel E. James, 1515 Jackson Street, Seranton, Lackawanna ('ounty.
John H. Jones, Mehoopany House, Mehoopany, Wyoming County.


Inspectors--Frank X. Murray, 211 Railroad Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna County.

Alfred Oliver, 1317 Hampton Street, Scranton, Lackawanna County.
Harold E. Powell, 1508 Jackson Street, Scrantin, Lackawanna (ounty.
James B. Rutherford, 1547 Capouse Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna

Alien M. Stone, 1721 Olive Street, Scranton, Lackawilina County.

Evan Thomas, North Bronnley Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna County. Assistant Inspectors—-William J. Shimanski, Tunkhannock, Wyoming County.

Harold L. Titman, Tunkhannock, Wyoming County.
Jerome H. Whitmoyer, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

29 South Third Street, Draftsmen-W. Hayden Evans, 201 Washington Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna

Claude E. Lewis, New Milford, Susquehanna County.

South Summer Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna Counti.
Harlie Mitchell, 740 Wheller Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna County.
Frank Schorr, Milford, Pike County.

732 Pr scott Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna County, Chiefs of Party-John C. Fellows, 1003 Luzerne Street, Scranton, Lackawanna


206 South Main Street, Scranton, Lackawanna County. Louis W. Payne, Washington, D. C.

Scranton, Lackawanna County, Instrumentmen-Daniel D. Driscole, Scranton, Lackawanna County.

John T. Griffiths, 110 South Everett Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna

Chainmen—John J. Fetko, Dickson City, Lackawanna County.

Chester A. Hughes, 371 North Summer Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna

James Leighton, Glenburn, Lackawanna County.
John Wideman, Dalton, Lackawanna County.
Benjamin E. Williams, 1714 Jackson Street, Scranton, Lackawanna

Edward C. Witman, 316 North Lincoln Avenue, Scranton, Lackawanna


District No. 13.

(Office-Martin Building, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Ccunty.) District Engineer-Stuart W. Jackson, Meadville, Crawford County.

Franklin, Venango County. Assistant Engineer-Charles Fitzsimmons, Crafton, Allegheny County. Superintendents-Charles H. Abbott, 403 Arlington Avenue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny

Creston 0. Cooke, Chambersburg, Franklin County.

119 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. Robert W. Schreck, Erie, Erie County.

Greensburg, Westmoreland County District Engineer's Clerk-Miss Helen Mae Ayres, 3011 Walnut Street, McKeesport,

Allegheny County.
Assistant District Engineer's Clerks--Charles Arbuckle, Homestead, Allegheny

Miss Ella Becker, 1 Dallas Avenue, Ingram,

Allegheny County.
Stenographer-Miss Jeanette M. Sarver, Bellevue, R. D. 7, Allegheny County.

Superintendent's Clerks--Miss Anna M. Eakin, 154 Drare Avenue, Beaver, Beaver

Miss Ruth 1. Gregg, 3005 Walnut Street, McKeesport,

Allegheny County.
Miss Margaret Shrader, 46 East Otterman Street, Greens-

burg, Westmoreland County. Assistant Superintendent's Clerk-Miss Margaret Kemp, Greensburg, Westmoreland

Chauffeur-Joseph H. Hays, 5012 Jordan Way, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
Inspectors--Harry F. Alwine, Fulton and Perry Streets, Greensburg, Westmoreland

Leslie A. Chick, Edgewood, Allegheny County.
Charles S. Davis, Aspinwall, Allegheny County.
George G. Ehrenfeld, 7406 Race Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
Charles A. Fetter, Ben Avon, Allegheny County.
William J. Ililes, 410 Grandview Avenue, Carnegie, Allegheny County.
Thomas R. Kuhn's, Uniontown, Fayette County.
Ralph E. Mackey, Saltsburg, Westmoreland County.
Mervin J. McClellan, McKeesport, Allegheny County.
Edward T. McIlvain, 3617 Dawson Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
Virgil S. Onstott, Saltsburg, Indiana County.
*Edward Paca, 307 Meyran Avenue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
Wilson B. Sterrett, Beaver Falls, Beaver County.

