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HART, CHARLES H., Philadelphia, Pa.-His “Some Notes Concerning

John Norman Engraver.” HAVEN, Mrs. SAMUEL F., Executrix, Worcester.—Two hundred selected

volumes. HEWETT, GEORGE F., Worcester.—Three views of early Worcester. HITCHCOCK, EDWARD, LL.D., Amherst.-Two pamphlets. HOLBROOK, LEVI, New York.—Two pamphlets relating to the American

Revolution. HOPPIN, Mrs. GEORGE S., Worcester.–Forty-four selected books. HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & COMPANY, Cambridge.—Fiske's “New France

and New England;" and "The Riverside Bulletin," as issued. HOWLAND, Miss FRANCES E., Worcester.—Three engravings HUHNER, LEON, New York.—Two of his own publications. JOHNSON, Mrs. WILLIAM W., Worcester. Six bound volumes of Ver

mont, Massachusetts and New York newspapers 1813-1841. JOHNSTON, RICHARD H., Washington, D.C.–Babine's “The Yudin

Library.” JONES, Rev. HENRY L., D.D., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.-His “Looking Back

Thirty Years." KELLY, MILLER, Washington, D.C.-His "As to the Leopard's Spots,

an open letter to Thomas Dixon Jr.LANE, WILLIAM C., Cambridge. His Seventh Report as Librarian

of Harvard University. LEWIS, HOMER P., Superintendent Worcester.—Report of the Public

Schools of the city of Worcester, 1904. LINCOLN, Mrs. WINSLOW S., Worcester.-Eighteen books; eleven hun

dred and forty-four pamphlets; and parcels of newspapers. LOGAN, WALTER S., New York. His “The Lawyer as an Artist." LONGMAN, GREEN & COMPANY, New York.—“Notes on Books," as

issued. LUEY, WILLIAM D., Worcester.-One pamphlet. MacMILLAN COMPANY, New York.—"The Monthly List.” MELCHER, Mrs. ELLEN STEVENS and Mr. C. Ellis STEVENS, Author,

Brooklyn, N. Y.—"The Stevens Genealogy; Some Descendants of


Messenger," as issued. MITCHELL, J. ALFRED, City Auditor, Boston.-His Report, 1904-1905. MOORE, Mrs. B. NEELY, Columbia, S. C.--Her paper on "The Mechlen

berg Declaration of Independence, 1775." MUNSON STEAMSHIP COMPANY, New York.-—"The Cuba Bulletin," as


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MURRAY, Thomas H., Boston.-His "Booklet of Information regarding

the American Irish Historical Society." NEW YORK EVENING Post PRINTING COMPANY,—"The Nation,” as

issued. NORTH, SAMUEL N. D., Washington, D. C.-His History of the News

paper and Periodical Press in the United States, 1884. NUTT, CHARLES, Worcester.—Two pamphlets; and numbers of the

"Massachusetts Spy.OJEDA, LUIS THAYER, Santiago de Chile. His "Catalogue biografico

de la casa de Thayer de Braintree.” PARKER, MOSES G., Lowell.--His "In Memoriam Citizen Soldiers of

Dracut Mass. who served in the war of the American Revolution,

1775-1783." PARMLY, RANDOLPH, New York. - 'The Parmly Family, its origin and

its Name”; and “In memoriam Wheelock Hendee Parmly." PENAFIEL, Antonio, Director, Mexico, Mex.—Two statistical docu

ments relating to the Republic of Mexico. PORTER, V. M., Secretary, St. Louis, Mo.-"Official Report of the

Universal Congress of Lawyers and Jurists, St. Louis September, 28

30, 1904.” PRATT, Mrs. JULIA A., Prattville, Ala.—"Hon. Daniel Pratt: a Bio

graphy." PUTNAM, Rev. JOHN J., Worcester. -His "Emphatic Scripture the

Essence of Revelation." REED, GEORGE B., Boston. His "Sketch of the Life of Hon. John Reed

of Boston, 1722-1749." REVIEW OF REVIEWS Book COMPANY, Harrisburg, Pa.-Numbers of

