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F. C. and J. Rivington, 1819

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Página 119 - ... declaration of the practices and treasons attempted and committed by Robert, late Earl of Essex, and his complices...
Página 84 - O Lord, in thee have I trusted : let me never be confounded.
Página 192 - Henry Cuffe, call to God for mercy, and to the queen, and deserve it by declaring truth. For I, that must now prepare for another world, have resolved to deal 'clearly with God and the world : and must needs say this to you ; You have been one of the chiefest instigators of me to all these my disloyal courses into which I have fallen.
Página 119 - ... better consideration ; wherein their lordships and myself both were as religious and curious of truth, as desirous of satisfaction : and myself indeed gave only words and form of style, in pursuing their direction. And after it had passed their allowance, it was again exactly perused by the queen herself, and some alterations made again by her appointment...
Página 208 - That it was an old matter, and had no manner of coherence with the rest of the charge, being matters of Ireland : and therefore, that I having been wronged by bruits before, this would expose me to them more ; and it would be said I gave in evidence mine own tales.
Página 289 - England, having Scotland united, Ireland reduced, the sea provinces of the Low Countries contracted, and shipping maintained, is one of the greatest monarchies, in forces truly esteemed, that hath been in the world.
Página 420 - By no means," said Sir Francis, in a letter of advice addressed to the young courtier, "by no means be you persuaded to interpose yourself, either by word or letter, in any cause depending in any court of justice, nor suffer any great man to do it where you can hinder it.
Página 197 - ... I must be your homager, and hold land of your gift ; but do you know the manner of doing homage in law? Always it is with a saving of his faith to the king and his other lords ; and, therefore, my lord...
Página 55 - But contrariwise her Majesty (not liking to make windows into men's hearts and secret thoughts, except the abundance of them did overflow into overt and express acts and affirmations,) tempered her law so, as it restraineth only manifest disobedience in impugning and impeaching advisedly and maliciously her Majesty's supreme power, and maintaining and extolling a foreign jurisdiction.