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as, by so doing, the wealthy districts are enabled to draw from the rural districts by the offer of large bounties all the able-bodied men, thus leaving them without inen to fill their heavy quotas under the draft.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded, Copies to be sent immediately, by the secretary of state to the president of the United States and to provost marshal general Fry, that they may at once be made acquainted with our earnest prayers for justice and the right.


March 17, 1865. I, Sharon Tyndale, Secretary of State, of the State of Illinois, do hereby certify that the foregoing printed laws are true and perfect copies of the enrolled laws on file in this office, with the exception of the words printed in brackets thus, []. And I further certify that the enrolled law entitled "An act to amend the School Law,” is not in accordance with the law as finally passed, as is proven by the journals of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, wherein it is distinctly shown that the said act finally passed without the proviso in the seventh section. In testimony whereof, I hereunto set my hand, the day and year aforesaid.

SHARON TYNDALE, Secretary of State.




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Appropriations : Acknowledgment of deeds. See Deeds.


16 Adjutant general, appointment of .

stationery and postage

5,7 books for office, how provided

Bailhache & Baker

10 clerks of, how appointed, and salary 2 Baker & Phillips

10,13 messengers of ..

Bissell, Mrs. Wm. H.

19 office of, when discontinued 3 Blind Institute.

16 seal of Brooks, John P.

9 rank and term of office

cemetery of Stephen A. Douglas 18 report, annual, to Governor

soldiers at Gettysburg

91 salary

Church, Wm. L. and E. C. Carr. 12 stationery, &c., for office 8 clerks of committees

11 to appoint assistants

of fund commissioner

5,7 to be chief of staff


of House and Senate 11, 13,16 to issue license to substitute bro

of library ...

11 kers ...


enrolling and engrossing 13, 15 to issue all military orders.


executive department. to preserve military correspondence 1

supreme court, 1st and 2d diAdjutant general, assistant, appointment


9 of

clergymen of assembly

10,11 duty and salary

committees of penitentiary and state when to act as principal 2 institutions.

8 Adjusters of Public Printing

97 committee of industrial college 12 Agents, military. See Governor.

rent for rooms.

12 Agricultural reports. See Reports.

Oonkling, James C.

9 Alleys and Streets. See Streets and Alleys.

contingent fund.

4,6,8 Alton Bank. See Appropriations.

Cook, B. C.

13 Alvey A.

doorkeepers and assistants

14 Amendments to the U. S. Constitution.

Ellsworth Lewis ..

10 See Joint Resolutions, p. 135.

executive department Appeals, appeal bonds ....


6,7,8,19 appellant, judgment against on fail- firemen of assembly

11 ure to prosecute .

4 fund commissioner's clerk to supreme court 3 geological department

7,8 Apples. See Fruit.

government, unpaid expenses of 4 Appropriations:

Howlett, John R.

13 adjutant general for clerk hire .. 8

Jackson, John

12 messengers 8 Kuecherer, John.

10 salary 9 Lewis, Thomas.

11 " stationery and postage 8,10 mail carriers..

11 adjutant general, assistant, salary 9 Martin, Jasper.

14 Alton Bank 11 medical examiners.

13 Alvey A. 9 members and mileage.

14 arsenal state, for repairs .


messengers in public service. 5,8 officers and men

10 Miller, J. C... auditor public accounts :

Morrell, M. E.

10 clerk hire ..

newspapers for members..



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Appropriations :

Auditor public accounts, etc.: pages of both houses and offices.. 11 fee for registering county and city Payne, F. E...


45 policemen.

12 to compute interest on bonds .. 46 porters.

8, 11, 12

to sell lands in Woodford county. 86 postage of general assembly.

19 to make entry of payment on bond 47 postmaster and assistants.

13, 15
warrants of 1863 legalized....

6 quartermaster general's office.

6 Raps, John G..


B. reporters and assistants

13 Sampson, C..

14 Bank, Alton. See Appropriations. Sanger, L. P.

10 Bank commissioners' oflice abolished.... 20 school for idiots..

78 Bank note plates. See Auditor. secretary of governor.

11 Battle Angs and trophies, how preserved. senate and assistants. 13, 15 Bissell, Mrs. William H. See appropriastate ....

4, 5, 7 tions. sergeant-ilt-arms and assistants. 13, 14, 15 Bills of discovery, plaintiff or defendant service not provided for... 12 may not testify..

21 Snow, D. J. 14 Binding, public, contract for

98 sc.diers and sailors, sick and wound

See Printing and Binding.
5, 8 Black laws, repealed...

105 state and printing report.. 7,8 Blackberries. See Fruit. house

6, 7, 12 Blind Institute. See Appropriations. institutions...

16, 17 Board of education. See Education. Journal and Register..

12 Board of health. See Health. speakers house and senate.

14 Boats and vessels. See Attachments. superintendent public instruction.. 7 Bonds of state. See State Bonds. superintendent public instruction, Bonds of collectors...

48 clerk hire, etc...

county superintendents.

112 treasurer of stute, stationery and

military agents...

127 clerk hire

township treasurers.

113 Webster, Alfred...

10 Bords of counties and cities, debts of... 45 Western Engraving company 12 Bonds, Illinois and Michigan canal. See witnesses before committees

11 · State Bonds. Wood & Dockson

13 Bonus, Macalister & Stebbins : Wright, George F.

9 interest on, barred after July 1, 1865 89 Yates, Richard, expenses.

