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His "History of England” cited,

73, 74.
Jackson, Andrew, Pres. of the U.S., Lehmann, Frederic W., 258n.

"The Jackson and Van Buren Cited, 258.
papers," paper by William Mac- Levasseur, Emile, elected a foreign
Donald, 231-238.

member, 2.
James I., of England, 94, 95. Librarian, see Barton, Edmund M.
Jameson, J. Franklin, 11, 15, 238, Librarian's and General Fund, 168.

269, 374n. Memoir of John G. Condition of, 169.
Bourinot by, 16–19. Memoir of Library of Congress, "Jackson and

Douglas Brymner by, 26.-21. Van Buren papers” in, paper by
Jefferson, Thomas, Pres. of the U.S., William MacDonald, 231-238.
180, 265, 285.

Library of the Society, report of
Jenks, Henry F., his gift to the the Librarian, 175–189. Sources
Society, 180.

of gifts to, 178, 179. Remainder
Johns Hopkins Studies in History of Dr. Haven's library trans-
and Political Science, 13.

ferred to, 181. Mr. Waldo Lin-
Johnson, Mrs. William W., her coln appointed member of
gift to the Society, 181.

Library Committee, 272. List

of Alabama, Mississippi and Tenn-

essee newspaper files_in, pre-

pared by Mrs. Mary R. Reynolds,
Kehr, E. H., 260n. Cited, 260.

Kendall, Amos, 233. Burning of Life membership fund, 168. Con-
Jackson papers while in posses-

dition of, 172.
sion of, 232.

Lincoln, Abraham, Pres. of the
Kent, Henry T., 260n. Cited, 260. U. S., 255.
Kingsbury, Frederick J., letters Lincoln, Levi, Attorney-General, 179.

from, asking for meaning of Lincoln, Solomon, of committee
term “Cornwallis," 186, 187. to prepare vote with reference

George L., presents copy to bequest from Mr. Salisbury,
of his "The Old Farmer and his 264. Vote offered by, 265.
Almanack," 180.

Lincoln, Waldo, appointed member
Klein, Jacob, 257n. Cited, 257. of Library committee, 272.
Knights of Labor, proposed aim Lincoln, William, 270.
of, 140.

Lincoln Legacy Fund, 168. Condi-

tion of, 170.

Logan, John A., review of his

"The Great Conspiracy,” 381n.
“Labor organizations in ancient, Lok, Michael, 338.

mediæval and modern times," Longfellow, Miss Alice M., 9, 10.
paper by Carroll D. Wright, Longfellow, Henry W., why he

wrote the ballad of the French
Lamprecht, Karl, 349, ib. n. Cited, Fleet, 5, Ballad by, 7, 8.

Lotteries, attempts to raise money
Lang, Andrew, 377n., 379n., 399. by, 47, 48, 66.
His criticism of James Anthony Loubat, Joseph F., his gift to the
Froude, 377, 378. Cited 414n.

Society, 180.
Langley, Samuel P.,, death of, Louisburg, Cape Breton, capitula-

announced, 272. Obituary of, tion of, 70.

by Samuel Utley, 309. Lowell, James Russell, his defini-
Laud, William, Archbishop, 96, 97, tion of word “Cornwallis," 189,

111, 117-119, 121.
Lea, J. Henry, statement of Com-

mittee of Publication regarding
his editing "Will of Thomas Macaulay, Thomas B., Lord, his
Hore," 130, 131.

style as historian, 375, ib. n.
Lecky, William E. H., 350, ib. n. 376, ib. n.


MacDonald, William, 138. Paper | New Jersey, part taken by, in scheme

by, on "The Jackson and Van for conquest of Canada in 1746,
Buren papers," 231-238.

87, 88.
Mackail, John 'w., 357n. Cited, New York, part taken by, in scheme
357, 358.

for conquest of Canada in 1746,
McMaster, John B., 417n.

87. Copy of Bakewell's View
Martyr, Peter, see Anglerius, Peter of New York City, 284, 285.
Martyr d'.

Newcastle, Duke of, see Pelham,
Maryland, part taken by in scheme Thomas, Duke of Newcastle.

for conquest of Canada in 1746, Newspapers, list of Alabama, Missis-
88, 89.

sippi, and Tennessee newspaper
Massachusetts,"Emergent Treasury files in library of the Society,

Supply in, in Early Days," paper 274-279.

by Andrew McF. Davis, 32-68.
Massachusetts Historical Society,

Mayhew, Rev. Jonathan, 286.

