House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volumen3

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Página 74 - ... the congress of the United States, and the legislatures of the several states...
Página 11 - States ; and be it further Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate be hereby directed to transmit copies of this resolution to the President and Vice President of the United States...
Página 7 - ... and all the munitions of war which may be required for the fortresses of the country, the armies in the field, and for the whole body of the militia of the Union. In these duties are comprised that of determining the general principles of construction and of prescribing in detail the models and forms of all military weapons employed in war. They comprise also the duty of prescribing the regulations for the proof and inspection of all these weapons, for maintaining uniformity and economy in their...
Página 8 - Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives requested, to introduce and vote for a bill to repeal an Act entitled ' an Act respecting fugitives from justice and persons escaping from the service of their masters...
Página 60 - A judicious system of roads and canals, constructed for the convenience of commerce, and the transportation of the mail only, without any reference to military operations, is, itself, among the most efficient means for " the more complete defence of the United States.
Página 79 - States, on account of the claims hitherto preferred, or which may hereafter be preferred, relating to the seizure, detention, condemnation or confiscation, of their vessels, cargoes, or property whatsoever, which in the last maritime war of Denmark, have taken place under the flag of Denmark, or in the States subject to the Danish sceptre ; and the said claims shall consequently be regarded as definitively and irrevocably terminated.
Página 60 - ... undertakings of that nature, which as objects of public improvement may require and deserve the aid of government, and also a statement of works of the nature mentioned, which have been commenced, the progress which has been made in them, and the means and prospect of their being completed, and all such information as in the opinion of the secretary shall be material, in relation to the objects of this resolution.
Página 79 - His Majesty the King of Denmark renounces the indemnities which might be claimed from the Government of the United States of America, for the subjects of Denmark, on account of the seizure, detention and condemnation or confiscation of their vessels, cargoes or property whatsoever, under the authority of the said Government; and...
Página 60 - Opposed in principle to a large standing army, our main reliance for defence must be on the militia, to be called out frequently from a great distance, and under the pressure of an actual invasion. The experience of the late war amply proves, in the present state of our internal improvements, the delay, the uncertainty, the anxiety, and exhausting effects of such calls.

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