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to locate home,



said incorporation, and to the establishment and maintenance of an “Orphan's Home,” and to erect, construct and build all such structures, buildings, houses, edifices and tenements May erect edifthereon, as they may deem best for the purposes aforesaid, ces. and from time to time to enlarge, repair and add to the

§ 4. The governor of this state shall appoint five persons Commissioners as commissioners to locate said "Home," who are in no way connected with said corporation, whose duty it shall be, whenever they shall be requested by the trustees aforesaid so to do, to give notice in at least five different newspaper's published in this state, of their intention to locate the same, , and that all citizens of any city, county or place may submit their proposals for said location; and it shall be the duty of Proposals for losaid commissioners to fix the location of said "Home" at whatever place they may conclude will prove most advantageous to said institution, and secure the greatest benefits thereto and to the inmates thereof.

§ 5. As soon as said corporation is organized by the Notice of locaelection of the officers thereof, and the sum of fifty thousand dollars has been subscribed and paid in or donated to said corporation, it shall be their duty to notify the commissioners above referred to of their desire to have said “Home” located; and whenever said commissioners shall have located the same, they shall certify their action to the said president and trustees, and thereupon all estates, lands, tenements, property, moneys and effects given or assured to be given in consideration of said location may be transferred, conveyed or secured to the said incorporation, to be held by them and appropriated exclusively for the purposes of said "Home," and no other purpose.

§ 6. The object of this incorporation is declared to be Object of Home. to provide a "Home" for the nurture and education, without charge, of all indigent children of soldiers who have served in the armies of the Union during the present rebellion, and have been disabled from disease or wounds therein, or have died or been killed in said service; and in accomplishing this end, said trustees may adopt such means as they may deem best suited to attain the same, not inconsistent with the laws of this state then in force.

§ 7. The said officers and trustees shall hold their offices Term of office. for and during the term of two years, and until their successors have been appointed by the governor of this state, and qualitied. Each of said officers shall be, ex-officio, members of the said board of trustees, and they together shall have complete control of said “Home,” its property, effects and management, and may appoint and fix the salaries of salaries. all such superintendents and teachers as to them may seem best, and discharge them whenever they so desire.

$ 8. It shall be the duty of the said trustees to submit annually, on the first day of January, to the governor of this

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Report to




state, a full report of the said institution, in which they shall state the number of its pupils during the year, their names and residence, the amount of funds received, and whether donated or not, and from whom received, the amount expended and in what way expended, and show the condition of said institution fully, and in case of failure so to do they may be removed and others appointed, and for any misconduct in office, each one shall be for himself only holden, civilly or criminally, as the case may be.

$ 10. This act shall be deemed a public act, and shall be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED February 16, 1865.

In force Feb. 16, AN ACT to organize an experimental school for the instruction and training

of idiots and feeble minded children in the state of Illinois.



for school.

WHEREAS, it has been made to appear to the satisfaction of

this body, that there is in this state a large number of persons, commonly known as idiots or imbeciles, for whose instruction, training, and relief no provision has been made; and whereas, it has further been made to appear that a large proportion of such unfortunate persons, under judicious and proper training, may, to a large degree, be elevated in the scale of intelligence, and greatly im. proved in physical ability; therefore,

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the sum Appropriation of five thousand dollars per annum, from the first day of

March, A. D., 1865, to the first day of March, A. D., 1867, payable quarterly, be and the same is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not, otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of organizing, temporarily, an experimental school for the training and instruction of such idiots

or imbeciles, the results of such experiments to be reported Report to gov- annually to the governor of the state of Illinois, and to the

next regular session of the general assembly.

The auditor of public accounts is hereby authorized and dumb ins and required to draw his warrants quarterly upon the

treasury for said sums, upon the order of the board of directors of the Illinois Institution for the education of the Deaf and Dumb, who shall disburse the said funds for the purpose herein named, and for no other purpose whatever.

§ 3. The accounts of said experimental school shall be kept in the manner of keeping accounts now in use at the Illinois Institution for the education of the Deaf and Dumb, and all sums expended under this act shall be accounted for in the same manner as the funds of the aforesaid institu

Directors of deaf

§ 2.

to burse funds,


Detailed counts.

tion, and said expenditures shall be set forth in detail, in each report, to the governor of the state, as hereinbefore provided for.

§ 4. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED February 15, 1865.

