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No. 1. The Privilege of Silence and Immunity

Statutes. By F. Beecher, 3. No. 2. Invalidity of Interstate Railway Transpor

tation Contracts of Common Carriers. By M.

C. Freerks, 29. No. 3. The Abuse of the Corporation Charter.

By Don E. Mowry, 49. No. 4. Privileged Communications Between At

torney and Client. By W. C. Rodgers, 66. No. 5. Some Observations on the Duration of Oil

and Natural Gas Leases. By Sumner Ken

ner, 39.

No. 6. Mental Anguish Doctrine in Telegraph

Cases. By George A. Lee, 108. No. 7. Theory of the Case-the Ambulatory Rule.

By W. T. Hughes, 128. No. 8. Tbe Prevention of Trusts and Monopolies.

By R. M. Benjamin, 147. No. 9. Tbe Ambulatory Rule-As Viewed from

tbe Maxim Verba Fortius Accipiuntur Contra

Proferentem. “By W. T. Hughes, 167. No. 10. Restraint of the Insane. By Charles P.

Williams, 187.
No. 11. Some Observations on State Laws and

Municipal Ordinances in Contravention of
Common Rights, Interfering with Individual
Liberty, and Attempting to Regulate Personal
Association and Employment. By Eugene

McQuillin, 209.
No. 12. Uniform Law Relating to Annulment of

Marriage and Divorce. By Walter George

Smitb, 229. No. 13. Christianity and the Law. By Andrew

Alexander Bruce, 247.

No. 14. The Results Flowing from the Extinction

of the Civil Action for Conspiracy. By Rob-
ert L. McWilliams, 266.
The Power of Appellate Courts to Cut Down
Excessive Verdicts. By Robert L. McWil-

liams. 267. No. 15. Do Freight Carrying Interurban Elec

tric Railways Impose a Servitude on Streets.

By Edward F. White, 283. No. 16. Negligence in the Use of Automobiles.

By J. W. Thompson, 300.
No. 17. An Interesting Insurance Case. By I. M.

Earle, 325.
Statute of Limitations Between Trustee and
Cestui Que Trust in Recent Cases. By F.

Beecher, 326.
No. 18. The Doctrine or Imputed Contributory

Negligence as Applied to Persons Sui Juris.

By John T. Marsball, 347. No. 19. Latent Equities. By George A. Lee, 363. No. 20. “Truck Acts," “Scrip Laws," and

"Pluck-me-Stores." By 0. H. Myrick, 387. No. 21. The Tool Case of Colorado-Right of

Appellate Tribunal to Assume Charge of
Elections by Writ of Injunction. By Edward

P. Costigan, 402.
No. 22. The Power of a Court to Compel a Plaint-

iff in a Suit to Submit to a Physical Ex

amination. By Sumner Kenner, 428. No. 23. Is the Furnishing of Liquors to its Mem.

bers by a Bona fide Social Club a Sale. By

B. F. Watson, 442. No. 24. The Courts and the Railroad Question.

By M. C. Freerks, 467. No. 25. Is the Furnishing of Liquors to its Mem

bers by a Bona fide Social Club a Sale. By B. F. Watson, 482.

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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Import. ant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially—R. D., cases commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

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Abbott v. Hayes County (Neb.) Validity of an

Agreement to Take Less Salary by a Public Officer than that Provided by Law, R.

D., 466. Adams v. University Hospital (Mo.) Charities

-Liability for Negligence, ann. case, 214. American Woolen Company v. Kennebec Water

District (Me.) Salus Populi Suprema Lex,

Ed., 481. Baart v. Martin (Minn.) Torrens System of Title

Registration--Setting Aside Registration

Obtained by Fraud, ann. case, 306. Baker Furniture Co. v. Hall (Neb.) Liability

of Original Corporation Upon Re-incorpor

ation, R. D., 433. Barnes v. Long Island R. Co. (N. Y.) Contract

Limiting Liability of Railroad Company to the Value of a Shipment Given by Shipper to Obtain Concession in Rates Held

Valid, R. D., 2. Barnett v. Sussman (N. Y.) Vendor and Pur

chaser-When There May be a Waiver Because of Default of Payment at Time Spe

cified, R. D., 265. Bevington v. Bevington (Iowa) When Parol

Gift of Land Will be Sustained, ann. case,

286. Brennison v. Pennsylvania R. Co. (Minn.) Car

riers-Damages where Fruit Delivered in Bad Condition and Evidence as to Negli.

gence, R. D., 228. Brooks v. Southern Pacific Co. (U. S. D. C., W.

