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to the Empire State to teach school, ing in the same place, he saw Blanche in order that Thurlow Weed might K. Bruce, who had been born a slave, be given an opportunity to attend." take the oath of a Senator of the Mr. Cook was

a delegate to the United States and pass to the seat Second Convention which nominated which Davis had left vacant. Lincoln, and as has been already In 1864, he was elected a Represenstated, presented his name to that con tative in Congress from the Sixth vention.

District of Illinois, and was re-elected While serving as a member of the in 1866, 1868 and 1870, from the same State Legislature, he was one of the district. He resigned in 1871, to reframers of the Free School Law, un sume the practice of law, so that his der which, with various amendments, term of service in Congress covered a the present magnificent

period of something less than four school system of Illinois has been full terms. During this time he was built up, and he was also the author recognized as one of the abler memof the first law giving to married bers of that body, both in the comwomen the right to hold property in mittee room and upon the floor of the their own names, in the State.

House. In 1861, in company with ex-Gover While serving as Chairman of the nor Wood, Stephen T. Logan, John Committee on Railroads and Canals, M. Palmer, and Thomas J. Turner, he introduced a bill proposing to prohe was appointed by Governor Yates vide for the building of a governto represent Illinois in the

ment postal and military railroad, Congress " which met at Washing between the cities of Washington and ton. When that body recommended New York, and in support of this to Congress as a basis for the adjust measure he made a speech in which ment of the differences between the he laid down the principle, that the slave and free States, legislation provision of the Constitution, which which would insure the perpetuity if delegates to Congress the right “to not the extension of slavery, Mr. Cook regulate commerce with foreign naand Governor Wood were among the tions and among the several States," delegates who protested against such empowers that body to authorize the action, and caused their protest to be building of railroads, to the same exspread upon the journal of the con tent that it is empowered to authorference.

ize the construction or improvement While in Washington at that time, of waterways. he listened with mingled feelings of As a member of the Committee on grief and indignation to the farewell Elections, in the case of the late address of Jefferson Davis in the Senator Beck, who at that time had Senate, and four years later, stand- just been elected to the lower branch

“ Peace

of Congress from a Kentucky district, The recommendation contained in Mr. Cook reported the measure which the report was, not only that the law governed the action of the House in in force should remain upon the statthe admission of the Southern mem - ute books, but that there should be bers-elect, who had been active par additional legislation relative to poticipants in the rebellion; and as a lygamy, which was deemed necessary member of the Judiciary Committee, to make the law fully effective. he prepared a report which embodied When he retired from Congress, the principles since made the basis of Mr. Cook removed to Chicago, to acnational legislation against polygamy. cept the position of General Solicitor The occasion which brought out the of the Chicago &

Northwestern last named report, was the reference Railroad Company. This position he to the Judiciary Committee, of a me held for fifteen years, becoming dismorial adopted by the Legislature of tinguished throughout the west for Utah, praying Congress to repeal the his broad knowledge of corporation, then existing law against polygamy. and particularly of railroad law. The report submitted by Mr. Cook, As a public man he has borne his set forth that the family is the basis part well in some of the most stirring of society and government, that po events of the nation's history, and as lygamy is calculated to destroy the a lawyer he has ranked with the leadfamily relation, and for that reason ers of the Illinois bar. it was subversive of good government and should be dealt with accordingly.



The history of the Anthony family Chief Justice of the United States in America, dates back to the period Supreme Court. On his removal when the colony of Rhode Island from Rhode Island to Washington furnished asylum to the much abused County, New York, he married Perand persecuted quakers. to which melia Phelps, a lineal descendant of religious sect the Anthonys belong the Phelps family of Vermont, who ed. Before

Before the Revolutionary war migrated at an early period from they were conspicuous among the Connecticut to that state, one of colonists for inteligence, industry, which, family became part owner of and good citizenship. In the strug the great Western Reserve of Ohio. gle for independence they were ac The family of Isaac Anthony contive participants; and some of the sisted of four sons and four daughdescendants have been among the ters, six of whom grew up to become most noted of those whose public residents of the state of Illinois, and services contributed, not only to the one of whom has been for many building up of the little common years a distinguished member of the wealth of Rhode Island, but to that Chicago bar. At any time within the of the great nation of which it con past decade, when the courts of Cook stitutes a part.

county have been in session, a Naturally an enterprising and am sonably close observer, in passing bitious people they were largely rep through the various judicial departresented among those brave

and ments, would have been impressed hardy pioneers, who moved westward by the dignified bearing and Victor from the eastern states, in the early Hugo-type appearance of one of the years of the present century. Isaac presiding judges of the Superior Anthony a farmer by occupation, and Court. A man of massive physique, an intelligent man of affairs, who was broad shouldered and deep chested, born on the Island near Newport, with a cast of features stern enough was among the young men who found to forbid trilling in the presence of a home in Central New York during the court, and yet kindly enough to that period. His mother was a Chase encourage the timid barrister to put and of the same family connections forth his best effort, or to assure the as that of the late Salmon P. Chase, still more timid witness of the proper


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