William R. Weigler, 55 Sunset Avenue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. Assistant Inspectors-Roy G. Caruthers, New Kensington, Westmoreland County.

Earl E. Crock, Greensburg, Westmoreland County.
James B. Hurst, West Newton, Westmoreland County.
Warren B. MacMillan, Bellevue, Allegheny County.
Thomas Moore, Sr., McKeesport, Allegheny County.
Henry F. Texter, Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County.

Edward G. Williams, Milton, Northumberland County.
Draftsmen-Leroy R. Atkins, McKees Rocks, Allegheny County.

Stanton C. Funk, 512 South Avenue, Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County.
Joseph C. McLaughlin, Butler, Butler County.
James Meshon, 1423 Ninth Street, Altoona, Blair County.
Francis MleKush, 104 Mond Street, Rankin, Allegheny County.

Richard Smythe, 5807 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. Chiefs of Party-Henry C. Gross, 317 Atlantic Avenue, McKeesport, Allegheny


Charles H. Van Dyke, Greensburg, Westmoreland County. Instrumentmen-Adam C. Seanor, 115 Westminster Street, Greensburg, Westmore

land County.
Clifford E. Tunstall, Homestead, Allegheny County.

Henry M. Weaver, Bellefonte, Centre County. bainmen-Vincent F. Cline, 331 West Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg, Westmore

land County,

Thomas J. Crock, Greensburg, Westmoreland County. 'Rodmen Stanley E. Cooke, Greensburg, Westmoreland County.

Dean C. Seitz, Greensburg, Westmoreland County.

District No. 14.

(Office-Montgomery Building, Washington, Washington County.) District Engineer-Wayne D. Meyers, Bellefonte, Centre County. Assistant Engineer-John S. Yard, Connellsville, Fayette County.

Superintendents—Robert E. Eisiminger, West Brownsville, Washington ('ounty.

Washington, Washington ('ounts George D. Jenkins, Waynesburg, Greene County.

(Acting)-Frank C. Rush, Farmington, Fayette County. District Engineer's Clerk-Mrs. Della N. Young, Washington, Washington County. Stenographer-Miss Beatrice F. Wingett, Washington, Washington County. Typist-Miss Irene R. Marshman, Washington, Washington County. Superintendent's Clerks-Miss Elizabeth Eaton, Waynesburg, Greene County.

Miss Alice R. Gray, Locust Avenue, Washington, Wash

ington County.

Elmer Semmler, Uniontown, Fayette County.
Chauffeur-Albert F. Swartz, 332 Fayette Street, Greensburg, Westmoreland County.
Inspectors—H. Stanley Appenzellar, 252 South Second Street, Chambersburg,

Franklin County.
Francis Brady, Midland, Beaver County.
Frank E. Church, Rogersville, Washington County.
Paul E. Conn, Point Marion, Fayette County.
Earl M. Farrer, Avella, Washington County.
Cornelius M. Jarrett, Scottdale, Westmoreland County.
James R. Krepps, Freeport, Armstrong County.
Wray T. Laird, Washington, Washington County.
David G. Loughridge, Wind Ridge, Greene County.

Washington, R. D. 9, Washington County.
Bernard Marin, 411 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia.
Johnson G. Morrison, Ohiopyle, Fayette County.
Glenn D. Myers, Washington, Washington County.
William E. Robinson, Washington, Washington County.

J. Gaylord Wolfe, Blairsville, Indiana County.
Assistant Inspectors-William J. Brown, Washington, Washington County.

Paul E. Carmichael, Washington, Washington County.
Cyrus S. Crubaugh, Dawson, Fayette County.
Jay Davis, Connellsville, Fayette County.
Homer L. Roberts, Washington, Washington County.

Clyde C. Sparks, Connellsville, Fayette County.
Draftsmen-M. Leroy Duncan, Claysville, Washington County.

Rufus Foster, Duncannon, Perry County.
Lloyd M. Morris, Harveys, Greene County.