“The Country Calendar." REYNOLDS, Mrs. HENRY A., Worcester.- Seventy pamphlets; and “The

Sunday School Times,” in continuation. RICE, FRANKLIN P., Editor, Worcester.—Worcester Town Records,

1801-1848; and Worcester Births 1714-1848 Marriages 1747-1848;

and Deaths 1820-1848. RIPLEY, Miss Hannah, Norwich, Conn.—Norwich and Worcester

Railroad Badge of November 18, 1835. ROBINSON, Mrs. CHARLES, Lawrence, Kansas.—Peck's Semi-Centen

nial of Lawrence Kansas. ROE, Hon. ALFRED S., Worcester.-One book and one hundred and

sixty-eight pamphlets. ROUTLEDGE, AND Sons, GEORGE, London, Eng.–Numbers of “The Book

Budget.” SABINE, JOHN D., Washington, D. C.-His “The Family and Descendants

of Rev. John Sabine."

SANFORD, GEORGE L., Worcester.-One pamphlet.
SAXE, JAMES A., Worcester.—Two historical pamphlets.
SCHUYLER, PHILIP, New York.-Bayard Tuckerman's "Life of General

Philip Schuyler, 1733-1804."
SENTINEL PRINTING COMPANY, Fitchburg.—"The Fitchburg Weekly

Sentinel," as issued. SHAW, JOSEPH A., Worcester.— Three books; and nineteen pamphlets. SLAFTER, Rev. EDMUND F., D.D., Boston.—His “The Character and

History of the Book of Sports, 1618-1643.” SMITH, JONATHAN, Clinton.—His “Some Features of Shays' Rebellion." SPIRIT OF '76 PUBLISHING COMPANY, New York.—“The Spirit of '76,"

as issued. SPOONER, Mrs. JENNIE C., Barre.—“The Barre Gazette," as issued. STEWARDSON, Rev. LANGDON, C., Ph.D., Geneva, N. Y.-His Report of

1904 as President of Hobart College. STODDARD, Mrs. ELIJAH B., Worcester.—Thirty-two selected books. STRAUS, OSCAR S., New York. His "The United States and Russia:

their historical Relations." SWAN, ROBERT T., Commissioner, Boston.—His Seventeenth Report

on the custody and condition of Public Records. TAPPAN, Miss Eva M., Ph.D., Worcester.— "English Ancestry of the

Toppan or Tappan Family; and Genealogy of the March Family." Taft, Miss ANNA J., Worcester. -A complete file of "The Weekly

Calendar,"of St. John's Church Worcester. Taft, Mrs. CALVIN, Worcester.-Two pamphlets. TAYLOR, JOHN P., Andover.-His "In Memoriam Warren F. Draper.” TELEGRAM NEWSPAPER COMPANY.—"The Worcester Daily Telegram”

and “The Sunday Telegram," in continuation. Thomas, CYRUS, Ph.D., Washington, D. C.—Four of his own publica

tions. THOMPSON, EBEN F., Editor, Worcester.—"The Character of Washing

ton, last public utterance of George F. Hoar, with other speeches." TOOKER, Mr. WILLIAM W., Sag Harbor, N. Y.-His "Some Powhatan

Names." TUCKER, Miss ARABELLA H., Compiler, Worcester.-Record of the Grad

uates of the State Normal School at Worcester, Massachusetts, 1904. TURNER, JOHN H., Ayer.—"The Groton Landmark," as issued. VAN HORN, Rev. J. Francis, D.D., Editor, Worcester.—"The Old South

Record," as issued. WALL, Mrs. CALEB A., Worcester.-Fourteen hundred and ten books;

forty-eight hundred and six pamphlets; twelve volumes of bound and parcels of unbound newspapers.

