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missioners filed

Fees of commissioners.

Appeals allowed from commissioners.


Review of action of commissioners.


Decision of com: their decision on the back of the application, and file the with town clerk same in the office of the town clerk, and the town clerk shall

enter upon his book the date of such filing.

$ 9. The fees of the drainage commissioners shall be the same as is now allowed by law for their services as commissioners of highways, and shall be paid in the same manner.

$ 10. Either party feeling aggrieved by the decision of the commissioners, either in locating or failing to locate the drain, may at any time within fifteen days from the

filing of such decision, appeal from the same, by giving ten days' notice in writing to the opposite party or parties. Said appeal shall be taken before the supervisor, one justice of the peace,

and the town clerk of the town in which the drain is to originate: Provided, that in case either of these persons shall be interested personally in the land or lands through which it is proposed to pass, then the other two shall select some disinterested person to act with them.


$ 11. The supervisor, justice of the peace and town clerk, (in case none are interested as aforesaid,) shall as soon as practicable, fix upon a day when they will review the action of the said drainage commissioners, and hear the reasons for and against the laying of the drain. They shall then,

after so hearing, determine whether the action of the comWhen decision is missioners was in their judgment proper, and if they reverse

the decision of the commissioners in whole or in part, they shall state the same in writing, specifying what changes they have made, whether they have relocated the drain, or reapportioned the labor, or reassessed the damage, if any there

be, which statement shall be filed with the town clerk for Final decision. inspection, and their decision shall be final in all cases per

taining to the subject.

$ 12. In all cases of appeal, the persons hearing and deciding the same shall be entitled to two dollars per day for the time necessarily employed in the case ; and if the action

of the drainage commissioners is sustained, then the cost We pay pellant shall be paid by the party taking the appeal. But if said When fees paid decision shall be reversed in whole or in part, then the fees frona. township of the said officers shall be paid from the township funds.

$ 13. In all cases where the commissioners shall have non-resia ordered a drain through the lands of non-resident owner or dents, how paid

owners, and such owner or owners will not make nor pay for making such drain as ordered, then it shall be the duty of the commissioners to assess the necessary cost of con

structing the drain against the lard, and return the same to County clerk to the county clerk in such county, who shall enter the amount, assess amount with other taxes, against the said land, and when the same

shall have been collected as other taxes are collected, he
shall pay the amount to the person or persons making or

causing the drain to have been made.

§ 14. Nothing in this act shall authorize the assessment to be charged te of more than one half the expense or cost of any drain upon

uninclosed lands through which such drain may be run.

Fees of officers.

to cost.


Drain on lands of


with other taxев.

Not more than

open lands.


not included.

§ 15. This act shall not apply to the counties of McHenry McHenry and Kane, and this act shall not be construed to conflict Kane counties with existing laws for drainage in the county of Cook.

$ 16. This act shall be deemed a public act, and be in force froin and after its passage.

APPROVED February 16, 1865.

AN ACT for the benefit of the board of education of the state of Illinois. In force Feb. 4,


amine accounts.

WHEREAS the board of education of the state of Illinois are Preamble.

indebted to Walworth, Hubbard and Company in the sum of $6328, and to Mortimer & Loberg in the sum of 14,726 dollars, and to Greenbaum & Sons in the sum of 9335 dollars, and to Allen Flowes in the sum of 604 dollars, with the interest accruing from December 13, 1864, and that the consideration of said indebtedness was for labor and material furnished by said partiess in the erection and building of the State Normal University, and for the payment of which the said creditors have a lien upon the university buildings and grounds; therefore, for the purpose of liquidating said indebtedness and removing said lien from said building and grounds, SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Nlinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the chairman of the committee of education in the senate, and the Committee to exchairman of the committee of education of the house, and the president of the board of education of the state of Illinois, are hereby appointed a committee, with power to meet during the present session, or thereafter, to determine the amounts severally due on said claims; and for that purpose it shall be their duty to meet as soon as possible and examine and determine the amounts due the respective parties; and said committee shall grant a certificate to each of the Certificate claimants, stating the amount justly due, so far as they may find the claims just and unpaid.

$2. It shall be the duty of the auditor of public accounts, on the presentation of any certificate granted as aforesaid by said committee, or a majority of them, to issue his war- Auditor to issue rant on the treasurer, for the amount specified in such certificate: Provided', that the auditor shall not issue warrants mittee. for a greater amount, in the aggregate, than thirty-two Amount limited. thousand dollars. Such warrants shall be countersigned and paid by the treasurer, out of any money not otherwise appropriated.

$ 3. This act shall be in force from and after its passage. APPROVED February 4, 1865.



warrant on certificate of com

In force Feb. 15, AN ACT for the registry of electors and to prevent fraudulent voting.


List of voters to be made.


List of qualified

betic order.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the Board of registry persons authorized by law, or appointed pursuant to any

town or city ordinance, to act as judges or inspectors of elections in any town, city, or ward, or other election district or precinct, in this state, (except the moderator of the town meeting, in towns adopting township organization,) shall constitute a “board of registry” for their respective towns, cities, wards, districts or precincts, and shall meet on Tuesday, three weeks preceding any state, county, city, or town, election, (except "town meetings” in towns adopting the township organization law,) at nine o'clock A. M., and proceed to make a list, as hereinafter prescribed, of all persons qualified and entitled to vote at the ensuing election in the election district of which they are judges or inspectors; which list, when completed, shall constitute and be known as the “register of elector's” of said election district; and said board may continue their session, for the purpose of making said list, two days, if necessary: Provided, that at the last election in said "district, prior to said meeting, the number of votes cast in said district exceeded two hundred.

