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AN ACT to provide for the appointment, and designate the rank, fix the pay, In force Februa

and prescribe the duties of the adjutant general of Illinois.

ry 2, 1865.



SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the gov- Governor to any ernor of this state shall appoint an adjutant general, with general. the rank of brigadier general, who shall keep his office at Rank. the capital of this state; and said office, with the rank afore- Office at capital.. said, shall be continued during the existence of the present Term of office. rebellion against the government of the United States, and so long thereafter, and no longer, as, in the opinion of the governor of this state, said office is necessary to the interest of the military affairs of the same.

§ 2. Said adjutant general shall be, ex-officio, chief of Chief of staff. staff to the governor, and inspector general of the state, and he shall discharge all duties incident or pertaining to said positions, as laid down and prescribed by the regulations for the government of the United States army.

$ 3. He shall issue, sign and transmit all orders of the To issue all argovernor of this state, relative to the militia or the military organizations thereof, and to the carrying into execution the laws of the United States or of this state, concerning or connected with military affairs and perfecting the military discipline, now or hereafter established by law.

§ 4. He shall be charged with all the military corres- To preserve corpondence of this state, and shall carefully preserve the same and keep in his office; and shall, besides, keep a complete record of cord. all general and special orders, and of all regulations of a military character, and cause the same to be published, whenever, in the opinion of the governor, the same is nec,

. essary or proper to be done.

§ 5. He shall keep rolls and roster of all officers com- Roll of commis missioned by the governor, whether in the United States service or in the militia, with the number and date of said Date of commig




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