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Thomas H. Benton and Francis P. Blair, Proceedings in Congress upon

the acceptance of the statues of. Address, 1900. John Sherman. Article in New York Independent, November 1, 1900. Centennial Celebration of the Establishment of the Seat of Government

at the City of Washington. Closing Address by Hon. George F. Hoar, in the Hall of the House of Representatives December 12,

1900. Address delivered before the Senate and House of Representatives and

invited guests on February 21, 1901, in response to an invitation

of the General Court. Robert Burns. An address delivered in Tremont Temple by Hon.

George F. Hoar on March 28, 1901, before the Burns Memorial

Association of Boston. Also reprinted in Scotland. Oratory. Article in Scribner's Magazine, June, 1901. Some Famous Orators I have Heard. Article in Scribner's Magazine,

July, 1901. First Parish in Concord, Dedication of the Restored Meeting House of

the. Address, Thursday, October 3d, 1901. Webster Centennial of Dartmouth College, The Proceedings of the.

Speech, 1901. Charles Allen. Address delivered before the Annual Meeting of the

American Antiquarian Society, October 30, 1901. Jonas G. Clark, Founder of Clark University, Some Considerations

Relating to the Will of. Hon. George F. Hoar, February 14, 1902. Bi-Centennial of the Frst Parish in Framingham, Services at the Ad

dress, October 13, 1901. Election of Senators by Direct Vote of the People. Speech, Tuesday,

March 11, 1902. An Attempt to Subjugate a People Striving for Freedom, Not the Amer

ican Soldier, Responsible for Cruelties in the Philippine Islands.

Speech in the Senate, May 22, 1902. The Connecticut Compromise. Address before the American Antiqua

rian Society, October 21, 1902. Banquet of the New England Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Speech, December 22, 1902, A Regulation of Trusts and Corporations Engaged in Interstate Com

merce. Speech in the Senate, January 16, 1903. Birthday of Washington, Exercises in Commemoration of the. Address

at the Union League Club, Chicago, February 23, 1903. Also

speech at the post prandial exercises in the evening. Inauguration of President Carroll D. Wright, Clark University, Worces

ter, Mass. Address, October 9, 1902. Emerson Centenary. Address at the Memorial Exercises in the Meeting

House of the First Parish in Concord, Mass., on Monday after

noon, May the 25th, 1903. Answer to Carl Schurz's Brooklyn Address of August 5, 1884. Jeremiah Evarts Greene. Address before American Antiquarian So

ciety, February, 1903. rst Parish in Concord, Dedication of the Restored Meeting House of

the. Thursday, October 3, 1901. Address. Brig.-General Rufus Putnam. Article in Wisdom, October, 1902. Peabody Education Fund. Proceedings of the Trustees at their Forty

first Meeting in New York, October 1, 1902. Report of Hon. George F. Xoar for the Committee on the legal aspect of the

Nashville Property. Horace Gray, Memoir. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Massa

chusetts Historical Society, Second Series, Volume XVIII, pages 155-187.

Panama Canal. Speech in the United States Senate, Monday, February

22, 1904. The First Schoolhouse in Worcester and John Adams, Schoolmaster.

Address at the unveiling of the tablet upon the site of the school

house, May 23, 1903. John Bellows. Memorial Sketch in Proceedings of the American Anti

quarian Society, October 21, 1903. Thomas Jefferson. Address delivered at the Banquet of the Thomas

Jefferson Memorial Association, Hotel Barton, Washington, D.

C., April 13, 1903. American Citizenship. Address delivered at the Forty-third Annual

Commencement of the State University of Iowa, June 17, 1903. Horace Gray, In Memoriam. Saturday, December 13, 1902.

-Character of Washington. His last public utterance, June 17,

1904. Senator Hoar delivered an extended address upon Rufus Putnam at Sutton, Putnam's birthplace, in the early summer, in May or early June, repeating substantially his earlier Putnam address. A little later, before the Court, he delivered a eulogy upon his friend Col. E. B. Stoddard. Neither of these addresses were printed.