Oxford University, list of published
Members, names of those present

inaugural addresses at, 363, 364.
at meetings, 1, 133, 263. Elec-

Names of men who have held
tion of, 2, 136, 264.

the position of Regius Professor
Menendez, Rodolf, biographical no-

of Modern History at, 363n.
tice of Joaquin Hübbe by, 303–

Merriman, Daniel, 153. States that Paine, Nathaniel, 11, 135, 263.
his paper was prepared at the

Re-elected Treasurer, 137. Re-
solicitation of Senator Hoar, 2, 3. elected a member of the Com-
Reply to Dr. Hall, 4, 5. Paper

mittee of Publication, ib. His
by, on “Jeremy Taylor and

collection of memorials of Senator
religious liberty in the English Hoar, 156. Submits his Report
Church,” 93–124.

as Treasurer, 168–174. Semi-
Mississippi, list of newspaper files Annual Report of the Council
printed in, in the Library of the

by, 268-273. "Remarks on the
Society, 274, 275.

early American engravings and
Monroe, James, Pres. of the U. S.,

Cambridge Press Imprints

(1640–1692) in the Library of
Montejo, Francisco de, goes to the American Antiquarian
Yucatan, 241. His work carried

Society" paper by, 280-289.
on by his son, 242.

Palfrey, William, 267.
Morris, Lewis, Gov. of New Jersey, Paltsits, Victor H., 5. Remarks

on his paper, 2. Paper by, on
Morris, William, 357, ib. n., 358, A scheme for the conquest of

Canada in 1746," 69–92.
Morse, Anson D., prefatory remarks Pane, Ramon, "Columbus, Ramon
to his paper, 264, 265. Reason

Pane and the beginnings of
why his paper is not published, American Anthropology" paper

by Edward G. Bourne, 310–348.
Municipal ownership, an ancient

List of modern works dealing
instance of, paper by Samuel directly with the treatise of, or
Utley, 125–130.

particularly serviceable in the
Münsterberg, Hugo, 350.

study of it, 316-317. Treatise

of Friar Ramon on the Anti-

quities of the Indians which he,

as one who knows their language,
Naverrette, Gen., statement of, diligently collected by command

of the Admiral, 318-338.
New Hampshire, men enlisted Paul, Herbert, his “Life of Froude,"

from, for conquest of Canada, 376n., 379n. Ib. cited, 378, ib. n.,
in 1746, 85.


ib. n.

Peacock, Edward, results of his of Washington, 178. Colored

study of Christian names, 395, print of his Boston Massacre, 287.

Reynolds, Mrs. Mary R., 270, 271.
Pec, Dionisio, 249. Statement of, List of Alabama, Mississippi and

Tennessee newspaper files pre-
Pelham, Henry, 73, 74.

pared_by, 274–279.
Pelham, Peter, engravings by, in Rhode Island, part taken by, in

the Library of the Society, 281 scheme for conquest of Canada

in 1746, 85, 86.
Pelham-Holles, Thomas, Duke of Rhodes, James F. 401, ib. n.

Newcastle, 73-75, 77, 88. Letter Rice, Franklin P., his gift to the

to Gov. Shirley cited, 91, 92. Society, 182.
Pennsylvania, part taken by, in Richardson, Rev. John, line title

scheme for conquest of Canada of sermon by, with explanatory
in 1746, 88.

note, 177, 178.
Pepperrell, Sir William, 70, 283. Richman, Irving B., cited, 383.
Perry, Joseph H., description of Tribute to his work, 383n.

Millstone Hill by, 128, 129. Rivero, Don Miguel, discovers upris-
Perry, Oliver, 286.

ing of Indians of Yucatan, 244.
Phips, Sir William, results of Roden, Robert F., 290, 298.
expedition under, 69.

Rogers, Horatio, 12. Memoir of,
Pierce, Abijah, 187, 188.

by Samuel Utley, 15, 16.
Pinkus, Edward, 248, Short sketch Roosevelt, Theodore, Pres. of U.S.,
of, 246, 247.

cited, 398n.
Poinsett, Joel R., letter to, cited, Ropes, John C., 401, ib. n.

Russell, E. Harlow, re-elected a
Poot, Cresencio, Chief, death of, Councillor, 137.

Rye, Walter, 391n. Participates
Poot, Leandro, Chief, 249. His in discussion of "Squire papers,"

account of the battle with the 390, 391.

white men, 250, 251.
Powell, Frederick York, 369n.

Cited, 369.
Price, William, short account of Salisbury, James H., obituary of,

his "South East View of ye by Samuel Utley, 167.
Great Town of Boston in New Salisbury, Stephen, Senior, 299.
England, American," 284.

Salisbury, Hon. Stephen, 11, 176,
Prince, Rev. Thomas, 5, 6, 283. 299. Anecdote of, 300.
Provincial Congress, organization Salisbury, Stephen, 1, 133, 139,

of, 50, 51. Efforts of, to raise 263, 264. Re-elected President,
money, 52–55.

135. Remarks by, in introduc-
Publishing Fund, 168. Condition

ing Mr. Casares, 138. Vote
of, 170.

adopted by the Society regard-
Putnam, Herbert, 184.

ing real estate devised by, 265.
Putnam, Samuel, case of Green v.


of, announced, 268.
Putnam, 127, 128.

