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FROM MEMBERS. BALDWIN, SIMEON E., LL.D., New Haven, Conn.,-His “The American

Judiciary.” BARTON, EDMUND M., Worcester.—Two magazines, in continuation. BAXTER, Hon. J. PHINNEY, Portland, Me.-His Address before the

American Institute of Instruction, July 10, 1905. BOURNE, EDWARD G., Ph.D., New Haven, Conn.—Three of his own

publications. BUTLER, JAMES D., LL.D., Madison, Wis.—Three of his own publications. CHASE, CHARLES A., Worcester.—Four books; and sixteen pamphlets. COREY, DELORAINE P., Malden.—"In Memory of Elisha Slade Converse." DAVIS, ANDREW McF., Cambridge. Seven hundred and seventy books;

and one hundred and eighty-seven pamphlets. DAVIS, Hon. EDWARD L., Worcester.-Seventeen books; ninety-seven

pamphlets; and a manuscript letter. DEXTER, FRANKLIN B., Litt.D., New Haven, Conn.-His “Abrabam

Bishop of Connecticut and his Writings”; and Kirkland and Kennedy's

Historic Camden. FOSTER, WILLIAM E., Litt.D., Providence, R. I.—Tributes to Hon.

Horatio Rogers. FRANCIS, GEORGE E., M.D., Worcester.—Three early American imprints. GILMAN, DANIEL C., LL.D., Baltimore, Md.-Two of his own publi

cations. GREEN, Hon. SAMUEL A., Boston.-Five of his own publications;

thirty-two books; sixty-eight pamphlets; three proclamations; and

"The American Journal of Numismatics," in continuation. GREEN, SAMUEL S., Librarian, Worcester.-His report of 1903-1904 as

Librarian of the Worcester Free Public Library. HALE, Rev. EDWARD E., D.D., Roxbury.--"The Monthly Weather

Review;" and United States Weather Bureau maps, in continuation. HARDEN, WILLIAM, Savannah, Ga.-His Historical Sketch of the South Presbyterian Church of Savannah, Georgia; and Edward J. Harden's

"Notes of a Short Northern Tour." HOAR, Hon. GEORGE F., Worcester.—Ten books; and one hundred

and fifty pamphlets.

HOAR, Hon. ROCKWOOD, Worcester.-George Frisbie Hoar's “Auto

biography of seventy years;" "Hymns of the Spirit," and a photo

graph. HUNTINGTON, Rev. WILLIAM R., D.D., New York.-His "A Day's

Journey away from Christ." JENKS, Rev. HENRY F., Canton—Two account books of early date. KINGSBURY, Hon. FREDERICK J., Waterbury, Conn.—"Genealogy

of the Descendants of Henry Kingsbury.KITTREDGE, GEORGE L., LL.D., Cambridge-His “The Old Farmer

and his Almanack," and two heliotypes. LEON, NICOLAS Ph.D., Mexico, Mex.-Two of his own publications. LOUBAT, JOSEPH F., LL.D., Paris, France.—Three volumes of Central

American codices; and five pamphlets. MATTHEWS, ALBERT, Boston. His "Term Lynch Law;" and his "Joyce

Junior." MEAD, EDWIN D., Boston.—His "Suggestions to put the Mayflower on

the Massachusetts state seal;" and four pamphlets. MOORE, CLARENCE B., LL.D., Philadelphia, Pa.His “Urn-burial in

the United States." NICHOLS, CHARLES L., M. D., Worcester.—Thirteen selected books. NOBLE, JOHN LL.D., Editor, Boston.—“Records of the Court of Assis

tants of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay 1630-1692 Vol. 2. PAINE, NATHANIEL Worcester.-Four of his own publications; three

books; one hundred and thirty-nine pamphlets; seventeen photo

graphs; eight portraits; eight engravings; and three early bankbills. PALTSITS, VICTOR H., New York.-Two of his own publications. PEET, STEPHEN D., Ph.D., Editor, Chicago, Ill.—His “American Anti

quarian and Oriental Journal," as issued. RUSSELL, E. HARLOW, Worcester.-His "George Frisbie Hoar,

