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upon him :

came a

the heavens opened, and the and John his brother, who Spirit like a dove descending, also were in the ship mend

ing their nets. 11 And there

20 And straightway he voice from heaven, saying, called them: and they left Thou art my beloved Son, their father Zebedee in the in whom I am well pleased. Thip with the hired fervants,

12 & And immediately the and went after him. spirit driveth him into the 21 And they went into wilderness.

Capernaum : and straight13 And he was there in way on the fabbath day he the wildernefs forty days entered into the synagogue, tempted of Satan; and was and taught. with the wild beasts; and 22 And they were aftothe angels ministered unto nished at his doctrine : for he him.

taught them as one that had 14 Now after that John authority, and not as the was put in prison, Jesus came fcribes. into Galilee preaching the 23 And there was in their gospel of the kingdom of fynagogue a man with an unGod.

clean spirit; and he cried 15 And saying, The time out, is fulfilled, and the kingdom 24 Saying, Let us alone ; of God is at hand : repent what have we to do with ye, and believe the gospel. thee, thou Jesus of Naza

16 g Now as he walked reth ? art thou come to deby the sea of Galilee, he saw ftroy us? I know thee who Simon, and Andrew his bro- thou art, the Holy One of ther, casting a net into the God. sea : for they were fishers. 25 And Jefus rebuked

17 And Jesus said unto him, saying, Hold thy peace, them, Come


after me, and come out of him. and I will make you to be. 26 And when the uncome fishers of men. clean spirit had torn him,

18 And straightway they and cried with a loud voice, forsook their nets, and fol- he came out of him. lowed him.

27 And they were all a19 And when he had gone mazed, insomuch that they a little farther thence, he faw questioned among them. James the son of Zebedee, felves, saying, What thing is

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obey him.

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this ? what new doctrine is , ed into a solitary place, and
this? for with authority there prayed.
commandeth he even the un- 36 And Simon, and they
clean spirits, and they do that were with him, followed

after him.
28 And immediately his 37 And when they had
fame spread abroad through- found him, they said unto
out all the region round him, All men seek for thee.
about Galilee.

38 And he said unto them, 29 And forthwith when Let us go into the next they were come out of the towns, that I may preach fynagogue, they entered into there also: for therefore came the house of Simon and An- I forth. drew, with James and John. 39 And he preached in

30 But Simon's wife's their fynagogues throughout mother lay fick of a fever ; all Galilee, and cast out deand anon they tell him of vils. her.

40 And there came a le31 And he came and took per to him, beseeching him, her by the hand, and lifted and kneeling down to him, her up: and immediately the and saying unto him, If thou fever left her, and the minif- wilt, thou canst make me tered unto them.

clean. 32 And at even, when 41 And Jesus, moved with the sun did set, they brought compassion, put forth his unto him all that were dif- hand and touched him, and eased, and them that were faith unto him, I will; be poffefled with devils.

thou clean, 33 And all the city was 42 And as soon as he had gathered together at the spoken, immediately the ledoor.

profy departed from him, and 34 And he healed


he was cleansed. that were fick of divers dié 43 And he straitly chargeases, and cast out many de- ed him, and forthwith sent yils ; and suffered not the de- him

away ; vils to speak, because they 44 And faith unto him, knew him.

See thou say nothing to any 35 And in the morning, man: but go thy way, shew rising up a great while before thyself to the priest, and offer day, he went out, and depart for thy cleansing thofe things



which Mofes commanded 7 And when ye shall hear for a testimony unto them. of wars, and rumours of wars,

45 But he went out, and be ye not troubled: for such began to publish it much, things must needs be; but and to blaze abroad the the end fall not be yet. matter, infomuch that Jesus 8 For nation shall rise could no more openly enter against nation, and kingdom into the city, but was with against kingdom: and there out in desert places: and shall be earthquakes in divers they came to him from places, and there shall be faevery quarter.

mines, and troubles: these

are the beginnings of forCHAP. XIII. ND as he went out of 99 But take heed to your

the temple, one of his felves : for they fhall deliver disciples faith unto him, Maf- you up to councils ; and in ter, see what manner of stones the synagogues ye shall be and what buildings are here! beaten : and ye shall be

