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Engravings and the Cambridge

Press Imprints, (1640–1692) in
Adams, Charles, brief sketch of, the Library of”, paper by Na-

thaniel Paine, 280-298. Revised
Adams, Charles Francis, 365. Re list of portraits belonging to,

elected Secretary for Domestic 288-290.
Correspondence, 137.

American Board of Commissioners
Adams, Charles Kendall, 13, 308. for Foreign Missions, 183.

Memoir of, by James D. Butler, American Historical Association,

organization of, 13. List of
Adams, Mrs. Charles Kendall, "Presidents' addresses" before,
brief sketch of, 30, 31.

Adams, Herbert B., 2, 11, 350n., Ancient and Honorable Artillery

374n. Memoir of, by G. Stanley Company, sermons of, in the
Hall, 12-15.

Library of the American Anti-
Adams, John, Pres. of the U. S., quarian Society, 177.
286, 288.

Ancona, Eligio, 240.
Adams, Samuel, 286.

Anderson, Rufus, 183.
Alabama, list of newspaper files Andrews, E. Benjamin, cited, 382.

printed in, in the Library of the Andros, Sir Edmund, 32, 39.
Society, 274, 275.

Anglerius, Peter Martyrd', 315,
Alden Fund, 168. Condition of, 318n.-323n., 325n., 326n., 332n.


314. Epitome of the
Allen, Ethan, 253.

treatise of Friar Ramon inserted
American Antiquarian Society, by, in his De Rebus Oceanices

new book-plate, 11. Right of, et Novo Orbe, 338-348.
to anything printed by U. S. Annual meeting of the Society, 133.
government, 134. Disposal of Anthropology, "Columbus, Ram-
duplicate unbound newspapers on Pane and the beginning of
of, 175. Contribution to munici American Anthropology," paper
pal Library of Frankfort-on-the by Edward G. Bourne, 310-348.
Main, by, ib. Description of Anville, Nicolas de la Roche-
John' and Eliza Davis Fund foucauld, Duc d', destruction of
book-plate, and engraved book fleet commanded by, 71.
plate for general use, 176. Visi- Ashcourt, Henry, 37.
tor's book, ib. Vote adopted Auditors, see Bullock, A. George,
by, regarding the real estate and Hill, Benjamin T.
devised by Stephen Salisbury Austin, Jonathan L., appointed
to, 265. Loss to, by death to negotiate a loan in Europe, 67,
of Mr. Salisbury, 268. Be 68.
quest to, from Mr. Salisbury, Ay, Manuel, 243, 244.
269. List of Mss. published by,
270. Income from real estate
bequeathed to, by Mr. Salisbury,
271, 272. Amendment to Act Bakewell, Thomas, copy of his
of Incorporation of, ib. "Re view of New York in 1746, 284,
marks on the early American 285.


Bancroft, George, 365, Letter from, Brymner, Alexander, tribute to,
to Edward L. Davis, 179.

“Banks," meaning of term, 40. Brymner, Douglas, 11. Memoir
Bartlett, John R.; 177, 280.

of, by J. Franklin Jameson, 19-
Barton, Edmund M., 135, 267.! 21.

Submits his Report as Librarian, Bullock, A. George, re-elected an
175-189. Chosen Secretary pro auditor, 137. Certificate as
tem., 263.

auditor, 174.
Baxter, James Phinney, re-elected Bury, John B., 367, 411n. Cited,

a Councillor, 137. His definition 352, 370, 411.
of history, 350n.

Butler, James D., memoir of
Bayard, Thomas F., 156.

Charles Kendall Adams by, 2131.
Beckwith, Hiram W., 184.

Death of, announced, 272. Obit-
Bedford, Duke of, cited, 74, 75. Luary of, by Samuel Utley, 307,
Bernard, Sir Francis, 44-46, 49, 50. 308.
Blair, Montgomery, his collection Byles Rev. Mather, 282.

of Jackson papers, 231.
Bollan, William, 48-50.
Bookbinding Fund, 168. Condition
of, 170.

Cambridge Press Imprints, "Re-
Book-plates, 11. Description of John marks on the Early American

and" Eliza Davis Fund book Engravings and the Cambridge
plate, and engraved book-plate Press imprints (1640–1692) in
for general use, 176.

the Library of the American
Boston, Mass., effort to raise money Antiquarian Society", paper by

to preserve the "Old South Nathaniel Paine, 280-289.
Meeting House," 5. Account of Cambridge University, Eng., names
the Price map of, 284.

of men who have held the posi-
Boston Massacre, colored print tion of Regius Professor of
of, 287.

