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25. Presentation of the Statues of John Winthrop and Samuel Adams.

Speech in H of R, December, 1876. 26. Counting the Electoral Votes. Speech in H of R, January, 1877.


1. Charles Sumner. Article in North American Review, Jan.-Feb.,

1878. 2. Conduct of Business in Congress. Article in North American

Review, February, 1879. 3. Condition of the South. Report of the Special Committee in H

of R. 4. State Republican Convention, Mr. Hoar, President. Speech,

September, 1877. 5. Republican State Convention, Worcester, 1879. Speech 6. Suffrage under National Protection. Speech in Senate, February,

1879. 7. Threatened Usurpation. Speech in Senate, March 25, 1879. 8. Geneva Award. Speech in Senate, March, 1880. 9. Senate Bound by its own Judgments. Speech in Senate, May,

1880. 10. The Place of the College Graduate in American Life. Address

before the Social Union at Amherst College, July, 1879. 11. Constitutional Amendment, Female Suffrage. Report of Senate

Committee on Privileges and Elections, February, 1879. 12. Asbury Dickins, Report from Committee on Claims, November,

1877. 70. Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Republican Party. September,



1. Samuel Hoar, Memoir of. 2. James A. Garfield. Eulogy by G. F. H. 3. President Garfield's New England Ancestry. 4. James A. Garfield Memorial Observances. 5. The Appointing Power. Article in North American Review. 7. The Function of the American Lawyer in the Founding of States.

An Address before the Graduating Class of Yale College, 1881. 8. The Lincoln Library, Dedication of. 1884 9. Our Candidates and Cause. Remarks in Tremont Temple, July 15,



1. Geneva Award. Speeches April and March 1880. 2. A National Bankrupt Law. Speeches in June and December, 1882. 3. Alexander H. Bullock, Memoir of. 4. Relation of National Government to Domestic Commerce. 5. Alleged Election Outrages in Miss. Report of Committee on

Privileges and Elections, May, 1884. 38. Benjamin Franklin, Purchase of Papers of. May, 1882, Committee

on Library. 59. River and Harbor Bill, Analysis of. August 12, 1882. 60. Chinese Immigration. Speech, March, 1882, in the U. S. Senate.


1. Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Naming of Worcester. Octo

ber, 1884. 2. Obligations of New England to the County of Kent. Paper read

before the Antiquarian Society, 1885. 3. Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Concord. September

12, 1885. 4. Samuel Head vs. Amoskeag Mfg.Co. and Argument in same. Briefs

for Defendant, October, 1884. 5. Relation of National Government to Domestic Commerce. Speech

in the Senate, July 1, 1884. 6. Annual or Biennial Elections, Which ? Speech at Massachusetts

Club, 1886. 7. Prof. Wiley Lane, Obituary Addresses at Funeral of. March 3,

1885. 8. The Senate and the President. Speech in the Senate, June 30,

1886. 9. Interstate Commerce. Speech in the Senate, January 14, 1887.

Atlantic and Pacific Ship-Railway Speech in the Senate, Feb

ruary, 1887.


1. John G. Whittier. Remarks before Essex Club, November 12,

1887. 2. Gov. Washburn. Address, November 1887. 3. The Founding of the Northwest. Oration at Marietta, O., April,

1888. 4. Fisheries Treaty. Speech in Senate, July, 1888. 5. Harrison's Welcome to Harvard. Speech in Tremont Temple,

November 2, 1888. 6. Report of the Proceedings of the Harvard Republican Meeting,

Tremont Temple, November 2, 1888. 7. The Constitutional Remedy. Speech, 1888. 8. Jubilee Banquet of Home Market Club. Speech, November 15,

1888. 9. Completion of the National Monument to the Pilgrims. Speech

at Plymouth, August 1, 1889. 10. Are the Republicans in to Stay? Article in North American

Review of 1889. 11. Speech at Ratification Meeting, Music Hall, October 15, 1889.