D. Ky.) Federal Employers' Liability Act

Unconstitutional, ann. case, 52.
Burrall v. Telegraph Co. (III.) Eminent Do-

main-Right of Land Owner to Relief
Where a Telephone Company Built Line
Along the Highway Without Obtaining his
Consent. where Delay was Short of Statute

of Limitations in Bringing Suit. R. D., 187. Carmeau v. North American Transportation &

Trading Company (Wa'sh.) Something of
Interest in Regard to Contracts Broken
Before Time for Full Performance has Ar-

rived, Ed. 361. City of Kansas City v. Hennegen (U. S. C. C.,

W. D. Mo.) Whether or Not a Controversy is Separable within the Meaning of the Removal Act, is to be Determined by the Intent of the State Legislature with Respect to the Form of Procedure, ann. case,

352. Commonwealth v. Ieradi (Pa) Witnesses

May Court Instruct Jury to Disregard Entire Testimony of Witness who has Teg

tified Falsely in any Particular. R. D., 246. Connell y. Clifford (Colo.) Boundaries-No Ac

miescence where Party Ignorant that Building Encroaches over Boundary Line,

R. D.. 323.
Culberson v. Alabama Const. Co. (Ga.) Right of

Parent to Proceeds of Services of Minor
Child, ann. case, 412.

Cumberland Telegraph & Telephone Co. v. Ho

bart (Miss.) Duty of Telephone Company

to Furnish Service, ann. case, 93. Cummings v. Wilson (Minn.) Reasonable Time

in the Performance of Contracts, Ed. 245. Dr. Miles Medical Co. V. Jaynes Drug Co. (U. S.

C. C., D. Mass.) Injunction-Sufficiency of Bill Charging Inducing Violations of Con. tracts, R. D., 282.

1 Davis v. Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co. (W. Va.)

What Constitutes Malicious Mischief

Harmless Error, R. D., 299. Davis v. Louisville, H. & St. L. Ry. Co. (Ky.)

Contributory Negligence-When a Person is Injured by a Passing Train at a Crossing not Public where the Railroad Company Should Give Warning. the Fact that she Contributed to the Negligence is not

Conclusive, R. D., 48. Elser v. Village of Gross Point (111.) An In

junction will Lie to Restrain the Collection of Water by a Municipality in an Artificial Channel and Casting Same on the Land of Another in Undue Quantities when, ann.

case, 72. Evans v. Eastern Telephone & Telegraph Co.

(Ky.) Negligence--Telephone Wires Left in House after Termination of Contract when Conducting Lightning into House Causing

Damage. Question one for Jury. R. D., 298. Greenwald v. Ford (S. Dak.) Forged Check

Bank Piving a Check has a Right to Rely on the Indorsements in Regular

Course, R. D.. 264. Grover v. Zook (Wash.) Breach of Marriage

Promise-Defenses--111 Health, R. D.451. Hall's Estate. In re (Iowa) Wills—the doctrine

of Advancement to an Heir Applies Only in Case of Intestacy and Not to a Will, R. D.,

1 26. Harris v. State (Fla.) Criminal Law-Verdict

of “Receiving Stolen Goods" Not Responsive to an Indictment for that Offense, R.

D., 402.
Hebert V. Lee (Tenn.) Principal and Surety-

Discharge of Surety Because of Failure of
Obligee to Notify Surety of Principal's

Previous Improper Conduct, R. D.. 426. Hooper v. Bacon (Me.) Damages Where There

was a Personal Injury and Physician Employed by Party Injured may not have Used the Requisite Skill, or may have Erred in Judgment, Whereby Injured Party did not Recover as Soon as Otherwise, R. D.,

442. Illinois Cent. R. Co. v. Warren (U. S. C. C. of

App. Fifth Circuit) Carriers-Whether Call of Station an Invitation to Alight. ann.

case, 234. Iowa State Bank V. Cereal Refund & Broker

age Co. (Iowa) Banks and Banking-Paying a Check on Bank by Mistake when there


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