Modern History at, 3631., 364n.
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 280. List of published inaugural

List of Pelham portraits exhibited addresses at, 364.
at, 282, 283.

Campbell, James V., 184.
Bourinot, John, 16.

Canada, “A Scheme for the Con-
Bourinot, John G., 11. Memoir quest of, in 1746," paper by
of, by J. Franklin Jameson, 16- Victor H. Paltsits, 69-92. Ar-

chives of, collected by Douglas
Bourne, Edward G., 265, 374n., | Brymner, 20.

378n., 383n.. Answers Mr. Caner, Rev. Henry, 282.
Davis, 266. Paper by, on "Co-"Cape Fear Mercury”, 397n.
lumbus, Ramon Pane and the Carlyle, Thomas, 374,404. Accepts
beginnings of American An-| the Squire papers as genuine,
thropology", 310–348.

Bradford Manuscript, 156. Carnegie, Andrew, 259.
Brentano, Lujo, his' “Guilds and Carrillo, Cresencio, Bishop of Yuca-

Trades' Union's” cited, 141, 143. tan, 240.
Bridges, Mrs. Joanna, 100. Casares, David, 138, 301. Paper by,
Brigham, Clarence S., elected al on “A notice of Yucatan with
Member, 136.

some remarks on its water sup-
Brinley, George, 177.

ply," 207-230. Translation by,
Brockwell, Rev. Charles, 282. of Prof. Menendez's biographical
Brooks, Phillips, Bishop, cited, notice of Joaquin Hübbe, 303–

Browning, Oscar, 404n., 405n. His Casas, Bartolomé de Las, 313. Cited,

"The Äight to Varennes” cited, 314, 318 n., 319n.
404, 405.

Cass, Lewis, 236.
Browning, Robert, 383, 384. Cenotes, description of, 220. Most
Bryce, James, 13.

remarkable examples of, 221–223.



Sacred cenote, 224-226. Gen James D. Butler, and of Samuel
eral belief regarding, ib, 227. P. Langley, 272.
Chamberlain, Alexander F.,, 185. Councillors, election of, 136, 137.
Chamberlain, Mellen, 350, ib. n. County Convention, function of,
Chandler, John, 34.

Chandler Fund, 168, Condition of, Craigie, Andrew, 10, ib. n.

Craigie, Mrs. Andrew, 10n. Bap-
Charles I. of England, 94-96. Le tismal

Elizabeth, not
gend of his gifts to Jeremy Nancy, 9, 10.
Taylor, 99, 100.

Creighton, Rt. Rev. Mandell, Bishop
Chase, Charles A., 138. Re-elected of London, 417n.

Recording Secretary, 137. Re-Cromwell, Oliver, 100, 101. Au.
elected a member of the Com thenticity of the "Squire papers"
mittee of Publication, ib.

questioned, 389-391. Criticism
Chi, Cecilio, 243, 245.

of Squire papers, 394, Christian
Chillingworth, William, 113, 116, names of rank and file of his
117, 119. Cited, 114, 115.

army, 395.
, Winston, 255.

Cunningham, William, 143.
Coleridge, Samuel T., 105. Cutler, Rev. Timothy, 283.
Collection and Research Fund,
168. Condition of, 170. Sug-

gestion as to use of, 271.
Collegium, original purpose of, 147. Daniel, John W., 155.
Colman, Rev. Benjamin, 282. Davis,' Andrew McF., 1, 2. His
Columbus, Christopher, 285. “Co gift to the Society, 11, 179.

lumbus, Ramon Pane and the With Samuel Utley presents
beginning of American anthro the Report of the Council, 11-31.
pology," paper by Edward G. Paper by, on “Emergent Treas.
Bourne, 310-348.

ury_Supply in Massachusetts
Columbus, Ferdinand, 310, 314. in Early Days," 32-68. Speaks

His "Histoire," cited, 311-313. of English Historical ms. collec-
Committee of Publication, state tions, 136. Re-elected a Coun-

ment of, in regard to the Will cillor, 137. Report as delegate
of Thomas Hore, 130, 131. Note to Franklin bi-centenary at Phil-
by, [421].

adelphia, 264. Inquiry of, 265,
Connecticut, part taken by, in 266. Speaks of traditions rela-

scheme for conquest of Canada tive to arrival of clothed strangers
in 1746, 86, 87.

among the Indians, ib., 267.
Contreras, Asnar, 240.

