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“ Will the cause of Liberty suffer through me, because my enemies misinterpret my acts and sayings ? " said the dying Dostie.

That the Cause for which thousands have fallen may be promoted, some of those noble “acts and sayings,” have been recorded in the following pages, to be preserved as sacred mementoes by the friends of Republican Liberty, who will cherish the patriotic acts and liberal sentiments of one of their standard-bearers in the cause of Universal Freedom.

That the weapons of truth may pierce the hard hearts of traitors and conspirators—who were “all forgiven ” by their dying victim-some of the events connected with the life of a patriot and martyr have been narrated.

That the prominent events relating to “ The Conflict in New

Orleans” between Slavery and Freedom-between Despotism and Republicanism, may find a place in the history of the Great Rebellion, those events have been recorded in the work before the reader.

NEW YORK, April 24, 1868.

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