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Happiness is of the heart, and it is the mind that gives its tone and coloring to Nature.

There is a spell in every flower

A sweetness in each spray,
And every simple bird has power

To please me with its lay!

And there is music on each breeze

That sports along the glade!
The crystal dew-drops on the trees

Are gems, by Fancy made :

There's gladness too in everything,

And beauty over all,
For everywhere comes on, with Spring,

A charm which cannot pall!

And I!-my heart is full of joy,

And gratitude is there,
That He, who might my life destroy,

Has yet vouchsafed to spare.

The friends I once condemned, are now

Affectionate and true :
I wept a pledged one's broken vow-

But he proves faithful too.

And now there is a happiness

In everything I see,
Which bids my soul rise up and bless

The God who blesses me.





(Written at West Point.)

I'm not romantic, but, upon my word,

There are some moments when one can't help feeling As if his heart's chords were so strongly stirred

By things around him, that 'tis vain concealing
A little music in his soul still lingers
Whene'er its keys are touched by Nature's fingers :

And even here, upon this settee lying,

With many a sleepy traveller near me snoozing, Thoughts warm and wild are through my bosom flying,

Like founts when first into the sunshine oozing: For who can look on mountain, sky, and river, Like these, and then be cold and calm as ever?

Bright Dian, who, Camilla like, dost skim yon

Azure fields - Thou who, once earthward bending, Didst loose thy virgin zone to young Endymion

On dewy Latmos to his arms descendingThou whom the world of old on every shore Type of thy sex, Triformis, did adore :

Tell me - where'er thy silver barque be steering,

By bright Italian or soft Persian lands,
Or o'er those island-studded seas careering,

Whcse pearl-charged waves dissolve on coral strands-
Tell if thou visitest, thou heavenly rover,
A lovelier spot than this the wide world over ?

Doth Achelous or Araxes flowing

Twin-born from Pindus, but ne'er meeting brothersDoth Tagus o'er his golden pavement glowing,

Or cradle-freighted Ganges, the reproach of mothers, The storied Rhine, or far-famed Guadalquiver, Match they in beauty my own glorious river ?

What though no turret gray nor ivied column

Along these cliffs their sombre ruins rear?
What though no frowning tower or temple solemn

Of despots tell and superstition here -
What though that mouldering fort's fast-crumbling walls
Did ne'er enclose a baron's bannered halls -

Its sinking arches once gave back as proud

An echo to the war-blown clarion's peal,
As gallant hearts its battlements did crowd

As ever beat beneath a vest of steel
When herald's trump on knighthood's haughtiest day
Called forth chivalric host to battle fray:




For here amid these woods did He keep court,

Before whose mighty soul the common crowd Of heroes, who alone for fame have fought, Are like the Patriarch's sheaves to Heaven's chosen

bowed He who his country's eagle taught to soar, And fired those stars which shine o'er every shore.

And sights and sounds at which the world have wondered,

Within these wild ravines have had their birth; Young Freedom's cannon from these glens have thundered,

And sent their startling echoes o'er the earth ; And not a verdant glade nor mountain hoary But treasures up within the glorious story.

And yet not rich in high-souled memories only,

Is every moon-touched headland round me gleaming, Each cavernous glen and leafy valley lonely,

And silver torrent o'er the bald rock streaming : But such soft fancies here may breathe around, As make Vaucluse and Clarens hallowed ground.

Where, tell me where, pale watcher of the night

Thou that to love so oft hast lent its soul,
Since the lorn Lesbian languished ’neath thy light

Or fiery Romeo to his Juliet stole-
Where dost thou find a fitter place on earth
To nurse young love in hearts like theirs to birth ?

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