Davis, Edward L., re-elected a
Cooper, William F., 255.

Councillor, 136. His gift to the
Copley, John S., his engraving of Society, 179.

Rev. William Welsted, 286. Davis, Mrs. Eliza, 176.
Corey, Deloraine P., elected a Davis, Isaac, 2.
Member, 2.

Davis, John, 176.
Cornell, Alonzo B., founding of Davis Book Fund, Isaac and
University by, 25, 27.

Edward L., 168. Condition of,
Cornell University, founding of, 170.

27. Elects Chas. Kendall Adams Davis Fund, John and Eliza, 168,

president, 28. Growth of, ib. 179. Condition of, 172. Descrip-
"Cornwallis”, meaning of term tion of book-plate of, 176.

asked for, 166, 187. Mention Depreciation Act, passage of, 65.
of, ib,–189.

Dewey, Hon. Francis H., 21.
Council of the Society, Semi- Dewey Fund, 168. Condition of,

Annual Reports of, 11-13, 268 172.
273. Vote of, 136. Calls atten- Dexter, Franklin B., re-elected
tion to the Society's mss., and Secretary for Foreign Corres-
need of their being catalogued, pondence, 137.
269, 270. Announces death of Doolittle, Amos, 286, 287.

ib. n.

Draper, John W., 350, ib. n. Freeman, Edward A., 13, 350, ib. n.,
Draper, Mrs. Warren F., 181. 370, 379. Failings of, as his-
Dudley, Joseph, Gov. of Mass., 39. torian, 371. Critiscim of, 413,
Dummer, Jeremy, cited, 69.

414, ib. n.
Dwight, Theodore, his "The char- French, Charles E., his bequest to

acter of Thomas Jefferson,” 359. the Society, 181.
Dzul, Aniceto, 249.

French Fleet, history of the

ballad of, 5, 6. The ballad,

7, 8.

Froude, James Anthony, 386 n.,
Eames, Wilberforce, sends greet- 373, ib. n. Illustrations of his
ings to the Society, 2.

inaccuracy as a historian, 376–
Earle, Ralph, short account of, 379. Comparison of, with Mr.
286, ib. n., 287.

Freeman, 414.
Eden, Richard, 338.
Edes, Henry H., calls attention to

Miss Longfellow's error in regard

to Mrs. Craigie's name, 9, 10. Gage, Gen. Thomas, 50.
Eliot, Charles W., 26.

Gallatin, Albert, 184.
Ellis, George E., 13.

Gardiner, Samuel R., 356 n., 375 n.,
Ellis Fund,
168. Condition of, 172.

378 n., 389 n., 390, 391 n., 392,
Emerson, Benjamin K., 128.

Questions authenticity
Emerson, Miss Mabel E., 420 n.

of Squire papers, 389, Conclu.
Engler, Edmund A., re-elected a

sions reached by, 391, 395.
Councillor, 137.

Garver, Austin S., 301.
Essex Antiquarian, numbers lack-Gates, 'Horatio, 288.
ing of, 177.

Gay, Frederick L., elected a Member
Evelyn, John, 99, 100, 102.

264. Reproduction of Pelham
prints by, 283.
General Assembly, inauguration of,

55. Bills of credit emitted by,
Fairlie, John, 19.

Felt, Joseph B.,
33, ib. n.

George II., of England, cited, 74.
Fenner, James E., 175 n. Gerry, Elbridge, 288.
Finkelnburg, Gustavus A., 257 n., Gilman, Warren R., 181.

260 n, His tribute to Henry Givers and gifts, list of, 190-206.
Hitchcock cited, 257, 258, 260. Gooch, William, 76, 88.
Firth, Charles H., 367 n., 410, ib. n. Goodwin, Isaac, 185.
Cited, 367.

Goulding, Frank P., 12. Memoir
Fiske, John, 284.

of, by Samuel Utley, 21, 22.
Folsom, Albert A., his letter of Green, Andrew H.,127. Remarks on

Nov. 8, 1882, cited, 178. his ownership of the stone quarry,
Forbes, William T., remarks by, 9. Receipt of legacy from, to the
1, 2.

Society announced, 135. Amount
Ford, Worthington C., 231, 374 n., of legacy from, 168.

Green, John, 135. Tribute to
Foster, Dwight, 253.

Henry Hitchcock by, 253-262.
Foster, Michael, 246, 247. State-Green, Samuel A., 138,268,289, ib. n.
ment of, 248.

