Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Exchequer & Exchequer Chamber: From Hilary Term, 6 Will. IV. to [Easter Term, 10 Vict.] Both Inclusive; with Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters. [1836-1847], Volumen12


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Página 596 - January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, and that every will re-executed or republished, or revived by any codicil, shall for the purposes of this act be deemed to have been made at the time at which the same shall be so re-executed, republished, or revived...
Página 197 - ... bankrupt before the credit given to or the debt contracted by him, and what shall appear due on either side on the balance of such account and no more, shall be claimed or paid on either side respectively...
Página 37 - ... be actually made, procured, or provided, or fit, or ready for delivery, or some act may be requisite for the making or completing thereof, or rendering the same fit for delivery...
Página 790 - ... unless the judge or presiding officer before whom such verdict shall be obtained shall immediately afterwards certify on the back of the record, or on the writ of trial or writ of inquiry, that the action was really brought to try a right besides the mere right to recover damages for the trespass or grievance for which the action shall have been brought, or that the trespass or grievance in respect of which the action was brought was wilful and malicious.
Página 355 - ... who owns the surface may dig therein, and apply all that is there found to his own purposes at his free will and pleasure ; and that if, in the exercise of such right, he intercepts or drains off the water collected from underground springs in his neighbour's well, this inconvenience to his neighbour falls within the description of damnum absque injuria, which cannot become the ground of an action.
Página 519 - In all cases in which any particular number of days, not expressed to be clear days, is prescribed by the rules or practice of the courts, the same shall be reckoned exclusively of the first day, and inclusively of the last day...
Página 89 - The principles of the common law do not warrant such a position ; and though, in the case of a dwelling-house taken for habitation, there is no apparent injustice in inferring a contract of this nature, the same rule must apply to land taken for other purposes, — for building upon, or for cultivation, — and there would be no limit to the inconvenience which would ensue.
Página 576 - But the rule of law is clear, that, where one by his words or conduct wilfully causes another to believe the existence of a certain state of things, and induces him to act on that belief, so as to alter his own previous position, the former is concluded from averring against the latter a different state of things as existing at the same time."* In Freeman v.
Página 658 - Officer, and whom it shall not be necessary to prove to be a Commissioner or...
Página 352 - ... from making any use of the spring in his own soil which shall interfere with the enjoyment of the well. He has the power, still further, of debarring the owner of the land in which the spring is first found, or through *hich it is transmitted, from draining his land for the proper cultivation of the soil...

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