13 principal and interest barred after Arsenal, officers and men of.

January 1, 1866...

89 priations.

treasurer to give notice to holders of repairs of. See Appropriations.


90 Assessors of Illinois railroad property.. 80, 81 Brokers' license. See Substitutes. Assigoment of dower. See Dower.

Brooks, John P. See Appropriations. Association, soldiers' national. See Cem- Brown county. See courts. etery.

Bush, ornamental. See Fruit. Attachments of boats and vessels, when writ may issue ........


Attorneys. See state's attorneys.
See Fees.
Cairo, court common pleas...

41 for corporations of other states. See register's office in, abolished... 42 Corporations.

register's office, records of to be evimay direct where publication of sales


42 be made.

30 Canal bonds. See State Bonds, prosecuting, salary of .

16 Canal bonds. See Joint Resolutions.... 134 Auditor public accounts and others to ad- Canal, Illinois and Michigan: just accounts of public printer and completion of.....

83 binder.

97, 99

lands to be appraised and sold.. 84 for clerk hire. 5,7 opening and closing of.

84 to enforce law on Illinois Central

summit division to be finished.

83 railroad ..

82 Cassell, Robert T., money refunded to.. 86 furniture and postage for office. 5, 7 Cemetery. See Fraudulent Mischief. to report on contingent fund..

6 Cemetery for soldiers at Gettysburg..... 91 salary of.....

15 governor to appoint commissioners.. 91 to issue order for bạnk note plates.. 20 Central railroad. See Ills. Central R. R,

See Appro


PAGE Chancery, jurisdiction of courts extended 36 Corporate companies. See Mining and practice in 7th circuit.

27 Transporting. Chicago, lands ceded to U. S.

44 Corporations of other states may act by river, cleansing of.. 84 attorneys in this state

24 Children of deceased soldiers. See Home. County and city debts, how canceled.... 45 Church, W. L., and E. C. Carr. See Ap

tax, how levied, to pay...

46 propriations.

tax applied on registered bonds .. 46 Circuit clerk, fees. See Fees.

County collectors' fees and commission.. 48 process from, how published...... 30 County superintendent, election of...... 112 publication of sales on execution... 30 Counties, Alexander. See courts, 26th when liable to fine...


district. Circuit court, attachments in. See At

Alexander, Cairo records.....

42 tachments.

Brown. See Courts, 5th circuit. jurisdiction with towns and cities.... 35 Champaign. See Courts. records of, may be printed. See Re

Clark. See Courts, 4th circuit. cords.

Coles, attached to 27th district. Circuit court. See Courts.

Coles. See Courts.
City and towns, jurisdiction over rivers.

Cook. See Courts.
See Rivers.

Cumberland. See Courts, 4th circuit. vacation of lanes in. See Sireets

DeKalb. See Courts. and Alleys.

Douglas. See Courts. City and county debts, how canceled..... 45 DuPage, practice in circuit court of, Clark county. See courts.


33 Clergymen of assembly. See Appropria

DuPage, time of holding courts. 34 tions.

Edgar, attached to 27th district. Clerk county court. See Fees.

Edgar. See Courts. duty to insane persons...

85 Edwards. See Courts, 12th circuit. records may be printed. See Re- Fayette, attached to 17th district... 30 cords.

Fayette. See Couris, Clerk circuit court. See Circuit Clerk.

Ford. See Courts. Clerks of comm tees. See Appropria- Franklin. See Courts, 26th district. tions.

Fulton. See Courts, 5th circuit. Clerks of house and assistants. See Ap-' Grundy. See Courts. propriations.

Hamilton. See Courts, 12th district. Clerks of house and senate. See Appro

Jasper, act to extend jurisdiction repriations.


37 Coin. See Specie.

Jefferson. See Courts, 12th district. Collectors' bonds, when to be increased.. 48 Johnson. See Courts, 26th distriet. county. See Fees.

Kendall. See Courts.
College industrial, committee of. See

Macon. See Courts, 17th district.

McDonough. See Courts, 5th dist.
Commissioners of banks. See Bank Com-

McLean, attached to second division, missioners.

supreme court.

28 to build court house at Cairo....... 25 Moultrie. See Courts, 17th district. deeds. See Deeds:

Peoria. See Courts, 16th circuit. schools. See County Superintend

Perry. See Courts, 26th circait. ent.

Piatt. See Courts, 17th district. war fund. See War Fund,

Pike, See Courts, 5th circuit. Committees. See Guardians.

Saline. See Courts, 26th district. Communications. See Telegraph.

Schuyler. See Courts, 5th circuit. Conkling, James C. See Appropriations. Shelby, attached to 17th district ... 30 Confession of judgment, DuPage circuit

Shelby. See Courts, 17th district. court...

33 Vermilion. See Courts. Congress, laws of. See Laws of Congress.

Wabash. See Courts, 12th circuit.
Constitution U. S., amendment to. See

Wayne. See Courts, 12th circuit.
Joint Resolutions.

White. See Courts, 12th circuit.
Contigent fund.......

.4, 6, 8

Will. See Courts. auditor to report on.

Williamson. See Courts, 26th cir. Contracts, copying laws.

97 cuit. printing, etc.

93 Winnebago. See Courts. Conservators and guardiansSee Guar

may offer bounty for horse-thieves.. 106 dians.

Alexander county.

31 Convention, journal of. See Journals. Courts, Aurora and Elgin, term of. 39 Cook, B. C. See Appropriations.

chancery term 39


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