The Celtic Monthly: A Magazine for Highlanders, Volumen8

A. Sinclair, 1900
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Página 55 - And all these things I do plainly and sincerely acknowledge and swear according to these express words by me spoken, and according to the plain and common sense and understanding of the same words without any equivocation, mental evasion, or secret reservation whatsoever.
Página 55 - Conspiracies which I shall know to be against Him or any of them ; and I do faithfully promise to the utmost of my Power to support, maintain, and defend the Succession of the Crown against...
Página 55 - I do swear that I will bear faith and true allegiance to his Majesty king George, and him will defend to the utmost of my power, against all traitorous conspiracies and attempts whatsoever which shall be made against his person, crown and dignity.
Página 40 - We were entertained with the usual hospitality by Mr. Macdonald and his lady, Flora Macdonald, a name that will be mentioned in history, and if courage and fidelity be virtues, mentioned with honour.
Página 55 - I do believe in my conscience, that the person pretended to be Prince of Wales, during the life of the late King James, and since his decease pretending to be and taking upon himself the style and title of King of England, by the name of James the Third, hath not any right or title whatsoever to the Crown of this realm...
Página 238 - Enow of such, as for their bellies' sake Creep and intrude and climb into the fold! Of other care they little reckoning make Than how to scramble at the shearers' feast, And shove away the worthy bidden guest; Blind mouths! that scarce themselves know how to hold A sheep-hook, or have learn'd aught else the least That to the faithful herdman's art belongs!
Página 234 - He did not endeavour to dazzle them by any magnificence of dress: his only distinction was a feather in his bonnet ; but as soon as he appeared, they forsook their work and clustered about him i he took them by the hand, and they seemed mutually delighted.
Página 55 - Second and since his decease pretended to be and took upon himself the style and title of King of England by the name of James the Third or of Scotland by the name of James the Eighth or the style and title of King of Great Britain hath any right or title whatsoever to the crown of this realm or any other the dominions thereunto belonging.
Página 124 - Dan shall be a serpent by the way, An adder in the path, That biteth the horse heels, So that his rider shall fall backward.
Página 186 - They came after that to the other town; and it was pleasing to Columcille, because it was full of God's grace; and he asked of the mormaer, to wit Bede, that he should give it to him, and he did not give it; and a son of his took an illness after refusing the clerics, and he was nearly dead.

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