Harry Ramsey, Washington, Washington County.
Chief of Party-Russell E. Boyer, Sunbury, Northumberland County.
Instrumentman-William Slogenhop, Altoona, Blair County.
Chainmen-John E. Boyer, Sunbury, Northumberland County.

K. Meldrum Carmichael, Washington, Washington County.
Wayne M. Cully, Burgettstown, Washirgton County.

District No. 15.

(Office-Commerce Building, Erie, Erie County.) District Engineer-Francis E. Winter, Bradford, McKean County.

Erie, Erie (ound Assistant Engineer-Harold S. Gahagan, Mount Jewett, McKean County, Superintendents-Carl H. Carlson, Wilcox, Elk County.

Edward C. Hess, Erie, Erie County.
David McKinley, Meadville, Crawford County,

Neil Woodruff, Warren, Warren County.
District Engineer's Clerk-Burton J. Bell, 6 Melrose Place, Warren, Warren County,

309 West Eighth Street, Erie, Erie County,


Stenograpber-Miss Lenore Deck, 514 Wallace Street, Erie, Erie County.
Typist-Eugene Schunacher, Erie, Erie County.
Superintendent's Clerks-Miss Beatrice Day, Smethport, R. D. 2, McKean County.

Miss Dorothy E. Dudley, 1014 Prietsley Avenue, Lawrence

Park, Erie County.
Leonard E. Horth, 629 North Main Street, Meadville,

Crawford County.
Miss Della B. Morse, 438 Prospect Street, Warren, Warren

('hauffeur-Earl H. Forsyth, Erie, Erie County.
Inspectors-William E. Baron, McKean, Erie County.

Fred X. Bowman, McKean, Erie County.
Fred R. Brennan, Kane, McKean County.
Vernon N. Burmeister, Wilcox, Elk County.
John M. Dunsmore, Morris, Tioga County.
Ralph E. Flora, 1451 North Fifty-fourth Street, Philadelphia.
Charles Foltz, Grove City, Mercer County,
Frank C. Fowler, West Springfield, Erie County.
Lawrence W. Fuller, Wattsburg, Erie County.
Harry A. Knapp, Chester, Chester County.
Don C. Lane, Meadville, Crawford County.
Joseph Meisol, Milford, Pike County.
Edwin S. Pittaway, Buffalo, New York.

Erie County
William 0. Purcell, Norristown, Montgomery County.
James S. Shaw, Cochranton, Crawford County.
Jacob L. Sigal, 603 Herron Avenue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.

Scott E. Way, Erie, Erie County.
Assistant Inspectors-Herbert N. Abbott, Erie, Eric County.

Donald W. Campbell, Tionesta, Forest County.
Joseph G. Carney, Erie, Erie County.
Harold J. Cass, Harbor Creek, Erie County.
Walter A. Conover, Titusville, Crawford County.
Leonard Curran, Smethport, McKean County.
Earl Deck, Erie, Erie County.
Ronald C. Dunn, Jamestown, New York. Erie, Erie County.
Perry Fitting, Fairview, Erie County. Erie, Erie County.
Robert J. Gibson, Mercer, Mercer County.
Lynn P. A. Griggs, Guys Mills, Crawford County.
Robert Hamilton, Smethport, McKean County.
G. Lemoyne Hays, Butler, Butler County.
Albert E. Howick, Meadville, Crawford County.
Carl E. Jacobson, Warren, Warren County.
Marshall Jamieson, Warren, Warren County.
Chester S. King, Port Ailegany, McKean County.
Wilbur Kraft, Erie, Erie County.
Arthur K. Kramer, Meadville, Crawford County.
William G. Lightner, Irvineton, Warren County.
George C. Newton, Erie, Erie County.
Kenneth L. Norris, Sugargrove, Warren County.
Arthur Ostergard, Warren, Warren County.
Arthur M. Palm, Springboro, Crawford County.
Stanley R. Phillips, Hartstown, Crawford County.
William Reilly, 1906 Ingersoll Street, Philadelphia,

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