AN ACT requiring the clerks of the circuit courts (and county courts In force Feb. 16,

having common law jurisdiction) of the several counties in this state to keep indexes to their court records.


vide records.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That it shall be the duty of the clerks of the circuit courts (and county Clerks to procourts having common law jurisdiction) of the several counties in this state, to provide two well bound books, to be denominated "plaintiff's

' index to court records,” and “de"

" fendants' index to court records,” to be ruled and printed substantially in the following manner:

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In which said books all the cases which shall have been determined in said court within seven years next preceding the passage of said act, and all cases now pending and which shall hereafter be commenced shall be entered. Said books shall





set forth the names of the parties, kind of action, term com-
menced, record books and pages on which said cases are record-
ed, the term disposed of, date of judgment, books and pages
of the judgment dockets, execution dockets, fee books, certifi-
cates of levy, sale and redemption, records on which they

are entered, satisfied or not satisfied, and No. of case. The Defendants' in. defendants' index shall be ruled and printed in the same

manner as the plaintiffs', except the parties shall be reversed.
And the clerks shall receive a fee of ten cents (10 cts.) for
such (each) entry, as provided for in this act, to be paid by the
parties in the suit, except for the cases now disposed of,
which shall be paid by the board of supervisors or county
courts of the several counties in this state; and they are
hereby authorized and required to make appropriations for
that purpose.

Any failure on the part of the clerks of the several
counties in this state to procure said books within four
months from and after the passage of this act, and keep
them up, shall be considered in contempt of court, and pun-

ished by a fine of fifty dollars ($50.)
County to pay $ [3.] The board of supervisors and county courts of the

several counties in this state are required to pay for said
books, in the same manner as for other books, and shall be
public records of the several counties.

§ 4. This act shall be deemed a public act, and be in
force from and after its passage.

APPROVED February 16, 1865.


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for records.

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In force Feb. 16, AN ACT to require the Illinois Central railroad company to pay a tax on all

their property, not exempt by the laws of its charter, and to require the
purchasers of land from said company to pay a tax upon said lands.

sessed sold.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That it shall Central railroad be the duty of each assessor in each county in this state in

when which the Central railroad company may have sold land,

to ascertain, as near as practicable, the date of said sale, and
to assess the value of said land each year from that date,
and to assess upon each tract so sold after the last payment
due said company for said land is due for each year, accord-
ing to the value as assessed, a tax, as provided by law for the
assessment and taxation of other lands of the state. Said as-
sessors shall return to the clerk of the county court of their

respective counties said assessment, as in other cases; and how col- said tax shall be collected as other tax, and said assessment,

taxation and collections, shall, in all things, conform to the
laws of this state in relation to the assessment valuation and

Тах, lected.


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taxing other lands belonging to other persons, subject, however, to the following conditions: If said tax shall not be paid by the purchasers of said Personal proper

ty to be land from the said company, it shall be the duty of the col- land tax lectors of the revenue of the said counties to collect said tax by the sale of personal property belonging to said purchasers, or by the levy and sale of other lands belonging to said purchasers, and upon which said company has no lien.

. If said collector or collectors of the revenue shall be una- Land not to be ble to find personal property or other real estate as aforesaid tor ir "not paid out of which to make said tax, the said collector or collectors for. shall not advertise and sell said land so purchased from said Central railroad company unless the same shall be paid for to said company, but said collector shall immediately return a list and description (including the assessed value of all said lands and the tax due thereon) to the auditor of public accounts; and said auditor shall give notice to the president of said rai!road company of the non-payment of said tax, and if said company shall have sold said land upon a credit, and said land shall have been paid for to said company, said auditor shall cause said land to be sold as other lands to pay When lands may Baid tax, whether said company shall have conveyed said land to said purchaser or not, and the said tax purchaser shall, after he procures a deed, have all the right of said Tax title. purchaser of said company. But if said land shall not have been fully paid for to said company, and the purchase money shail be due, then the auditor shall cause all the rights of Righter of par said purchaser or purchasers to said lands to be sold for said tax, subject to the right of said company to said lands; and no such 'sale for taxes shall affect the right of said company to enforce the payment of the money due said company by the sale of said land; but the purchaser under the tax sale, after he gets a deed therefor, shall have a right to pay the sum due the company,

for said land; and the said company shall convey said land to said tax purchaser: Provided, that no tax shall be assessed upon any of the lands of the said company exempt by the terms of its charter from Lands exempl taxation, until after all the payments shall have become due thereon from the purchasers of the same.

§ 2. Said assessors shall, also, in the assessments of property, assess all the property, both real and personal, of said taxed. railroad company, not exempt from taxation by the terms of their charter; and said assessors shall return to the clerks of the county courts said lists of property, so assessed, in like manner as he is bound by law to do in relation to other property; and a tax shall be levied and collected thereon, as is provided by law in relation to property belonging to the inhabitants of the state. It shall be the duty of the president of said Cen- List of lando

sola tral railroad company, under his oath, on or before the first tor. day of June next, and on or before the first day of June, in


All property not exempt to be

$ 3.

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