1. Shall the Senate Keep Faith with the People? Speech, August

1890. 2. Senate Resolution Relating to a Limitation of Debate. August,

1890. 3. Amendment to the Resolution of Mr. Quay. August 19, 1890. 5. Montana Election Cases. Report of Facts and Speeches on same,

1890. 6. Order Reported from Senate Committee on Privileges and Elec

tions to Omit from the Congressional Record certain words in the Report of Senator Call's Remarks, February 20, 1890


2. Charles Devens, Henry M. Dexter and Edward I. Thomas. Before

Antiquarian Society, April 29, 1891. 3. Government in Canada and the United States Compared. Anti

quarian Society, April 29, 1891. 4. Home Market Club Meeting, November, 1891. Speech of Mr. Hoar. 5. Railroad Problems. New York Independent, 1891. 6. Speech at Cambridge, October 7, 1891. 7. Speech at Great Barrington, October, 1891. 8. The Fate of the Election Bill. Magazine Article. ... 9. Reasons for Republican Control. Magazine Article. 10. If Crime Rule our Elections, the Republic Cannot Live. Speech,

December, 1890. 11. Constitutional Limit of the Taxing Power. Speech, January,

1893. 12. Election of Senators by Direct Vote of the People. Speech, 1893. 21. Speech at Vice-President Morton's Testimonial, 1891. Old Age 22. One Hundredth Anniversary of the Worcester Fire Society, Janu

ary 4, 1892.


1. Charles Sumner. Magazine Article.

The Right and Expediency of Woman Suffrage. Article in Cen

tury Magazine. 2. Address of Mr. Hoar, President, etc., Fifteenth Meeting of the

National Conference of Unitarian and other Churches. Saratoga,

September, 1894. 3. Platform Adopted by the Republican State Convention of Massa

chusetts, 1894. 4. Daniel Webster. Speech in the Senate on the Receiving of the

Statues of Webster and Stark, December, 1894. 5. Gold and Silver. Speech, August, 1893. 6. Sectional Attack on Northern Industries. Speech, May, 8 1894. 7. A New England Town. Speech, June, 1894. 8. Executive Usurpation. Speech, December 6 and 11, 1893. 9. Colloquy with Mr. Villas.* Speech in Senate, December 6, 1893. 10. Executive Usurpation. Speech, December 20, 1893. 11. Dinner Commemorative of Charles Sumner and Complimentary to

Edward L. Pierce, December 29, 1894. 12. Address to Law Class, Howard University, 1894, 13. Speech at the Dedication of the Haston Free Public Library, No.

Brookfield, September 20, 1894.


1. Address at the Opening Exercises of Clark University, October 2,

1889. 2. The Further Mission of the Party. Article in the Republican Party. 3. Oration at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the New England Historic

Genealogical Society, April 19, 1895. 4. Improvement of Boston Harbor. Address at Fifteenth Annual

Banquet of Boston Merchants' Association, November 15, 1895.

5. Popular Discontent with Representative Government. Inaugural

Address before the American Historical Association, December

27, 1895. 6. Oration at the Two Hundred and Seventy-fifth Anniversary of

the Landing of the Pilgrims, December 21, 1895. 7. Protection to Wool, Bi-metallism and the Republican Party. Speech

in the Senate, February 26, 1896. 8. Orderly and Decorous Conduct of Foreign Relations. Speech,

March 11, 1896. 9. The Senate. An Article published in the Youth's Companion,

November, 1890, and reprinted by the Senate.



1. The Charge of Packing the Court, etc., Refuted. Letter to Boston

Herald, November, 1896. 2. The Life of Roger Sherman, Book-notices of. 3. McKay v. Kean. Argument for Petitioner, October, 1895.

Has the Senate Degenerated? Article in the Forum, April, 1897. 5. Statesmanship in England and in the United States. The Forum,

August, 1897. General William Cogswell, Life and Character of. Senate, Febru

ary 8, 1897. 7. Oregon Case. Report of Committee on Privileges and Elections, June 25, 1897.



