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nings also led the trade to Wabash In the development of the splendid avenue, a thoroughfare which is now system of street railroads of the south lined with mammoth business blocks. division of the city, the organization

From 1843 to 1850 he was actively and management of the Mutual Trust engaged in merchandising in Chicago, Society, one of the leading financial but at the latter date he retired from institutions of Chicago, and the manthis business, and gave his attention agement of the magnificent system of largely to operations in real estate South Park boulevards, he was esand the improvement of his property. pecially prominent. His fortune built up rapidly, and in While his almost unerring judg1864, when the city of Chicago found ment of real estate values probably it necessary to issue scrip to the contributed more largely than any. amount of two hundred and a half thing else to the building up of his millions of dollars, to pay the boun- large fortune, he had

large fortune, he had a broad knowlties of soldiers enlisted in the war of edge of business in general, and bethe rebellion, Mr. Jennings was in a longed to that active, intelligent and position which enabled him to become enterprising class of men whose rethe purchaser of one-third of this sistless energy and unremitting effort scrip. In this he rendered the city gave to Chicago, in the early years an important service, which was aug of its history, the impetus which carmented when, through his care and ried it forward with such astonishing watchfulness, an attempt to counter rapidity. While still a mere youth feit the scrip on an extensive scale he entered upon a business career to was discovered and exposed.

which he devoted himself with untirIn the later part of his life he was ing zeal throughout a long life, and actively engaged in promoting vari the great success which crowned his ous important enterprises, which not effort was but the legitimate reward only added largely to his wealth, but of the industry, integrity and close were, at the same time, of vast advan application which were the distingtage and importance to the city. uishing characteristics of the man.


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A LITTLE less than twenty-seven cal, but she determined, nevertheless, years ago there came to Chicago a to make an effort to win for her sex cultured, intelligent and thoroughly the recognition to which she thought well educated young woman, who had it entitled in one of the learned prodetermined to make an effort to es fessions. tablish herself in the practice of That in this she has been in an medicine,.in what promised to be the eminent degree successful, is attested leading city of “the great west." by the fact that the Chicago Medical She entered upon her career as a phy- Society long since placed her name sician in a field which, up to that upon its membership rolls, the Illitime, had been occupied exclusively nois State Medical Society opened its by the male members of the profes doors to her, and the American Medision, and in which she must as a na cal Association has received her into tural consequence find serious obsta “full fellowship." cles in the way of her advancement. Three years since, at the annual

But two lady physicians had, prior meeting of the last-named associato that time, attempted to gain a foot- tion, held at St. Louis, Dr. Thompson hold in the city, and both of these was one of the distinguished medihad abandoned the field, so that when cists invited to address the associaDr. Mary Harris Thompson arrived tion, and her paper on the subject, here and began the practice of her 'Why should diseases of children be profession, she became the pioneer made a special study?" read in rerepresentative of her sex among the sponse to that invitation, was voted medical practitioners of Chicago. one of the most interesting and in

Knowing that she would find it ne structive to which the assemblage of cessary to combat long established learned doctors listened during the and not easily eradicated prejudices, session. That the subject was ably she could not help feeling, in the out handled, and that the ability of the set, that her success was problemati author of the paper was fully recog

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nized, was evidenced by the fact that These society honors are the "rewards the association tendered to her the of merit,” which have been earned by chairmanship of the section years of service as a practicing phy“diseases of children,” for the next sician. They do not represent the annual meeting of the organization. sum total of what she has accom

As this was the first time in the his plished, and it is only when we take tory of the association that a chair a careful survey of the field within manship of this character had been which she has confined her operations offered to a lady physician, the com that the magnitude and importance pliment to Dr. Thompson was a flat of her work becomes fully apparent. tering one, although she declined to Twenty-seven years ago Dr. Thompaccept the position. In 1887 she was son was the only lady practicing a member of the International Medi medicine in the city of Chicago. Tocal Congress held in Washington, D. day there are probably one hundred C., where she also received disting women who have graduated regularly uished consideration.

from medical colleges, engaged in the While this recognition of Dr. successful practice of their profession Thompson by the leading medical in this city. Her success has made it societies of the country, is proof that possible for others to succeed, and she has won the respect and esteem under her sagacious guidance they of the profession, while it brings have been stimulated to put forth prominently before the public the their best efforts. If the history of fact that her fitness for the work in the medical profession of Chicago which she has been engaged for more

had been written thirty years ago, than a quarter of a century is recog not even a paragraph would or could nized by those who should be best have been properly given to the qualified to judge of it, and while it women's branch of the profession. demonstrates conclusively that she To-day this branch of the practice has graced a noble calling, it falls has grown to such proportions that very far short of me. 'suring the suc it furnishes material for one of the cess which she has achieved in pro most interesting chapters of that hisfessional life.

tory. Her admission to these organiza That this is true is due in a great tions, upon an equal footing with the

to the splendid executive most renowned physicians of the ability, the intelligence and the incountry, has been a tribute to her domitable energy of one woman, the superior professional attainments, story of whose life and work is of her strict adherence to the code of rare interest, medical ethics, and her skill and abil Mary Harris Thompson was born ity as a practitioner of medicine. in Washington county, New York.


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