1826-1904." SALISBURY, Hon. STEPHEN, Worcester.-Eight books; four hundred and

forty-six pamphlets; and six files of newspapers, in continuation. STEBBENS, Rev. CALVIN, Framingham.-His Tribute to George Frisbie

Hoar. THOMAS, ALLEN C., Haverford, Pa.-Seven of the works of Henry

More published 1647-1712; and "Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum,"

1702 UPHAM, HENRY P., St. Paul Minn.-The "Original Journals of the

Lewis and Clark Expedition" in seven volumes; and six historical

pamphlets. UTLEY, Hon. SAMUEL, Worcester. Six historical pamphlets. VINOCRADOFF, PAVEL G., Oxford, Eng.--His "The Growth of the Manor."

WALKER, Hon. JOSEPH B., Concord, N. H.-His “New Hampshire five Provincial Congresses, July 21, 1774-January 5, 1776."

FROM PERSONS NOT MEMBERS. ALBREE, JOHN, Swampscott.-Two of his own publications. AMES, John G., Compiler, Washington, D. C.-—"The Comprehensive

Index to Government Publications 1881-1893," in two volumes. ANAGNOS, MICHAEL, Boston.—Two of his addresses. AYER, Miss. Mary F., Boston.—Her "South Meeting House Boston

(1669-1729.") BABINE, ALEXIS V., Washington, D. C.-—"The Yudin Library

Krasnoiarsk.” BAKER, HENRY M., Concord N. H.-His “New Hampshire in the strugglo

for Independence." BARRY, PHILLIPS, Brookline.- His "Traditional Ballads in New England.” BARTON, F. MacDONALD, West Newton.—"The Albemarle," as issued, BEALE, CHARLES C., Boston.-His "Marcus T. C. Gould Stenographer,"

three phonographic pamphlets; and one book-plate. BEER, WILLIAM, New Orleans, La.—Two pamphlets. BEVERIDGE, Hon. ALBERT J., Indianapolis, Ind.—His “Tribute to tho

American Woman Frances E. Willard." BISHOP, HENRY F., New York,—Two pamphlets. BLACKISTON'S SONS, AND COMPANY, Philadelphia, Pa.—“The Medical

Book News," as issued. BLAKE, Mrs. JOSEPH, Andover.–Forty-two selected books... BLODGET, Hon. WALTER H., Mayor, Worcester.—His second Inaugural

Address, 1905. Boston Book COMPANY.—“The Bulletin of Bibliography," as issued. BRIGHAM, CLARENCE S., Providence, R. I.-His Report on the Archives

of Rhode Island. BRYANT, H. WINSLOW, Portland, Me.—"Historical Sketch and Roster

of the Aroostook War, 1839." BULLARD, Rev. HENRY, D.D., St. Joseph, Mo.-His "Proof that the Bible

is the Word of God.” BULLARD, Rev. HENRY N., Ph.D., Editor, Mound City, Mo.—"The

Invitation" as issued. BULLOCK, Mrs. MARY CHANDLER, Worcester.—"Peter Chandler, a

biographical sketch and his Diary." CANADIAN YEAR Book COMPANY, Toronto, P. Q.—The Canadian Year

Book for 1905. CHADWICK, JAMES READ, M.D., Boston.-His “Brief Sketch of the Life

of James Read”; and his “Cremation of the Dead."

CHANDLER, Hon. WILLIAM E., Concord, N. H.-His “The New History

of Concord N. H. and its Historians." CLARK, JOHN C. L., Lancaster.-Photograph of the Memorial to John

Prescott at Lancaster, erected by Mrs. Roger Wolcott, 1903. CLARKE, Mrs. HENRY, Worcester.-Fifteen books; and four bound volumes

of "The Youth's Companion.” COGSWELL, Miss Mary L. T., Worcester.—Two of her own publications; : one scrap-book; ninety-two pamphlets; three broadsides; two portraits;

with manuscript notes and newspapers relating to the political Cam

paigns of 1876-78. COLLAMER, NEWTON L., Washington, D. C.-Numbers of “The Histor

ical Bulletin." COUSINS, Rev. EDGAR M., Secretary, Thomaston, Me.-Minutes of the

Maine General Conference, 1904. CRAFTS, WILBER F., Editor, Washington, D. C.-Numbers of “The

Twentieth Century Quarterly.” CROMACK, IRWIN C., Boston.—“ List of maps of Boston published

subsequent to 1600.” CUNNINGHAM, HENRY W., Editor, Boston.—“Journal of Lieut. Col.

