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*No. 13. Clearance and specification of cargo of Laurel from Liverpool ; Clearance of Laurel.

and registry and shipping articles of Sea King.

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Customs, Liverpool, September 12, 1871. I certify that the above and within is a correct copy of the customs clearance of the Laurel, for Matamoras, &c., cleared 8th October, 1864. (Signed)

W. 0. TWEED, Principal Clerk, Bill of Entry Office.

British goods and foreign goods free of duty, and foreign goods not for drawback:

Sundry packages British and foreign goods free of duty.

Dated October, 1864.







I do declare that the above content is a true account of all goods shipped or intended to be shipped on board the above-named ship, and correct in all other particulars, and that all the requirements of the act 17 and 18 Victoria, cap. 104, have been duly complied with. (Signed)



Signed and declared this 8th day of October, 1864, before me.

Collector or Comptroller.


R. M. WILLIAMS. Examined, A. WALL, 12th September, 1871.


* Bill of entry office, custom-house, Liverpool. N. B.—This is the only office authorized to furnish information to the public, in mana

script, from the official records of the customs.

Laurel for Matamoras ria Nassua-Cleared October 8, 1864.

} 12 cwt. hardware....

William Connor, 13 Tempest Hey.. HI[W]H.. 6 cases

£. 5 casks 8 tons, gun-carriage. 530 1 bundle 21 cases 119 boxes

18 tons, iron shot.... 480 [W]C.. 24 barrels 3480 yards, blankets


650 2 barrels wearing apparel. 7 cases 800 pairs boots

300 S[W]S.. 1 caste

15 4 casks 7 boxes 7 cwt. soap

2 barrels 700 yards woolens. 70
1 case

2 cwt. hardware
2 cases

250 60 barrels

[W] ... 18 cases 10 tons machinery .... 1200 Evans, Sons & Co., for Nassua M[W]S.. 1 case cotton smallwares 14

7 cases

14 gallons brandy. 21 19 cases

medicinal drugs.. T. F. Ashe, for Nassau.... M[W]S.. 2 cases 1 F. 7 A. beer.

glass .

1 R. Roberts & Co., for Nassau

1 box 20 lbs. tea

Whd. 12 lbs. tea

Whd. I certify that the above is correctly copied from the customs bills of lading per Laurel, steamship, for Matamoras, &c. Cleared 8th October, 1864. (Signed)

W. 0. TWEED,

Principal Clerk, Bill of Entry Office. CUSTOMs, Liverpool, September 12, 1871.

} Ammunition ....

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Feet. Tenths. Length from the fore part of the stem under the bowsprit to the aft side of the head of the stern-post

223 2 Main breadth to outside of plank ...

32 6 Depth in hold from tonnage deck to ceiling at midships

20 6

Additional particulars for steamers.

Deduction for space required for propelling power

Tons. 227,54

Length of engine-room (if measured)
Number of engines ...
Combined power (estimated horse-power)

feet.. 36

2 200

Reply:-No further information ; 234 February, 1865. (Sigued)

E. S. Names, residence, and description of the owners, and number of sixty-fourth shares held by each owner : William Wallace, of 26 Austin Friars, city of London, banker ..

40John Wade and Henry Hewitson McMinnies, of 5 Newman's Court, Cornhill, city of London, ship-brokers and joint owners

16 John Pinel, of 5 Newman's Court, aforesaid, master mariner. Total



[blocks in formation]

I hereby certify that the foregoing copy of the register of the ship Sea King, of London, together with the annexed copies of transactions (two in number on two sheets) are true and correct transcripts of the original copies of the register and transactions placed on record in this office. (Signed)



Adelaide Place, London Bridge, 10th November, 1871.

[blocks in formation]

Transactions subsequent to registry, for transmission to chief registrar of shipping.

[blocks in formation]

Empowering Peter Suther Corbett to sell the ship at any port out of the United Kingdom for not less than £45,000 within six months from date of certiticate. (Signed.)


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


439 1863

Richard Wright......

[blocks in formation]

The several persons whose names are hereto subscribed, and whose descriptions are contained below, and of whom eighteen are engaged as sailors, hereby agree to serve on board the said ship, in the several capacities expressed against their respective names, on a voyage from London to Bombay, (calling at any ports or places on the passage that may be required,) and, or any other ports or places in India and China, and or Japan, and or Pacific, Atlantic, or Indian Oceans, trading to and from as legal freights may offer, until her return to a final port of discharge in the United Kingdom, (or Continent of Europe, if required,) voyage not to exceed two years.

And the said crew agree to conduct themselves in an orderly, faithful, honest, and sober manner, and be at all times diligent in their respective duties, and to be obedient to the lawful commands of the said master, or of any person who shall lawfully succeed him, and of their superior officers, in everything relating to the said ship and the stores and cargo thereof, wbether on board, in boats, or on shore; in consideration of which services, to be duly performed, the said master hereby agrees to pay to the said crew, as wages, the sums against their names respectively expressed, and to supply them with provisions according to the annexed scale: And it is hereby agreed that any embezzlement or willful or negligent destruction of any part of the ship's cargo or stores shall be made good to the owner out of the wages of the person guilty of the same; and if any person enters himself as qualified for a duty which he proves incompetent to perform, his wages shall be reduced in proportion to his incompetency; and it is also agreed that the regulations, as authorized by the board of trade, which in the paper annexed hereto are numbered 2, are adopted by the parties hereto, and shall be considered as embodied in this agreement; and it is also agreed, that if any member of the crew considers himself to be aggrieved by any breach of the agreement or otherwise, he shall represent the same to the master or officer in charge of the ship in a quiet and orderly manner, who shall thereupon take such steps as the case may require; and it is also agreed that no spirits are allowed. When the ship is not under steam, the firemen are to assist working ship, as may be required by the master; the seamen and firemen are to assist each other in the general duties of the ship, (when required.)

İn witness whereof the said parties have subscribed their names hereto on the days against their respective signatures mentioned. Dated the 5th day of October, 1864. (Signed)



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Inquiry made as to

FOREIGN OFFICE, January 27, 1865. GENTLEMEN: I am directed by Earl Russell to state to you that his lordship has been informed that the Shenandoah, a fullrigged ship of 1,100 tons and 250 horse-power, now stated sale of sea King to belong to the government of the so-called Confederate States, was formerly in the possession of your firm, at which time she bore the name of the Sea King; and I am directed to inquire whether you hare any objection to inform his lordship of the circumstances under which you sold the vessel, and particularly whether she was sold to an agent of the so-called confederate government.

I am, &c.,



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