$ 2. Said registers shall each contain a list of the pervoters in alpha- sons so qualified and entitled to vote in said election district,

alphabetically arranged, according to their respective surnames, so as to show, in one column, the name at full length, and in another column, in cities, the residence, by the number of the dwelling, if there be a number, and the name of the street or other location of the dwelling place of each person. It shall be the duty of said board to enter in said lists the names of all persons, residing in their election district, whose name appears on the poll list kept in said district at the last preceding election; in cities the number of the dwelling and name of the street or other location, if the same shall be known to, or can be ascertained by such board; and for this purpose, said board are authorized to take from the office in which they are filed, the poll lists made and filed by the judges or inspectors of such district, at the election held next prior to the making of such register. In making said list, the board shall enter thereon, in addition to the names on the poll list, the names of all other persons who are well known to them to be electors in said district; and the names of all persons on the poll list who have died or removed from the district shall be omitted from said register.

The said board shall complete, as far as practicable, the said register on the day of Copies of list. their meeting, aforesaid, and shall make four copies thereof,

and certify the register and each of the copies to be a true list of the voters in their district, so far as the same are

Residence of voters.

Names may be added to list.

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Lists-how pub

known to them. Within two days thereafter, the said origi-
nal list, together with the list taken from the office, as afore- Lists, where filed
said, shall be filed by said board in the office of the town
clerk of the town in which said election district


but in counties not adopting township organization said list
shall be filed with the judges or inspectors of election of
the proper district, or if such election district is in a
city, then it shall be filed in the office of the city clerk
of said city; and one copy of said list shall be kept by
each of said judges or inspectors, and carefully preserved
by him for their use on the day or days hereinafter men-
tioned, for the revision and correction of the same. One
copy of said list shall, immediately after its completion
be posted in some conspicuous place where the last preced-
ing election in said district was held, and be accessible to
any elector who may desire to examine the same or make Electors may ex:
copies thereof. Any person who shall take down, tear down copy.
or deface any list, so posted, shall be deemed guilty of nis-
demeanor, and shall be punished by a fine of fifty dollars,
or by imprisonment in the county jail for the term of sixty
days, or by both fine and imprisonment. The board may,
in their discretion, cause printed copies of said list to be
posted up in such places as they may direct, and may cause
the same to be published in some newspaper in the county Tished.
in which such district is situated, at an expense not exceed-
ing one cent for each name on said list.

§ 3. In case a new election district shall be formed by When new dis.
the organization of a new town, or by the division of any
town or ward, or the incorporation of a city or town, the
judges or inspectors of the election in the new district 'thus
formed, may make their registry of electors on the day pre-
scribed by this act, in such manner as a majority of them
may direct, and for that purpose may make a list, or cause
to be made, a certified copy of the poll list or lists of the
districts in which such new district is situated, or they may
dispense with such list or lists, and proceed to make a regis-
ter of electors from the best means at their command. Said
lists shall only embrace the names of such persons as are
known to them to be electors in their district, and shall be
posted up and copies thereof made, as prescribed in the
preceding section, and shall be corrected in the same man-
ner that other lists are corrected.

§ 4. The said board shall again meet on Tuesday of the Revision of lists.
week preceding the said elections, in their respective elec-
tion districts, at the place designated for holding the polls
of the election, for the purpose of revising, correcting, and
completing said lists, and for this purpose, in cities, they
shall meet at eight o'clock in the morning, and remain in
session until nine o'clock P. M. of that day, and the day fol-
lowing; and in other districts they shall meet at nine o'clock

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Proceedings be open.

When names may be erased.


in the morning and remain in session until four o'clock p.
M. of that day.

§ 5. The proceedings of said board shall be open, and
all persons residing and entitled to vote in said district, shall
be entitled to be heard by said board in relation to correc-
tions or additions to said register. One of the lists so kept
by the judges or inspectors, as aforesaid, shall be used by
them, on the day or days of making corrections or additions,
for the purpose of completing the registry for such district.

$ 6. It shall be the duty of said board, at their meeting for revising and correcting said lists, to erase therefrom the name of any person inserted therein, who shall be proved by the oath of two legal voters of said district, to the satisfaction of said board, to be non-resident of said district, or otherwise not entitled to vote, in said district, at the election then next to be held. Any elector residing in said district, and entitled to vote therein, may appear before said board and require his name to be recorded on said alphabetical list. Any person so requiring his name to be so entered on said lists, shall make the same statement as to the street and number thereof, and where he resides, required by the pro

visions of this act of persons offering their votes at elections, Refusal to give and shall be subject to the same penalties for refusing to

give such information, or for falsely giving the same, and
shall also be subject to challenge, either by the judges or
inspectors, or either of them, or by any other elector whose
name appears on said alphabetical list; and the same oaths
may be administered by the judges or inspectors as now
provided in case of persons offering to vote at an election,
and in case no challenge is made of any person requiring
his name to be entered on said alphabetical list, or in case
of challenge, if such person shall make oath th:1t would

entitle him to vote in case of challenge at an election, then added, on oath the name of any such person shall be added to the alpha

betical poll list of the last preceding year.

$ 7. After said lists shall have been fully completed, the said board shall, within three days thereafter, cause four copies of the same to be made, each of which shall be certified by them to be a correct list of the voters of their district; one of which shall be filed in the office of the town clerk of towns, and in the office of city clerks in cities; and one of which copies shall be delivered to each of said judges or inspectors. It shall be the duty of the said judges or inspectors so receiving such lists, carefully to preserve the said lists for their use on election day, and to designate two of their number, at the opening of the polls, to check the

name of every voter voting in such district whose name is When vote shall on the register. No vote sha:l be received at any state,

county, town or city election in this state, except at town
meetings in towns adopting the township organization law,
if the name of the person offering to vote be not on the said

of applicant.

Certified copies of list.

Where filed.

be rejectd.



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