1. William Whitney Rice. A Biographical Sketch. 2. Francis Amasa Walker, Proceedings of a Meeting heldin Com

memoration of. 3. American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings of the. October 21,

1897. 4. Bradford Manuscript, Return of the.

Ashley B. Wright. * Memorial Addresses in the Senate by Messrs.

Hoar, Morgan, Hawley and Lodge. Sound 'Money for the People, The United States a Government

Providing, January 26, 1898. 8. War-Justice and Humanity, Not Revenge, The Only Justfication

for. In the Senate, April 14, 1898. 9. Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, April 27, 1898.


1. Hawaii. In the Senate, July 5, 1898. 2. Dangers of Colonial Expansion. In New York Independent, July

7, 1898. 3. Relation of the American Bar to the State. Address Delivered

at the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Virginia State Bar Associa

tion, July, 1898. 4. Same, in Virginia Law Register, August, 1898. 5. Quality of our Honor. Speech at Opening of Clark University

Summer School, July 13, 1898, and Open Letters to Prof. Norton. 6. Rufus Putnam, Founder and Father of Ohio. Address at Rutland,

September 17, 1898.

7. Bradford Manuscript, Account of Part Taken by American Anti

quarian Society in Return of, to America.


1. Four National Conventions—Some Political Reminiscences

Daniel Webster. Scribner's Magazine. 3. Life of Sumner by Edward L. Pierce Wilmot Proviso_John Davis.

Remarks before American Antiquarian Society in Proceedings,

October, 1893. 6. Latin and Greek in our Colleges. New York Independent, March

16, 1899. 7. Speech at Banquet of the New England Society of Charleston, S. C.,

December 22, 1898. 8. Kettle Brook Water Cases. Argument in, January 2, 1899. 9. Philippine Islands. No Constitutional Power to Conquer Foreign

Nations, etc., In Senate, January 9, 1899. 10. Philippine Islands, Letter from Hon. George F. Hoar regarding, to

Hon. George S. Boutwell and others, March 29, 1899. 11. Justin Morrill, Memorial Address in the Senate. 12. Isham G. Harris. Memorial Address in the Senate. 13. Our Duty to the Philippines. New York Independent, November

9, 1899.


1. The Philippines. Speech in reply to Senator Beveridge in the

Senate, Jan. 9, 1900. 2. Our Duty to the Philippines. Letter by Senator Hoar, January

11, 1900. 3. Shall we Retain the Philippines. In Collier's Weekly, February

3, 1900. 4. The Philippines. Speech in the Senate, April 17, 1900. 5. The Conquest of the Philippines. Extracts from Speech of April

17, 1900. 6. The Lust of Empire. Speech April 17, 1900. Published by Tucker

Publishing Co. 8. Vacancies in the Senate. Right of Executive to Appoint in all

Cases during Recess of Legislature. In the Senate, March 2, 1900. 9 Harvard College Fifty-eight Years Ago. In Scribner's Magazine,

July, 1900. 10. Alumni Dinner, Speech at. Harvard Graduates' Magazine, Sept

ember, 1900. 11. Party Government in the United States. International Monthly,

October, 1900. 13. President McKinley or President Bryan, North American Review,

October, 1900.
Bradford Manuscript. Speech, 1897.
Cushman K. Davis. Address in Senate, 1897.
Fifteenth Massachusetts Regiment, Excursion of the—and its
Friends to the Battlefields of Gettysburg, Antietam, Ball's Bluff
and the City of Washington, D.C., Sept. 14-20, 1900. Addresses

by Hon. George F. Hoar at Gettysburg and Antietam. Harvard Alumni Dinner. Hon. George F. Hoar, '46, President of the

Association of the Alumni. Also Address at the opening of the
Harvard Union, 1901.

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