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According to Table 3, 63% of religious claims were granted, and 37% were denied. At the judicial level, minority groups appear to fare slightly better than mainline groups: they won 57 cases, or 66% of the cases in which they were involved; majority religions prevailed in 26 cases, or 65% of the cases in which they were involved. Among other things, these figures suggest that judicial review does help remedy the problems minority groups face, and tends to be impartial across groups. Since the data do not indicate that the higher percentage of cases in which minority religions are involved reflect higher levels of ungrounded claims, Table 2's data showing that minority groups face a substantially greater level of problems in the zoning area than mainline churches seems sound.

The percentage of cases in which various denominations' religious challenges to zoning decisions have been won and lost is summarized in Table 4. The figures show the number of claims won and lost both as percentages of the total number of cases and as percentages of the total number of claims in which each denomination (or group of denominations) is involved.

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Percentages of Zoning Cases Won and Lost by Denominational Groups and Percentages of

United States Population


Self-Described %

of Adult Population

Cases won as %
of Total Cases

Cases Lost as % of Total Cases






0.00% 0.00%




Larger Denominations Catholics


10.00% Major Protestants (>1.5% of Adult U.S. Population) Baptists


2.11% Episcopal


3.16% Lutheran


3.16% Methodist


2.11% Pentecostal


0.53% Presbyterian


2.63% Subtotal:


13.68% Minority Denominations (<1.5% of U.S. Population) Assemblies of God


0.00% Buddhist


0.53% Christian Science


0.53% Churches of Christ


0.53% Church of God


1.05% Church of LDS

. 1.40%

1.05% Eastern Orthodox


0.00% Evangelical


0.53% Hare Krishna


0.00% Islam


1.05% Jehovah's Witness


5.79% Judaism


15.79% Quakers


0.53% Seventh Day Adventists


0.53% Unification Church


1.05% Unitarian


1.05% Minority Cases


30.00% Unclassified


8.95% Minority + Unclassified


0.53% 0.00% 1.05%



0.53% 0.53% 0.00%


3.16% 0.00% 0.00%


0.00% 15.26%

9.47% 24.74% 37.37%

Total Cases


The foregoing data suggest that a variety of factors are operating in the zoning area in the United States that lead to de facto discrimination against smaller religious groups. This confirms that behind the surface of ostensibly neutral zoning laws, a variety of discriminatory and prejudicial factors may be operational that have the effect of violating the religious rights of minority groups.


To facilitate access to the date provided in this appendix, the cases reviewed are listed below, classified as they have been categorized in the study. Within each denominational category, the citations appear alphabetically by jurisdiction (with federal cases preceding state cases) in reverse chronological order. The parenthetical following the citations includes how the case was classified for purposes of the study. The letters in the parentheticals have the following meanings:

G = The religious organization prevailed on the religious claim asserted.
D = The religious claim asserted was denied.
L = The case was a "location" case.
A = The case was an "accessory use" case.


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1993) (D) (A) Tustin Heights Ass'n v. Board of Supervisors of County of Orange, 339 P.2d 914

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