Fields of Advertising Employment ; Advertising Letters ; House Publications ; Technical and Trade Paper Advertising ; Mail-order Advertising ; The Law an Advertising Man Should Know ; How to Enter the Practical Field

International Textbook Company, 1918

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Página 9 - Security of person is as necessary as the security of property, and for that complete personal security which will result in the peaceful and wholesome enjoyment of one's privileges as a member of society there should be afforded protection, not only against the scandalous portraiture and display of one's features and person, but against the display and use thereof for another's commercial purposes or gain.
Página 17 - It had long been believed that, if the vibrations of air caused by the voice in speaking could be reproduced at a distance by means of electricity, the speech itself would be reproduced and understood. How to do it was the question. Bell discovered that it could be done by gradually changing the intensity of a continuous electric current, so as to make it correspond exactly to the changes in the density of the air caused by the sound of the voice. This was his art.
Página 18 - It is when the term process is used to represent the means or method of producing a result that it is patentable, and it will include all methods or means which are not effected by mechanism or mechanical combinations.
Página 30 - Third. If its package or label shall bear or contain any statement, design, or device regarding the curative or therapeutic effect of such article or any of the ingredients or substances contained therein, which is false and fraudulent.
Página 50 - Consists of or comprises the flag or coat of arms or other insignia of the United States or any simulation thereof...
Página 17 - But where the result or effect is produced by chemical action, by the operation or application of some element or power of nature, or of one substance to another, such modes, methods, or operations, are called processes.
Página 8 - ... necessary to rehearse or review what was there held. All civilized governments respect private manuscripts, and treat them as not partaking of the nature of property open to ordinary sale and disposal. The possession of them gives no right in the possessor to use them, or publish them, unless by the acquiescence of the originator. While it often has happened that trade secrets and other information, which has been noted down in writing, may furnish means of acquiring profit, it was never imagined...
Página 29 - It may be safely asserted, as the result of the adjudged cases, that the species of lottery the carrying on of which is intended to be prohibited as criminal by the various laws of this country embraces only schemes in which a valuable consideration of some kind is paid, directly or indirectly, for the chance to draw a prize: United States v.
Página 9 - But, if it is to be permitted that the portraiture may be put to commercial or other uses for gain, by the publication of prints therefrom, then an act of invasion of the individual's privacy results, possibly more formidable and more painful in its consequences than an actual bodily assault might be. Security of person is as necessary as the security of property ; and for that complete personal security, which will result in the peaceful and wholesome enjoyment of one's privileges as a member of...
Página 28 - Nebraska could enforce its statute to prevent use of a flag representation on beer bottles, stating flatly that "a State will be wanting in care for the well-being of its people if it ignores the fact that they regard the flag as a symbol of their country's power and prestige...

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