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This is a seminal work and its content taken very seriously at this time. LaViolette isn't the only scientist to link mythology to what actually happens in our galaxy. His work in conjunction with Wal Thornhill's, Anthony Peratt's and Donald Scott of Thunderbolts project is profound. For for anyone who wants to understand how the Earth is functioning in connection to its galactic environment and how humanity has recorded events, Earth Under Fire is illuminating.
Given we have an increase in solar electromagnetic flares, large scale earthquakes and tsunamis, LaViolette's work on super galactic waves and their connection to earth disasters is sobering. The 2004 Asian tsunami which wiped out about 250,000 lives was as a direct result of a wave from Sagitta at the galactic centre. Two telescopes recorded this and the likelihood of it being a coincidence is neglible at most. Earth Under Fire presents a link between actual events and mythologies. Further connections along the lines of LaViolette's research would be invaluable at this present time.

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