Joseph Vose, April-July, 1776.CUTLER, U. WALDO, Editor, Worcester. -Selections from the writings of

Benjamin Franklin. CUTTER, WILLIAM R., Woburn.—"Captain Edward Johnson of Woburn

Mass. and some of his Descendants." DAVIES, Rev. THOMAS F., Jr., Editor, Worcester.—“The Parish,” as

issued. DAVIS, Capt. GEORGE E., Burlington, Vt.—"In Memoriam, Emma

Augusta Davis." DAVIS, WALTER A., City Clerk, Fitchburg.-City Documents, 1904. Davis, Miss ZAIDEE S., New York.—"Notices of Prof. Edwin H. Davis

Archaeologist.” DE RENNE, WYMBERLEY J., Savannah, Ga.- Catalogue of books in his

library relating to the history of Georgia . DICKINSON, G. STUART, Worcester.-Scott's Standard Postage Stamp

Catalogue, 1905. DICKINSON, THOMAS A., Worcester.—His book-plate. DRAPER, Mrs. WARREN F., Andover.–Five books; seven hundred and

sixty-six pamphlets; seven portraits; four photographs; three maps;

and parcels of newspapers. Du BOSE, JOEL C., Editor, Birmingham, Ala.—Numbers of “The

Gulf States Historical Magazine." ESTABROOK, Mrs. D. FRANCES, Boston.-Five Worcester programmes,


ESTABROOK, Mrs. D. FRANKLIN, Worcester.—“The New England

Chronicle or the Essex Gazette,” of February 8, 1776. ESTES, Rev, David F., Hamilton, N. Y.-Two early American

imprints. FIELD, EDWARD, Commissioner, Providence, R. I.—"The Early Records

of Providence," Volume 18. FORBES, Miss KATHARINE M., Worcester.—Her book-plate. FORD, WORTHINGTON C., Washington, D. C.-Two of his own publica

tions. Fox, IRVING P., Business Manager, Boston.-"The Church Militant,"

as issued. FRENCH, CHARLES E.,-Bequest of Two Marble Roman bas-reliefs,

fractured; a manuscript calendar of vellum, rolled on wooden handle; a collection of copper coins, including about one thousand copper cents and half cents; a package of fractional currency and rare coins; a piece of Plymouth Rock; a beam from the old Hancock House, Boston; a package of scraps from the Miles Standish house in Dux

bury; and an ancient Egyptian vase. FROWDE, HENRY, London, Eng.-"The Periodical," as issued GANONG, WILLIAM F., Ph.D., Editor, Northampton. Smethurst's "A

Narrative of an Extraordinary Escape out of the Hands of the Indians

in the Gulph of St. Lawrence.” GILMAN, WARREN R., M.D., Worcester.—Two books; and one hundred

and fifty pamphlets. GOCHER, WILLIAM H., Hartford, Conn.-His “Wadsworth and the

Charter Oak.GOLDEN RULE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Boston.—"The Christian En

deavor World,” as issued. GOLDIE, Mrs. GEORGE E., Ayr, Ontario.-"The Association Record,"

in continuation. GREEN, JAMES, Worcester.—Six books; one hundred and eighty

pamphlets; and “The Banker and Tradesman,” in continuation. GREEN, Mrs. James, Worcester.-Forty-one pamphlets; and “The

Spectator," in continuation. GREENE, Mrs. RICHARD W. Worcester.-Tribute to Hon. John D.

Washburn, by Rev. William R. Huntington, D.D. HAMILTON, CHARLES, Estate of, Worcester.-One hundred and thirteen books; forty-four hundred pamphlets; and one hundred and twenty

five portraits. HAMILTON, P. WALTER, Worcester.-Fifty-three books; and fifty-nine

pamphlets. HARRIMAN, FREDERICK W., D.D., Secretary, Windsor, Conn.—Diocese

of Connecticut Convention Journal, 1905.

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