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Abdomen, Diseases of. 32 Antagonism, Physiological, the tum


Abortion, Criminal.

550 Law of Cure. L. B. Ward. 60. Calculus Extraordinary 511

Abortion, Criminal (editorial)..374 Antiseptic Efficacy of Acids..425 Calomel, Conversion of it into

Abortion, Missed.

.514 Antiseptic Methods in Surgery.518 Corrosive Sublimate... 238

Abscesses, Deep: Opening of.. 46 Apomorphia, Physiological Ac- Carbolic Acid, Danger from Use

Abscess, Renal, Treated by Free tion of

384 of.


Incision. Theo. A. McGraw.101 Aqueductus Cochleæ in Man..309 Carbolic Acid in Treatment of

Accommodation, Nerves of, Arabs, Bedouin, Premature De- Wounds..


Their Origin

cay Among..

.213 Carbolic Acid, Toxic Proper-

Acetabulum, Fracture of. II. Arsenical Poisoning from Wall ties of

..181, 239

O. Walker

Papers ..

.121 Carbolic Acid Water....

Acetabulum, Fracture of 373 Arterial Contraction and Dila. Carcinomas. Multiplication of. 93
Acne, Definition of..

84 tation, How Produced .237 i Carlsbad Water in Diabetes...426

Aconitia, Physiological Action Asphyxiated, Mode of Restor- Carotid and Innominale Arter-


86 ing ..

503 ies, Their Surgical History..143

Action of Medicines, Monthly Atropine, Antagonism of to Pil. Cataract Extraction, Dr. Ag.

Summary......86, 117, 288, 518 carpin...


new on...


After Pains, Viburuum Pruni. Atropine in Treatment of Ear. 331 Cataract, Peripheric Division

folium for.

Atropine, Synthesis of


of Capsule in Extraction of 275

Age as Influencing Prognosis Audibility of High Musical Catarrhal A ffections Treat by

in Surgical Cases ...



Carbolic Spray.....


Albuminuria. Diagnosis of .... 43 Audiphone

.525 Catheter, Self-retaining. .143

Albuminuria in Etiology of Auditory Nerve, Functions of. 191 Caustic, Lunar, Improved

Puerperal Convulsions. G. Auditory Perceptions, Center Celluloid


H. Green...

14 for.....

.280 Census of 1880, Statistics for

Alcohol, Action of on System.478 i



Alcohol and Chloral..

76 Baldness, Treatment of. .223 Census Statistics of Europe...316

Alcohol as a Medicinal Agent. | Beeswax, Adulterations in.. .425 Cephalic Version in Trans-

A. Mc. D. Duncan .457 Benzine, Physiological Action verse Presentations.


Alcohol, Caustic.

89 of..

88 Cerebral Convolutions. ...164

Alimentary Canal, Diseases of. 32 Benzoate of Sodium.. ..117, 303 Cerebral Disease Localized by

Alkaloids, Separation of from Bile, Actinn of on Glycogen..123 Percussion


Mixtures ..

.425 Bladder, Cavernous Tumors Cerebral Lesions Diagnosticat-

Aloes, Essential Oil of

of ....

ed by Examination of Eyes. 315

Alopecia, Treated by Pilocar- Bladder, Chronic Catarrh of .. 44 Cerebral Localization ..125, 166


Bladder, Gunshot Wound of..282 Cerebral Operations, Duality

Alstonia ('onstricta, Commer- Blood Corpuscles, Rel... 123

.168, 237

cial Value of

.170 Blood, Defibrinated, for Rectal Cereus Bonplandi


Amblyopia from Tobacco and Alimentation

123 Cervix Uteri, Stenosis of.. 90


.274 Blood, Spectral Analysis of.. 236 Chancre, Indurated, Changes of

American Academy of Medi- Board of Health, National, 301, 334 Blood Vessels in..


cine (editorial)

73 Boracic Acid in Treatment of Chemistry

89, 127

American Medical College As- Ear

332 Chemistry, Medical, Greene

sociation (editorial)..

75 Brain, Arterial Tension of .... 164


Ammonia, Intravenous Injec- Brain, Bullet Remaining Five Chemistry, Recent Advances

tion of

130 Years in ...

.282 in .....


Amputation of Thigh for | Brain, Duplicity of Functions Chemistry, Wurtz' Elements of 79

Limbs Crushed. .

.281 of ..

168, 237 Chloral Ilydrate as an Oxyto-

Amy] Nitrite. R. Harvey Brain, Giacomini's Process for cic...

. 137



.212 Chloral Hydrate in Dysentery.219

Amy! Nitrite, Effects of In- Brain Work and (verwork ...477 | Chloral Inebriety, Symptoms
.86, 88 Breast, Malignant Diseases of .185 of (editorial).

. 138
Amy] Nitrite in Scarlet Fever Bright's Disease. 175, 222, 315, 522 Chloral Locally in Treatment of
and Chlorosis
70 Bromide of Ethyl, Death from.510 Diphtheria

Anaesthesia, Bert's New Me- Bromide of Ethyl, Physiologi- Chloroform, Action of

thod of

.283 cal Action of. Isaac Ott 440 Chloroform, Administration of.211
Anesthesia, Local, of Larynx..322 Bromide of Ethyl. Toxicologi- Chloroform as an Anæsthetic,
Anästhetics, Action of. 117 cal Action of. Isaac Otl ...529 A. Hazlewood.


Anæsthetics in Labor


Chloroform, Death from .. 330

Anästhetics, Turnbull on. 216 Cadavers, Preservation of . ..256 Chlorosis, Amyl Nitrate in 70
Analgesia, Local, Reflex .426 | Cadavers, Wickersheimer's Me- Cholagogues, Experiments on
Anatomical Demonstrations, thod of Preserving. 421, 425, 518 the Action of..



33 Caesarian Operation in Ameri- Chorda Tympani Nerve 382

Anatomy, Atlas of ..304, 182, 517

ca, Statistics of ..

137 Chorea, Paralytica, Case of. C.

Anatomy, Darlings'. .516 Cæsarian Operations in Louisi- T. Southworth.


Anatomy, Monthly Summary.

.178 Chorea, Treatment of..


86, 309 (affein as a Sedative, Anodyne Chorea, Treatment of by Ar-
Animal Charcoal, Decomposi- and Diuretic.

288 senic, Ilypodermically. .270
tion of Sults hy...
...129 Calbarla Miss..

..172 Chrome Yellow in Pastry. .427

Animal Heat, Production of..125 Calcareous Deposit in Omen- | Clap, Ricord's Receipt for 25.5


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