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trustees shall ascertain the amount of state, county and Distribution of township funds on hand and subject to distribution, and shall apportion the same as follows: First, two per cent. to the township treasurer. Second, whatever may be due for the books of the treasurer, and such sum as may be deemed reasonable for dividing school lands, inaking plats, etc. Third, of the remainder, one-half shall be divided among the districts in proportion to the number of children under twenty-one years of age in each, and the other half in proportion to the attendance certified in the schedules. The funds thus apportioned shall be placed on the books of the treasurer to the credit of the respective districts, and the same shall be paid out by the treasurer on the legal orders of the directors of the proper districts. § 12.

Section thirty-five (35) of the act is hereby amend- Transfer of pued so as to read as follows, viz: Pupils shall not be transferred from one district to another without the written consent of a majority of the directors of both districts; which written permits shall be delivered to and filed by the proper township treasurer, and shall be evidence of such consent. A separate schedule shall be kept for each district, and in each Schedules. schedule shall be certified the proper amount due the teacher from that district, computed upon the basis of the total number of days' attendance of all the schedules. If the districts from which the pupils are transferred are in the same township as the district in which the school is taught, the directors of said district shall deliver the separate schedules to their township treasurer, who shall credit the district in which the school was taught, and charge the other districts, with the respective amounts certified in said separate schedules to be due. If pupils are transferred from a district of another township, the schedule for that district shall be delivered to the directors thereof, who shall immediately draw an order on their treasurer, in favor of the teacher, for the amount certified to be due in said separate schedules. A majority of the directors of each of two or more districts Union districts. may consolidate said districts and appoint three directors for the union district so formed, who shall be styled, “Directors of Union District No..., Township No...," who shall have all the powers conferred by law upon other school directors. The proceedings of the act of consolidation shall be signed by a majority of each of the concurring boards of directors and delivered to the trustees of the proper township, and shall be evidence of such consolidation; and upon receiving a copy of said proceedings, it shall be the duty of the trustees to change the map of the township in accordance therewith, and file the same with the clerk of the county court. The separate boards of directors shall then be dissolved and the union directors shall draw lots for their respective terms of office and be thereafter elected as provided in the fortysecond section of the act.



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§ 13. Section thirty-six (36) of the act is hereby amended by the addition of the following provision, viz: “And any township from which such report is not received in the manner and time required by law, shall forfeit its portion of the public funds for the next ensuing year: Provided, that upon the recommendation of the county superintendent, or for good and sufficient reasons, the state superintendent may remit such forfeiture."

14. Section thirty-nine (39) of the act is hereby amended by striking out all of said section, after the words "and to their successors in office,” being the whole of the last period of said section.

§ 15. Section forty-two (42) of the act is hereby amended by the addition of the following, viz: Should the directors fail or refuse to order any regular or special election, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the township treasurer to order such election, and if he fails to do so, then it shall be the duty of the county superintendent to order such election of directors, within ten days, in each case, of such failure or refusal, and the election held in pursuance of such order shall be valid, the same as if ordered by the directors.

$ 16. Section forty-four of the act shall be amended so as to read as follows, viz: The directors of each district shall ascertain, as nearly as practicable, annually, how much money must be raised by special tax for school purposes during the ensuing year. They shall then find what rate per cent. this amount will require to be levied upon the taxable property, real and personal, of the district, which rate, with 'a list of the resident tax-payers, alphabetically arranged, shall be certified and returned to the township treasurer, on or before the first Monday of September, annually. The certificate of the directors may be in the following form, viz:

We hereby certify that we require the rate of .... to be levied as a special tax, for school purposes, on the taxable property of our district, for the year 18.. Given under our hands this .... day of

.., township

E. F.) It shall be the duty of the township treasurer to return said certificates and lists of tax-payers, to the clerk of the county court, on or before the second Monday of September; and whenever the boundaries of the districts of the township shall have been changed, the township treasurer shall return to the clerk of the county court, with the certificates and lists aforesaid, a map of the township, showing such changes, and certified as required in the thirty-third (33d) section of the act. When a district lies in two or more counties, the directors shall determine and certify the rates to be levied on the taxable property lying in each county, and return the same, with separate lists of resident tax-pay

Form of certificate.


A. B.,) Directors district No.
C. D., No

county of and state of Illinois.

.., range No.



ers, to the township treasurer, who shall return them to the respective county clerks, as hereinbefore provided.

§ 17. Section (47) is hereby amended so as to read as follows, viz:

For the purpose of building school houses, or purchasing School houses-school sites, or for repairing and improving the same, the repairs.

, directors, by a vote of the people, may borrow money, issuing bonds, executed by the officers, or at least two members of the board, in sums of not less than one hundred dollars ; but the rate of interest shall not exceed ten per cent. ; nor shall the sum borrowed in any one year exceed five per cent. of the taxable property of the district; nor shall the tax levied, in any one year, for building school houses, exceed three per cent.

