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[PUBLIC-NO. 15.]

AN ACT providing for the public printing and binding and the distribution of public documents.

SEC. 73. Extra copies of documents and reports shall be printed promptly when the same shall be ready for publication, and shall be bound in paper or cloth, as directed by the Joint Committee on Printing, and shall be the number following, in addition to the usual number.

[blocks in formation]

Of the Report of the Bureau of Animal Industry, thirty thousand copies, of which seven thousand shall be for the Senate, fourteen thousand for the House, and nine thousand for distribution by the Agricultural Department.

Approved, January 12, 1895.





Washington, D. C., June 1, 1898.

SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith the fourteenth annual report of the Bureau of Animal Industry, prepared in accordance with the organic act of the Bureau.

For various reasons, the reports for the last ten years have been printed and bound biennially; but such arrangements have recently been made in the line of editorial assistance as will enable me hereafter to submit the report soon after the close of each fiscal year. This report differs somewhat in character from its predecessors in the respect that it contains but few scientific papers. This is due principally to the late date upon which the editorial work was taken up, but the volume does not suffer in size, nor is it uninteresting for this omission.

The table of contents shows a list of interesting popular articles, including some investigations relative to sheep scab, anthrax, rabies, etc., conducted by the Bureau. Under the head of "Some agricultural experiment station work" are abstracts of several bulletins issued by experiment stations. It is believed that this feature of these reports will be of practical benefit, and it is designed to abstract for the next report quite fully the station bulletins relative to contagious animal diseases, the feeding of farm animals, and the dairy work. For convenience of reference there is brought together in this volume a large amount of tabular matter, including the movement of farm animals for a series of years; the number and value of farm animals from 1870 to 1896, inclusive, compiled from the reports of the Statistician of this Department; and the imports and exports of animals and animal products for the years 1892 to 1896, inclusive, compiled from the reports issued by the Bureau of Statistics of the Treasury Department. A strenuous effort has been made to secure all of the State and Territorial laws relative to contagious and infectious animal diseases which have not been published in the previous reports of the Bureau, and it is believed that the record is now about


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