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unyielding convictions and unfalter- but seventeen years of age. A year ing courage, qualities inherited by later he resolved to offer himself to his sons in a marked degree.

the Federal army.

This resoluColonel Smith and his estimable tion

easier made than to wife, who is still living, were the pa- carry out. It necessitated the risk of rents of eight children. They were his life. He set out on foot for the Ellen A., Cornelia E., James, A. Wynn, north, and by traveling nights and Joseph H., John P., Mary A., and hiding days, succeeded in crossing Alice R. Of these, Ellen, James and the Confederate lines, arriving at A. Wynn, are dead. The first named Cumberland Gap after its occupancy lived to womanhood; James died by Federal troops, and prior to its when a boy, and A Wynn achieved evacuation. military distinction and the rank of He immediately enlisted in the Colonel before his death, which oc Second Tennessee infantry, and was curred in 1873.

with the regiment through quite a John is now chancellor of the First

severe campaign, until he was taken District in Tennessee, where he and sick and ordered by Colonel Carter his sister, Cornelia, reside. Mary and back to private life, where he reAlice are both married. The former mained until he recovered. He then lives in Emporia, Kan.; the latter in enlisted in the Thirteenth Tennessee Denver.

Cavalry with a commission in his This branch of the Smith family pocket; but before being mustered in from which Joseph H. Smith is de he was detailed to nurse a sick uncle, scended, is an old and honorable one; Major H. C. Smith, of the same regiit members being scattered through ment. From this time on he was a North Carolina, Virginia, and East privileged character; was for a time Tennessee. The paternal grand an attendant on the quartermaster, father of Joseph was an old school and was with what was known as the gentleman; one "native here, and to “Andy Johnson Brigade," composed the manor born.” He was a large land of the Eighth, Ninth and Thirteenth and slave owner, and was extensively Cavalry, detailed for special service. engaged in the manufacture of iron.

It was this brigade that engaged He lived to a ripe old age.

the command of the famous John Joseph H. Smith early acquired a Hunt Morgan, in which engagement practical education. He had inherited Morgan was killed. Morgan had atthe military spirit of his father, and tained a national notoriety as the like his distinguished sire he was pa leader of raids into Kentucky, Ohio triotic in his devotion to the Union. and Indiana. The Andy Johnson When Beauregard's gun-boats opened Brigade at its own request was atfire on Fort Sumter, Mr. Smith was tached to General George Stoneman's

Division on the raid to intercept the and fidelity that he was re-elected Jeff Davis party in their endeavor to thereto for a second term in 1889. escape

after the fall of Richmond. Since he has become the administra. At the close of the war, Mr. Smith tor of its affairs, it has made the most engaged in the mercantile business, wonderful advance in its history, and and the year 1868 once more found now employs from twenty to thirty him at the place of his nativity, Moun- copyists. tain City, engaged in dry goods and In politics, Mr. Smith is a Repubgeneral merchandising, in which he lican of the most pronounced type, as continued until 1872. He then sought is generally the case with the Southnew fields of labor, and, after travel ern born when they espouse the prining somewhat extensively, found him ciples of the party. He is a man of self in Denver, Col., in August, 1872. fine physique, light complexion and After familiarizing himself with the an eye that is remarkable for its State to a considerable extent, en power. He stands fully six feet, gaing in mining industries at Alma, scores a weight of two hundred, and Gold Hill and other localities, he or possesses certain mental characterisganized, in the spring of 1873, the tics that enable him to command the Novelty Manufacturing Company; respect and confidence of not only his and, having always had a taste for friends, but of those who oppose him that line of business, he successfully politically. conducted this chosen line of manu All who know him esteem him for facturing, until he furnished nearly his social qualities. He was married all the electrical supply trade in Col in 1871 to Miss Rebecca Allen, daughorado, Utah, Wyoming and New ter of Major Wesley L. Allen, a promiMexico. He severed his connection nent civil engineer and architect. with this business upon his election Five children have been born to them to the office of clerk and recorder for -Charles, born in 1872; Ada C., in Arapahoe county, in November, 1887. 1874; Henry C., in 1875; Dick, in Mr. Smith performed the duties of 1876, and Joe H., in 1878. this important office with such ability


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