Louis Adolphe Huguet-Latour died in Montreal, Canada, in May 1904, having been a member of this Society since 1861. He belonged to the family “De Vaslois de Valois Ville." His occupation was that of a Notary which in Canada is an important office. His interest in historical matters was shown in the publication of Annals of the conspicuous events in the History of Canada.

Some pamphlets from his pen with reference to the Catholic Church were published, and were so highly considered that the late Pope Pius X made him a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre. No extended notice of him has come to my attention.

8. U. James Henry Salisbury died at his summer home at Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., Aug 23, 1905.

He was born in Scott, Cortland Co., N. Y., Oct. 13, 1823; graduated at the Polytechnic Institute of Troy, N. Y., in 1846 and at the Albany Medical College in 1850. In addition to the degrees thus obtained he also received that of LL.D., from Union College and Amity College of Indiana. He became a member of many learned societies, including this Society, which he joined in 1862. Much of his work was in the line of microscopic investigation, the results of which were published in the transactions of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The germ theory received his early attention, his discoveries therein being also published. He practised as a specialist in the causes and treatment of chronic diseases in Cleveland Ohio and in N. Y. City. He was the author of numerous books and pamphlets, including about seventy-five monographs, many of which related to his therapeutical discoveries.

A good notice of him and his work may be found in the National Cyclopædia of American Biography, Vol. 8, 469.

S. U.


The Treasurer of the American Antiquarian Society herewith submits his annual report of receipts and expenditures for the year ending October 10, 1905.

The legacy from the late Andrew H. Green of New York, of $5,000, amounting, less the inheritance tax, to $4,839.45 has been received since the April meeting of the Society.

The total of the investments and cash on hand October 10, 1905, was $156,972.63. It is divided among the several funds as follows: The Librarian's and General Fund,..... .... $37,272.39 The Collection and Research Fund,..... 16,719.34 The Bookbinding Fund,

7,710.77 The Publishing Fund,

31,811.40 The Isaac and Edward L. Davis Book Fund, 14,048.26 The Lincoln Legacy Fund,

6,645.60 The Benj. F. Thomas Local History Fund, 1,130.98 The Salisbury Building Fund, .....

5,370.55 The Alden Fund, .

1,000.00 The Tenney Fund,

5,000.00 The Haven Fund, ...

1,615.40 The George Chandler Fund,

456.44 The Francis H. Dewey Fund,

4,538.97 The George E. Ellis Fund,

16,437.99 The John and Eliza Davis Fund,

3,631.62 The Life Membership Fund,


$155,789.71 Income Account,

912.33 Premium Account,


$156,972.68 The cash on hand, included in the following statement is $7,196.35.


The detailed statement of the receipts and disbursements for the year is as follows:

1904. Oct. 7. Balance of cash as per last report, $ 891.59
1905. " 10. Income from investments to date, 8,859.29

For life membership, ........ 50.00
For annual assessments,

Sale of publications,

210 00
Premium on securities sold, ..... 518.33
Notes and securities paid or sold, 8,743.75
From the Est. of Andrew H. Green, 4,839.45
Sundry Items, ......



CR. By salaries to October 10, 1905,

$4,103.58 Publication of Proceedings, etc.,

882.93 Books purchased,..

532.56 For binding,...

59.70 For heating, lighting and telephone,

85.79 Invested in stocks and bonds,

9,829.76 Premium on stocks and bonds, .

116.44 Insurance, ......

275.20 Repairs on Buildings,

171.66 For coal, ..

290.23 Incidental Expenses, .


$17,303.97 Balance of cash October 11, 1905,....




The Librarian's and General Fund. Balance of Fund, October 7, 1904,...

$34,586.48 Income to October 6, 1904, ...

1,729.32 Transferred from Tenney Fund,.

250.00 Alden Fund,

50.00 From Life Membership Fund, .

117.50 From Salisbury Fund,.......

216.14 From Estate of Andrew H. Green,

4,839.45 From Other Sources,.


$41,848.89 Paid for salaries and incidental expenses, ... 4,576.50

Balance October 10, 1905,


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