§ 18. Section forty-eight (48) of the act is hereby amended so as to read as follows, viz: The directors of each district are hereby declared a body politic and corporate, by the name of “school directors of district No. township No. ...., county of ..... and state of Illinois,” and by that name inay sue and be sued in all courts and places whatever. Two directors shall be a quorum Powers of direcfor business. The directors shall be liable, as directors, for the balance due teachers, and for all debts legally contracted. They shall establish and keep in operation, for at least six months in each year, and longer if practicable, a sufficient number of free schools for the proper accommodation of all the children in the district over the age of six and under twenty-one years. They may adopt and enforce all necessary rules and regulations for the management and government of the schools, and shall visit and inspect the same as often as practicable. They shall appoint all teach- Teachers,

pointment, salers, fix the amount of their salaries, and may dismiss them for incompetency, cruelty, negligence or immorality. They may direct what branches of study shall be taught, and what text-books shall be used in their respective schools, and may suspend or expel pupils for disobedient, refractory, or incorrigibly bad conduct. It shall not be lawful for a board of directors to purchase or lucate a school house site; or to site-how select

; purchase, build, or move a school house; or to levy a tax ed. to extend schools beyond six months, without a vote of the people, at an election called and conducted as required in the forty-second section of the act. A majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to authorize the directors to act: Provided, that if no one locality shall receive a majority of all the votes cast at such election, the directors may, if in their judgment the public interests require it, proceed to select a suitable school house site, and the site so chosen by them shall, in such case, be legal and valid, the same as if it had been determined by the majority of the votes cast.

§ 19. Section fifty (50) of the act is hereby amended so as to read as follows, viz: No teacher shall be authorized


ary, dismissal.


Qualification of to teach a common school under the provisions of this act,

who is not of good moral character, and qualified to teach orthography, reading in English, penmanship, arithmetic, English grammar, modern geography, and the history of the United States. It shall be the duty of the county superintendent to grant certificates to such teachers as may, upon due examination by himself or a board of examiners by him appointed, be found to possess the necessary qualifications. Said certificates shall be of two grades; those of the first grade shall be valid for two years; those of the second grade for one year. The county superintendent may, at his option, renew said certificates, at their expiration, by his indorsement thereon, and may revoke the same, at any time, for immorality, incompetency, or other just cause. Said certificates may be in the following form, viz:


County. The undersigned having examined ..... in orthography, reading in English, penmanship, arithmetic, English grammar, modern geography, and the History of the United States, and being satisfied that .... is of good moral character, hereby certifies that qualifications in the above branches are such as to entitle .... to this certificate, being of the .... grade, and valid in said county for year from the date hereof-renewable at the option of the county superintendent by his indorsement thereon. Given under my hand and seal, at the date aforesaid.

A. B., County Superintendent of Schools. Each county superintendent shall also keep a record, in a book provided for that purpose, of all teacher's to whom he grants certificates. Said record shall show the date and grade of each certificate granted, and the name, age, and nativity of each teacher, and shall give the names, &c. of male and female teachers separately. Said record may be as follows, viz:


Certificate teachers.


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Record of teachers.


Age. Nativity.





Charles Thompson.! 25 Illinois. March 1, 1864. Has taught 5 years.

A copy or transcript of said record shall be transmitted

by the county superintendent, with his regular report to the State certificates state superintendent. The state superintendent of public

instruction is hereby authorized to grant state certificates to such teachers as may be found worthy to receive them, which shall be of perpetual validity in every county and school district in the state. But state certificates shall only be granted upon public competitive examination, of which due notice shall be given, in such branches and upon such terms and by such examiners as the state superintendent and

the principal of the normal university may prescribe. The Fee for certifi- fee for a state certificate shall be five dollars. Said certifi

cates may be revoked by the state superintendent upon proof


teachers quarterly.

of immoral or unprofessional conduct. Every school estab-
lished under the provisions of this act, shall be for the pur-
pose of instruction in the various branches of an English
education, and no school funds shall be appropriated under
this act, for any other class or description of schools: Pro- Proviso.
vided, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the teach-
ing, in common schools, of other and higher branches than
those enumerated in this section.

§ 20. Section fifty-one (51) of the act is hereby amended so as to read as follows, viz: It shall be the duty of county superintendents to hold meetings, at least quarterly, and oftener, if necessary, for the examination of teachers, on Examination of such days and at such places in their respective counties as will, in their opinion, accommodate the greatest number of persons desiring such examination. Notice of such meetings shall be published, a sufficient length of time, in at least one newspaper of general circulation; the expense of such pub

; lication to be paid out of the school fund. County superintendents shall, in no case, exact or receive any fee for certificates.

§ 21. Section fifty-four (54) of the act is hereby amended so as to read as follows, viz: School directors shall certify no schedule that reaches back to a time more than six months from the time fixed by law for the regular return of schedules to the township treasurer. Schedules made and certified, as aforesaid, shall, at least two days before the first Monday in April and October, be delivered by the directors to the township treasurer. The director, or directors, to whom the schedule is delivered by the teacher, shall receipt for the same; which receipt shall be evidence in favor of the teacher, and against the director or directors; and the directors shall be personally liable for any loss sustained by the teacher through their failure to deliver the schedule to the township treasurer within the time fixed by law. Teachers' schedules are hereby declared payable on Teachers' schedthe first Mondays in April and October of each year; and for any portion of the amount certified in said schedules, by the directors, to be due, and remaining unpaid, after said first Mondays in April and October, respectively, teachers shall be entitled to interest at the rate of ten (10) per cent. per annum, until paid; and it is hereby made the duty of Iaterest on am

due and all school directors, trustees, and township treasurers, to allow and pay said rate of interest upon all unpaid balances due teachers, as aforesaid, and said balances shall be paid out of the first moneys coming into the hands of the town. ship treasurer, to the credit of the proper district, and not otherwise previously and specifically appropriated.

§ 22. The first fifteen lines of section fifty-seven (57) of Funds to be loanthe act, being the first four (4) periods of the same, are hereby amended so as to read as follows, viz: Township treasurers shall loan, upon the following conditions, all

ules-when paid.

ed by .

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