Re-elected a Vice-President, 136.
Foster, William E., 267. Paper Reports list of officers of the

by, on "The point of view in Society, ib, 137. His Address
history," 349-420.

at Groton cited, 188, 189. Pre-
Frankfort-on-the-Main, gift to the sides at meeting, 263.
Municipal Library of, from the Green, Samuel s., 9, 263, 264.
American Antiquarian Society, Asks what right'Andrew H.

Green had to Millstone Hill
Franklin, Benjamin, report of bi quarry, 9. Re-elected a Council-

centenary of, at Philadelphia, 264. lor, 136. Of committee to pre-

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397 n.

pare vote with reference to Heber, Reginald, Brshop, cited, 112.

bequest from Mr. Salisbury, 264. Heywood, Daniel, 125, 126.
Green, William E., 126.

Hill, Alonzo, 301.

Hill, Benjamin T., re-elected an

auditor, 137. Certificate as audi-

tor, 174.
Hale, Edward E., 136, 185, 263. Hill, Isaac, 233.

Speaks of the destruction of the History, "The point of view in
French Fleet and tells why history" paper by William E.
Henry W. Longfellow wrote Foster, 349-420.
his ballad on the French Fleet, Hitchcock, Ethan A., 256.
5-7. Speaks of the right of the Hitchcock, George C., 253 n., 262.
Society to anything which the Hitchcock, Henry, 135. Tribute
government of the U. S. prints, to, by John Green, 253–262.
134. Tells of meeting Rev. Dr. Hitchcock, Henry, 262.
Rawnsley, ib., 135. Speaks Hitchcock, Samuel, 253.
of index to Stevens facsimiles, ib. Hoar, George F., Hon., 3, 4, 9, 21,
Re-elected a Vice-President, 136.

130, 134. His interest in Jeremy
Re-elected a member of the Taylor, 3. Memorial of, by
Committee of Publication, 137.

Edward E. Hale, 150–158.
Memorial of George F. Hoar by,

"Senator Hoar In Memoriam"
150–158. Memorial of Stephen

sonnet by H. D. Rawnsley, ib.
Salisbury by, 299–302.

Speeches and Addresses of, 159
Hales, John, 116–119.

166. Letters deposited by, in
Hall, Edward H., 301.

the Society's care, 179, 180.
Hall, G. Stanley, 211, 349n., 362n., Photograph of the Vinton por-
Speaks of Jeremy Taylor's trait of, 184. His "Life of a
"Ductor Dubitantium,” 3, 4. Boy Sixty years Ago," cited,
Memoir of Herbert B. Adams 187, 188. His Autobiography
by, 12–15. Re-elected a Coun cited, ib. Remarks on Jackson
cillor, 136. His methods of papers, 231.
teaching history, 362.

Hoar, Leonard, 157.
Hall, Hubert, cited, 46n. Hoar, Rockwood, 151. His gift
Hamilton, Charles, gift from the to the Society, 180.
Estate of, 181.

Hollis, Thomas, 283.
Hamilton, James A., 233.

Holmes, John, 10.
Hamilton, John, 87, 88.

Holmes, William H., elected a
Hammond, Henry, 120.

member, 136.
Harris, Alexander S., 175 n.

Hooker, Richard, 113, 114.
Harrison, Frederic,' 377, ib. n., Hore, Thomas, statement of Com-
413n., 414n. Cited, 370, 371,

mittee of Publication regarding
378n., 412, 413.

the will of, 130, 131.
Hart, Charles Henry, letter of Hübbe, Joaquin, biographical no-
April 22, 1905, 178.

tice of, by Rodolf Menendez
Harvard College, list of pre-Revo-

and translated from the Spanish
lutionary theses of, in Library of into English by David Casares,
the Society, 177.

Haven, Samuel F., LL.D., 176, 181, Hübbe, John, 303, 304.

Huguet-Latour, Louis A., obituary
Haven, Samuel F., Jr., tribute to,

notice of, by Samuel Utley, 167.
from his father, 176.

Hutchinson, Thomas, Gov. of Mass.,
Haven, Mrs. Samuel F., transfers

32. Cited, 42, 45, 46, 49, 56.]
the remainder of Dr. Haven's
library to the Society, 181.

Haven Fund, 168. Condition of,

Indian Chiefs, account of mezzotint
Hayne, Robert Y., 236.

portraits of, belonging to the
Haynes, George H., 15.

Society, 280, 281.

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