2 And Jesus answering said brought before rulers and unto him, Seeft thou these kings for my fake, for a great buildings ? there shall testimony against them. not be left one stone upon 10 And the gospel must another, that shall not be first be published among all thrown down.

nations. 3 And as he sat


the 11 But when they ihall mount of Olives over against lead you, and deliver you up, the temple, Peter and James take no thought beforehand and John and Andrew asked what ye shall speak, neither him privately,

do ye premeditate : but what4 Tell us, when shall these foever shall be given you in things be? and what shall be that hour, that speak ye, for the sign when all these things it is not ye that speak, but Ihall be fulfilled ?

the Holy Gholt. 5 And Jesus answering 12 Now the brother shall them began to say, Take betray the brother to death, heed left any man deceive and the father the son: and you :

children shall rise up against 6 For many shall come in their


and shall cause myname, saying, I am Chrift: them to be put to death. and shall deceive many.

13 And ye shall be hated C4



of all men for my name's fake. 22 For false Chrifts and But he that shall endure unto false prophets shall rise, and the end, the same shall be shall Thew signs and wonders, saved.

to seduce, if it were poffible, 14 g But when


shall fee even the elect. the abomination of desolation, 23 But take ye heed: bespoken of by Daniel the pro- hold, I have foretold you all phet, standing where it ought things. not, (let him that readeth

24 9 But in those days, understand,) then let them after that tribulation, the sun that be in Judea flee to the shall be darkened, and the mountains :

moon shall not give her light, 15 And let him that is on 25 And the stars of heaven the housetop not go down thall fall, and the powers that into the house, neither enter are in heaven shall be shaken. therein, to take any thing 26 And then shall they see 'out of his house :

the Son of man coming in 16 And let him that is in the clouds with great power the field not turn back again and glory: for to take up his garment.

27 And then shall he send 17 But woe to them that his angels, and shall gather are with child, and to them together his elect from the that give fuck in those days! four winds, from the utter

18 And pray ye that your most part of the earth to Aight be not in the winter, the uttermost part of hea19

For in those days shall ven. be affliction, such as was not 28 Now learn a parable from the beginning of the of the fig-tree ; When her creation which God created branch is yet tender, and unto this time, neither shall puţteth forth leaves, ye

know be.

that summer is near : 20 And except that the


in like manner, Lord had shortened those when ye shall see these things days, no flesh should be come to pass, know that it is saved: but for the elect's nigh, even at the doors. fake, whom he hath chofen, 30 Verily I say unto you, he hath shortened the days. "That this generation shall

21 And then, if any man not pass till all these things fhall say to you, Lo, here is be done. Christ; or, lo, he is there; 31 Heaven and earth shall believe him not ;

pass away: but my words


pray: for


shall not pass away. vants, and to every man his

32 But of that day and work, and commanded the that hour knoweth no man, porter to watch. no not the angels which are 35 Watch ye therefore : in heaven, neither the Son, for ye know not when the but the Father.

master of the house cometh, 33

Take ye heed, watch at even, or at midnight, or and : for ye know not at the cock crowing, or in when the time is.

the morning : 34 For the Son of man is 36 Lest coming suddenly as a man taking a far jour- he find you sleeping. ney, who left his house, and 37 And what I say unto gave authority to his ser-you, I say unto all, Watch,

From the Gospel according to St. LUKE.
Chap. II.

she should be delivered.
ND it came to pass in

those days, that there her firstborn fon, and wrap went out a decree from Ce-ped him in swaddling clothes, far Augustus, that all the and laid him in a manger; world should be taxed. because there was no room

2 And this taxing was first for them in the inn. made when Cyrenius was go- 8 And there were in the vernor of Syria.

same country shepherds abid3 And all went to be tax- ing in the field, keeping watch ed, every one into his own over their flock by night. city.

9 And, lo, the angel of the 4 And Joseph also went up Lord came upon them, and from Galilee, out of the city the glory of the Lord shone of Nazareth into Judea, unto round about them: and they the city of David, which is were sore afraid. called Bethlehem; because he 10 And the angel faid unto was of the house and lineage them, Fear not: for, behold, of David :

I bring you good tidings of 5 To be taxed with Mary great joy, which shall be to his espoused wife, being great all people. with child.

1 For unto you is born 6 g And so it was, that, this day, in the city of Dawhile they were there the vid, a Saviour, which is days were accomplished that Christ the Lord.

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