Special meeting of the Council

on death of, ib. His will cited,

269. Income from real estate be-

queathed to Society by, 271, 272.
Raleigh, N. C., regulations and Memorial of, by Edward E. Hale,

rates of board at the Exchange 299-302 Obituary of, by Sam-
Hotel in, 182, 183.

uel Utley, 302, 303.
Rawnsley, H. D., 157. Tribute to, Salisbury Building Fund,

134. His Sonnet "Senator Hoar Condition of, 171.
In Memoriam," 158.

Salley, Alexander S., Jr., 397n.
Revere, Maria A., her letter, 178. Schoolcraft, Henry R., 184.
Revere, Paul, supplementary in- Schuyler, Col. Peter, commands

formation relative to his portrait the New Jersey companies, 88.

Takes four Indian chiefs to 311-313.
England, 280, 281.

Taylor, Jeremy, 2 Remarks on his
Semi-annual meetings of the Society, *Ductor Dubitantium," 3, 4.
1, 263.

"Jeremy Taylor and religious
Sewall, Rev. Joseph, 283, 286. liberty in the English Church"
Shaw, 'Miss Elizabeth, 10.

paper by Daniel Merriman, 93–
Shaw, Henry, 259.

Shepard, Edward M., 232. Temple, Frederick, Archbishop of
Sherman, Roger, 157.

Canterbury, 156.
Sherman, William T., 256. Tennessee, list of newspaper files
Shirley, William, Gov. of Mass., printed in, in the Library of the

41, 72, 75–77, 89, 90. Why there Society, 274, 275.
are no records of the destruction Tenney Fund, 168. Condition of,
of the French Fleet by, 6, 7. 171.
Proclamation issued by, 78, 79. Thomas, Allen C., letter from,
Urges conquest of Canada, 80. with list of books for the Society,
Message sent to, 81. His speech 180, 181.
to the Great and General Court,” Thomas Gov. George, 88.
82–85. Letter to, from Duke Thomas, Isaiah, 11, 134. Diary
of Newcastle cited, 91, 92. of, in process of publication,
Sierra, Justo, 240.

270. Collection and Research
Simon, J., his portraits of four Fund founded by bequest from,
Indian chiefs, 280, 281.

Smith, Charles C., re-elected a Thomas, Robert B., 180.

member of the Committee of Thomas Local History Fund, 168.
Publication, 137.

Condition of, 171.
Smith, Goldwin, 407. Cited, 408. Thompson, Edward H., 138, 225,
Sparks, Jared, “Life and writings” ib. n. Cited, 226. Paper by,
of, 13.

on "A page of American history,
Spencer, Mary C., letter from, 184. 239-252.
"Spirit of '76," numbers lacking of, Thomson, William, 19.

Thucydides, translation of, by
Squire, Samuel, 389.

George F. Hoar, 151, 152.
Squire, William, 389.

Thwaites, Reuben G., 181. His
Squire papers, brief explanation of, tribute to James D. Butler cited,

389. Controversy regarding 308.
390, 391. Further remarks on, Tillinghast, Pardon E., his tribute
394, 395.

to Horatio Rogers, cited, 16.
Stanton, Edwin M. 256.

Todd, William C., cited, 351, 352.
Staples, Hamilton B., 21. Topanelian, Michael H., 183.
Starr, William E., 253.

Treasurer, see Paine, Nathaniel.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, 392n. Cited,392. "Treaty of Uxbridge," 120.
Stephens, H. Morse, 369, 404. Trevelyan, George M., 369.
Cited, 380.

Trollope, Anthony, 393, 394.
Stevens, Benjamin F., Index to his Trumbull, J. Hammond, 177.

"Facsimiles,'' 135, 136. His
Index of Franklin Papers, 154.

Strong, Caleb, Gov. of Mass., 272.
Stubbs, William, Bishop of Oxford, Ulloa, Alfonso, 311.
371 n. Cited, 371.

University of Wisconsin, growth
Sumner, William G., cited, 48. of, under Pres. Adams, 29.
Sweetser, Rev. Seth, 254.

Upham, Henry P., his gift to the
Sybel, Heinrich von, 381n., 383. Society, 181.
Cited, 380, 381.

Utley, Samuel, 1, Remarks on

Andrew H. Green's right to
the stone quarry, 9. With

Andrew McF Davis presents
Tainos, religion and folk-lore of, the Report of the Council 11-31


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swax For EL E se bority.

a les As no sé municipal on To by bel tley,

is record of the *regut, Carrollo D., cand a Councillor, 1

try, on "Labor organ i nient, mediaeval a

times," 139-149. is venditte , hon ohtu the Wright, William A., 39 Wome, 1m, 149, 14%.

Wyer, James I., Jr., 42

Y. Wym, , Pres. of the

Yucatan. "Notice Wamar, Iwniai, 21,

with some remarks Wandtan, William , re-elected a supply," paper by I Cilla, 136."1lle letter to 207-230.

A page Mi Wor, 401, 4092,


paper by Wana, Muson 1., 374, tb, n. Thompson, 239-253

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