WARD, GEORGE O., M.D., Worcester—Map of Worcester County, 1857. WELLS, CHARLES T., Hartford, Conn.—“Year Book of the First Church

of Christ in Hartford, 1904." WESBY, JOSEPH S., AND SONS, Worcester.—Eight books; seven hun

dred and seventy pamphlets; sixteen portraits; seventy-five heliotypes;

and two maps. WHITCOMB, Miss Mary G., Worcester.—Twelve pamphlets. WHITE, Mrs. CAROLINE E., Editor, Philadelphia, Pa.—"The Journal of

Zoöphily," as issued. WHITE, Rev. Eliot, Secretary, Worcester.—Journal of the Fourth

Annual Meeting of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. WILLIAMS, WALTER, Editor, St. Louis, Mo.-"The State of Missouri;

an Autobiography.” WIRE, GEORGE E., M. D., Worcester.—Five books; and ninety-eight

pamphlets. WOODWARD, Mrs. GEORGE M., Worcester.-One hundred and seventy

one numbers of American magazines. WORCESTER GAZETTE COMPANY.—"The Worcester Evening Gazette,"

as issued. WYMAN AND GORDON, Worcester.—Their “Biographical Sketches,"

as issued.


ABBOT ACADEMY, Andover.—Numbers of “The Abbot Courant." ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES OF Philadelphia.—Publications of the

Academy, as issued. ACADEMY OF SCIENCE OF St. Louis.—Publications of the Academy, as


Academy, as issued. AMERICAN ANTI-VIVISECTION SOCIETY.—The Twenty-second Annual



Annual Report 1904, and a manuscript broadside. AMERICAN CATHOLIC HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF PHILADELPHIA.—Publica

tions of the Society, as issued. AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY.—Publications of the Society,

as issued. AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION.—The Annual Report, 1903.

AMERICAN IRISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY.—Publications of the Society, as

issued. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION.—Publications of the Association, as

issued. AMERICAN ORIENTAL SOCIETY.—Publications of the Society, as issued. AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY.—Publications of the Society, as

issued. AMERICAN SEAMEN'S FRIEND SOCIETY.—"The Sailors Magazine,” as

issued. AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION.- Publications of the Association,

as issued. ANDOVER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.—The Seminary Catalogue, 1904-1905. ARMY WAR COLLEGE LIBRARY.—Library publications, as issued. AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM.—Publications of the Museum, as issued. BAY STATE HISTORICAL LEAGUE.-One pamphlet. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA.—The Circular of information

and constitution. BIBLIOTECA NAZIONALE CENTRALE DI FIRENZE.—Library publications

as issued. Boston BOARD OF HEALTH.—Publications of the Board, as issued. BOSTON CEMETERY DEPARTMENT.—The Annual Report, 1904-1905. Boston, CITY OF.—Three volumes of City documents for 1904. Boston City HOSPITAL, TRUSTEES.—The forty-first annual report. Boston PORT AND SEAMEN'S Aid SOCIETY.—The Thirty-eighth Annual

Report. Boston PUBLIC LIBRARY.—Library publications, as issued. Boston REGISTRY DEPARTMENT.—Two volumes of Boston Records. Boston TRANSIT COMMISSION.—The Tenth Annual Report. BOSTON UNIVERSITY.—The Annual Reports, 1903-1904. BOWDOIN COLLEGE.—Publications of the College, as issued.. BROCKTON PUBLIC LIBRARY.—Library publications, as issued. BROOKLINE PUBLIC LIBRARY.—The Forty-eighth Annual Report. BROOKLYN INSTITUTE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES.—Publications of the

Institute, as issued. BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY.—The Library publications, as issued. BROWN UNIVERSITY.—The University Catalogue 1904-1905. BUFFALO PUBLIC LIBRARY.—The Eighth Annual Report. BUNKER HILL MONUMENT ASSOCIATION.- Publications of the AssoWciation, as issued. BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY.-Publications of the Bureau, as


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